A Spanking Beginning

Friday, October 9, 2009 ·

This is the second part to the earlier real life story which I titled “Watching A Friend Being Spanked”. Click here if you have not read it.

For those who have already read it.............read on for the second part...........

"How come the change in your attitude in a relationship?" was one of the immediate questions that Denise and Valarie asked Michelle once she had finished retelling the events the night before. Before
Michelle could even begin to think of a reply, Denise shot another questions, "How did all this spanking begin?" More questions came shooting out of Denise and Valarie's mouth all without a chance for Michelle to even internalise them.

After a minute or two of the barrage of questions, Michelle held up her hand and told them to slow down with the questions. She took a big gulp from her glass of milk, as if to buy a bit of time, as she
thought about the answers to the questions that had been thrown at her by two of her closest and best friends. They had known her for more than ten years and she knew that if she did not give them a satisfactory answer......they would "kill" her with all of their endless questions.

Deciding to start with how it all began.......

Michelle started with the time that Richard and her had just gotten together. It was close to a year ago. At the start of their relationship, Michelle treated Richard like how she would have
normally treated all her previous boyfriends. She was quite the cocktease....flirting with them then once they had been "hooked" by her charm, she would unleash her infamous attitude, that had been legendary in school for bringing more than one boy at least to tears, on the poor guy who would of course bear with it because by then he would have already been totally smitten with her initial charm.

While this tactic/strategy of Michelle's had worked wonders with all the testerone-filled school boys, who would have literally jumped off the second storey (if she had asked them to) just for a faint chance of putting their hands up her blouse, it apparently had no effect on Richard. Unlike all of Michelle's previous boys, Richard was more man than boy. He had seen it all during his schooling years and had honed a fair amount of experience with all the various tricks that cheeky and manipulative girls like Michelle had up their sleeve. Richard however found it a little entertaining and for the first month or so, he played along with her antics and did the occasional giving in just so that he could have a little more entertainment. Soon enough, Michelle realised that Richard was quite the tough nut to crack. He did not fall for her underhand manipulative tricks that had worked wonders on so many of her previous boyfriends. However, the more her tricks failed to wrap Richard round her finger, the more determined she became in getting him under her thumb. At the same time, she found Richard thoroughly refreshing and intriguing, totally unlike the many despicable guys that she had dated before. To top it off, it didn't help that Richard did not appear desperate to get into her pants. She had tested this, like how she had tested on so many guys previously, on Richard by using her infamous feigning drunkeness during a night out and collapsing on him, pretending to be out cold. Where many of the previous guys had either tried to rape her or molest her as they sent her home (or to a hotel room), during which she would suddenly "come to consciousness" and slap the guy before storming off, Richard actually sent her home without even moving his hands close to his breast. And he even used a smelling salt to try to get her conscious and "looking sober" as they got close to her home so that her parents wouldn't get upset that she was drunk. Michelle was pleasantly surprised at Richard's actions then, and somehow found herself really falling for him, but she soon re-focused herself and the day after that, she called him and instead of thanking him for sending her home, threw a fit demanding to know if he found her unattractive and therefore not touching her at all when he sent her home (now wasn't that totally ridiculous?). Richard of course was initially shocked at her fit, but soon realised that it was one of her games again and sure enough ignored her nonsense. Not happy to be ignored, Michelle stormed to his place in the middle of the night and started kicking a fit the moment she arrived. To which Richard largely ignored. But when she began throwing things around and screaming, Richard calmly walked up to her and tried to get her to stop this nonsense. And when she continued, he put her over her knee and landed a flurry of spanks across her mini skirt. It all happened very fast, and Michelle believed that it was the shock and surprise that sort of semi-paralysed her for she did not struggle. As soon as it had begun, it ended with Richard lifting her up and telling her that it was extremely ridiculous what she was doing and that it was already very late and he was going to send her back.

