A Spanking Opportunity?

Monday, December 14, 2009 ·

“I am sorry dear.........punish me?” Although it happened long ago, those words still ring loud in Martin's ears as if Cassia had only spoken them yesterday. Why? For it marked the first time he ever gave a proper spanking.

It was a time long ago, well considering the face that Martin and Cassia were still studying at that time. Around the time that the both of them were in their second year in the polytechnic. It was also the same year that they had begun dating.

At the start their relationship was pretty much like any ordinary teenage relationship, especially the first few months (which many would call the “Honeymoon period”). They were inseparable and spent almost everyday with each other. They did the usual things that many dating teenagers did and it was all really vanilla normal.

Now although I would describe it as long ago, it was not really that long ago (maybe ten at most) and so in that already-modern era, the kissing and sexual experimenting with other were almost a given at the start of their relationship. There was however something else. Martin had a hidden secret. He was a closet spanko. And by closet spanko, I mean that only he knew about it and not even his closest friends or Cassia knew about it. But there were evident signs, if one paid close enough attention. Like how the usual group of guys normally “check out” some pretty babe that it walking past. While most of his friends would normally comment at how pretty the girl's face was or how big her boobs were, Martin would somehow always notice the girl's bottom. Some of his friends even remember the many times that when all of them were commenting how pretty or hot some girl look, he would feel otherwise just because the girl had a “flat butt”. (Now personally I can empathise with that.) In fact, I am sure that Cassia's pert bottom must have been a contributing factor to his attraction towards her.

Close observers of Martin and Cassia's relationship would also have been able to notice that Martin's always somehow found his way to Cassia's bottom. When they got more comfortable with each other, Martin “courageously” ventured forwards and would every so often plant a couple of playful spanks on Cassia's bottom. Sometimes, he would attempt to wrestle her over his knee and give her a spanking. By this time, it didn't take rocket science for Cassia to realise that Martin had a more than vanilla interest in her bottom. She probably didn't know exactly what kind of a fetish Martin had, but at the same time, she did not seem to take to the spankings that well either. While she did laugh off the playful spanks, she would also push his hands away of move away after a spank or two. During the times that Martin tried to wrestle her over his knee, she would really struggle to break free (not the kind of i-am-struggling-but-i-really-want-a-spanking type of struggle). Occasionally when Martin persisted, Cassia would be visibly irritated and give the “Stop it la, its really pain leh.” kind of response. So it did seem to Martin at that time that Cassia really wasn't into spankings at all. Martin on his part also didn't know how to talk about his spanking fetish and therefore only tried to “force” his way which was rather unsuccessful. There were a few times that the topic of spanking did kinda creep its way into their conversations but it was normally brushed off and never taken seriously. It would usually creep in as they were playfully argue about something. Martin would jokingly mention that he would spank her if she went ahead and did something he didn't want her to do. And Cassia would normally give a response which would actually mean “Are you mad?”. Once in a while Cassia would jokingly ask why he always seemed to want to smack her bottom, and Martin would most of the time be at a loss of words and tend to just say that it was because her bottom was attractive. Well I mean that was true also but it wasn't really the reason why Martin wanted to spank Cassia and so somehow nothing seemed to “click” in a spanking sort of way. There were even a few times that Martin went a little overboard and tried to hold Cassia down as she struggled to get away and because of the struggle, his badly aimed spank would land on her tailbone which would be extremely painful (not the way a spanko would like) and this would draw tears and an angry response from her. And so I guess there came a time that Martin kind of lost hope of ever really spanking Cassia. I mean it didn't affect their relationship, but Martin just kinda realised that forcing his way through was never gonna work. Well he did still give the occasional playful spank on her bottom every now and then, but nothing more.