It was a silent drive home and not a word was spoken between the two of them. But as Michelle sat there, with a slight burn on her bottom, she felt puzzled by the funny feeling that she had been having inside her since Richard had spanked her. She felt puzzled because although she felt a little embarrassed at what Richard had done to her, something inside her actually wanted him to do it again. When they reached Michelle's place, Michelle got out and still not a word was spoken. And even before Michelle had reached her gate, Richard drove off.......not even saying goodbye or the usual kiss. And as she looked at Richard's car drive off, Michelle soon realised that she had a problem. What problem was that? Well normally, if any of her boyfriends had done that, she would have been seething with anger. Problem this time........she did not feel any anger........but rather felt worried.........worried that she had been a little overboard. Worried that he would be angry? Now that wasn't what Michelle would normally feel. And then it struck her............she had already fallen for him. Then just as she had stepped into her bedroom, the sms alert on her hp sounded. It was Richard, he had smsed her: “Sorry if I did what I did tonight. I don't regret it though. You had it coming for a long time already. I guess you won't want to see me anymore. I understand.” Michelle looked at the sms for a long time as she laid in bed............and with a sigh........she made a decision and went to bed.

Early the next morning, Richard opened the door sleepy-eyed wondering who could be ringing the door bell this early in the morning, and was surprised to see Michelle standing there with breakfast. She stepped in a gave him a big hug and held him there for a minute before whispering into his ear, “I am sorry for last night.” This surprised Richard even more.......probably the first time he had heard Michelle apologise. Richard however, was still understandably irritated with Michelle's continued unreasonable behaviour, and so he stood motionless (not even putting his arms around her as she hugged him). Realising that her advances towards Richard were not being returned, Michelle took a step back, looked at him in the eye and said, “I really am sorry and I am trying to make it up to you.” With the same stoic look at he had since he opened the door, he replied, “Well, its gonna take more than that.” Michelle was about to respond but before she could, Richard took the plastic bag of food from her hands and said, “We'd better eat before the food turns cold.”

Richard walked towards the couch, placed the food down on the coffee table, switched on the television and began eating. Michelle followed behind him and took a seat beside him. There was silence for a bit. Richard ate his food and kept his eyes on the television. Michelle on the other hand didn't seem to have much of an appetite and was more of worried that Richard was giving her the cold treatment. She tried to sit closer to him and lean her head on his shoulder, but the feeling was different, Richard made no effort like before to shift himself closer towards her. She then tried to nudge him playfully at his ribs like she normally did, but instead of the usual response, Richard just brushed her hand away as he continued eating. Undeterred, Michelle nudged him again but once again Richard brushed her hand away. The cold treatment was more than Michelle could take and she reached for the television remote, switched the television off and asked in a half-pleading, half-frustrated tone if Richard could just talk to her.

Richard said nothing as he finished off the last few bits of his food, then placed the empty box on the table before leaning back on the couch and slowly turned his head towards her and said,”What do you want to talk about?”

“Well........could you please stop being angry with me? I know you are upset, but I am really sorry and I am trying to make it up to you.” Michelle pleaded in desperation which bore a hint of frustration.

Richard sensed this a retorted,”From you tone, it seems the position you are in is not a familiar one is it?”

“Please......just don't be angry already?” Michelle pleaded as she tried to ignore Richard's sarcasm even though she knew there was some truth to his observation.

Richard knew Michelle's actions were really sincere and plus, he knew it was pretty rare given her character. But he knew that he was at his wits end with her attitude and was getting quite tired with it all. He loved Michelle but that attitude really had to go. And so instead of softening up, he replied, “Just don't be angry? That's easy for you to say.”

“But I have already tried to make it up to you!”, Michelle exclaimed with a slight protest.

“And what if I say that its not enough?” Richard asked her as he kept that stoic look.

“Then what else do you want me to do?” Michelle pleaded, as she felt tears beginning to well up.

“Anything?”, Richard asked.

“Yes.....anything......as long as you will stop being angry with me.” Michelle said.

But instead of making any demand........Richard left it at that for the moment and instead asked her why the sudden change in her attitude this time and coming over in the morning and all. Michelle began to sob as she said that it was because she felt she was at fault.

“So you mean that this is the first time you are at fault?” Richard retorted in mock astonishment.

“No......that's not what I meant.....”, Michelle quickly replied as she shook her head as if worried that Richard had misunderstood.

“So then what's with the sudden change in you this time?”, Richard asked again.

Michelle kept silent as a tear trickled down her face as Richard kept silent too and repeated his question once more.

“Because I think I really want this relationship of ours and I was afraid that you were breaking up with me after that sms of yours last night.” Michelle replied as amidst the tears as she began to cry.

Richard didn't say anything this time, but put his arms around her and gave her a hug as Michelle wrapped her arms round him and cried in his chest.

“But I am in a dilemma here........I too really want this relationship but at the same time.......it really is quite hard to maintain a relationship with you when I keep getting all that attitude from you.” Richard said as he stroked her hair.

“I am really sorry about last night, I know I really shouldn't have been that way.” Michelle apologised once more amid her sobs.

“Its not just last night..............its about the way you are..........I mean...........the attitude and all that unreasonable nonsense is not something I want in a girlfriend.” Richard said.

“I know I have been quite the bitch........its true.......but its only been that way because I wasn't really serious yet.” Michelle said in her defence.

“I don't know.......seriously.........for all we know........tomorrow........you'd be back to being the bitch again.” Richard replied.

“Well I will try my best........I promise.........” Michelle tried to convince him.

“Try your best? And what happens once lil miss bitchy returns? Then we break up?” Richard asked.

“No don't break up please?” Michelle begged.

“So you mean lil miss bitchy won't return?” Richard probed.

“But I am not perfect.........” Michelle protested.

“So what will happen then?” Richard probed again.

Not knowing what else she could say, she said, ”I really don't know, I will really try my best but I can't be certain.........what do you need me to do?”

“Well.........let me think about it...........but before that.........remember you said earlier that you would do anything to make up to me for last night?”

Michelle nodded.

“Were you serious?” Richard asked.

Michelle nodded again.

“Even if its a spanking?” Richard asked.

“You mean like last night?” Michelle asked.

“Well did it hurt last night?” Richard calmly asked.

“No.....not really.......” Michelle said as her hand subconsciously rubbed her bottom.

“Well it will hurt this time, I promise you.” Richard said.

“But will it stop you from being angry with me?” Michelle queried.

“It depends.......how willing you are in taking the spanking.” Richard replied.

“If its gonna take away your anger.....I am willing.” Michelle said.

“Ok then” Richard said as he adjusted himself on the couch and slowly led Michelle over his knee.

Before he began he asked Michelle once more, “You are sure you are willing to be spanked?”

Michelle nodded.

“Now, the condition is that once I start spanking you, you cannot back out until I have finished. Alright?” Richard asked, as if giving her one last chance to back out if she wanted to.

Michelle nodded again.

For the first minute or so, Richard spanked Michelle over her skirt, slowly at first then at a faster pace. Michelle could feel the sting of the spanks, but as her denim mini skirt was quite thick, it was bearable. I suppose Richard could feel the thickness of the denim skirt as he spanked, and so only after a minute he stopped, flipped her skirt up and resumed spanking on her panties. The spanks were harder this time and drew “Ows” and “Ahhs” from Michelle. The spanking over the panties lasted longer this time, for about five minutes, and by the middle of it Michelle was crying out louder and was kicking her legs. Richard increased the speed of the spanks as well as the strength slightly so much so that for the last 30 seconds, Michelle was struggling and almost breathless. By the time Richard had stopped, Michelle was clutching on tightly to the pillow on the couch, trying to catch her breath and crying at the same time. She thought that it was the end and so when Richard pulled down her panties, she pleaded with him but was quickly reminded that there was to be no backing out until Richard was done. Michelle gripped the pillow tighter this time as Richard spanked away with the same strength and intensity as he had while she had her panties on. The stings were however worse on her bare bottom and barely ten spanks were dished out before she had begun crying with tears streaming down her face and begging Richard to stop. But Richard continued, spanking her for at least two minutes, leaving her crying really profusely by the time he had stopped. It had stung because it was her first time being spanked, but it wasn't really that hard for Michelle's bottom was only showing a light red colour.

Richard let Michelle up and sat her on his knee as she hugged him amid her tears.

“Please don't be angry anymore.....”, Michelle whispered into Richard's ear once she had caught her breath from all that crying.

“I suppose that settles it for last night.” Richard said.

To be continued...............

I am stopping here because the next few things make a story on its own..................


hollygoodgirl said...
October 16, 2009 at 10:41 AM  

love this story....i love this kind of relationship :)

Spank-A-Lot said...
October 20, 2009 at 9:04 AM  

Holly: glad you like it!

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