Then on fine day, something just happened. It was one of those usual days that they were spending at Cassia's place. They usually went there after school as Cassia's parents worked till late and so nobody would be home. They did the usual mucking around and sex. And as they were both laying in bed naked and tired from all that humping, Cassia began playful tickling Martin and giving her girlish giggles at his response. Martin of course played back and soon enough they were in a frenzied mix of wrestling and tickling as they both tried to tickle one another and wrestle the other's tickling hands away. Amidst that frenzied wrestle-tickle play, and as Cassia flayed her hands rapidly to try to avoid Martin's tickles, she accidentally slapped his face and jabbed one of his eyes. Although only an accident, the force of the hit and jab was painful as Martin recoiled backwards cupping the portion of his face and eye that had been hit/jabbed. I can't really explain the reason for what happened next, though my best guess was that it was a mixture of a spur-of-the-moment-reaction and guilt for unintentionally hurting her boyfriend, that led her to lay face down as she said those infamous words, “I am sorry dear.......punish me?”. It wasn't the response that Martin was expected from Cassia and spanking her for accidentally jabbing his eye or slapping him hadn't really crossed his mind. And so that sentence must have stunned him momentarily for he kept quiet looking at her. Then something struck him........it was an opportunity! It was a chance for him, and he'd be stupid not to grab it. However he felt it really silly to spank his girlfriend for accidentally jabbing his eye.

But then........an idea struck him........

He landed a fairly light spank on her cheek, as if to test if his ears were playing tricks.........she didn't move away! Cassia's reaction (or lack of) to that spank excited Martin terribly. He gave another two spanks (one of each butt cheek) at the same strength, once again Cassia didn't move or try to get away. And so Martin, terribly excited by this time, continued spanking.......giving them in sets of two spanks and then pausing for a second of two to wait and see if she would try to get away. After about five or so of such sets, he upped the tempo and strength. This time Cassia responded with light gasps and maybe a slight wiggle or two but still she didn't try to move away.

“Good girl, don't move ah.”, encouraged Martin as he increased the strength of his spanks abit more again. He was by know spanking her at a steady rhythm and at a fairly medium strength. He could see her bottom begin to turn a little pinkish.

But the silence was a little uncomfortable for Martin and so he began to talk a bit.

“This is for being a bad girl”, went Martin as he spanked her.

Encouraged by Cassia's response of “I am sorry dear.”, Martin took the opportunity to prolong the spanking albeit in a rather cunning way.

“This is for giving me that attitude the day before.” Martin continued.

It wasn't why Cassia had turned over and let him spank her, but it seemed that she may have subconsciously unwittingly got into some sort of subspace for she gave the same response of “I am sorry dear” amidst her louder gasps and the occasional “Ows” or “Ahs” for Martin was spanking harder. And so for about fifteen minutes, Martin spanked her bottom as he sorta named as many of her “faults” that he could think of. And Cassia took it all with the same “I am sorry” reply and didn't seem to attempt to move away. Though she did wiggle a bit due to the increased strength of the spanks. Now Martin was really getting into a good rhythm and really didn't wanted to stop. But at the same time, something at the back of his head told him that if he didn't scare her with too hard a spanking this time, he may just get another chance to spank her again. And so at the first sniffle he heard from Cassia, he stopped and instead of the spanks he began to rub her bottom. The sniffles continued but were also accompanied with soft coos as he rubbed her bottom which by now had a slightly red tinge.

Then, with his dick fully erected by now, he laid over her and entered her from behind. He got into another rhythm, only this time it was with the thumping of his body over her as he screwed her, pushing harder with each of Cassia's gasp which seemed to be getting louder. The frenzied thumping culminated with the simultaneous gasps of the both of them as Cassia writhed uncontrollably from her orgasm and Martin collapsed on her as he shot out his load. As he laid on her he whispered into her ear, “You know dear.......spanking you really turns me on.” There was silence for a bit.......then Cassia responded, “It turns me on too”.

It was as if a new door was opened henceforth and the spanking experimentations just took off from there in their relationship. But alas the relationship did not last (for those who were wondering.....yes spanking relationships are like any other relationships......breakups do happen), but that is not the point of this. My point in sharing this real life spanking story is that, dear readers, I have received many emails and talked to many guys who have asked that infamous question, “How do I get my girlfriend/wife/?? to let me spank her. Well my answer to you is simple. There is no perfect solution or answer to that question. There will be some girls who will never like a spanking. At the same time, never try to force your way and spank away........it will only scare them off. But rather, drop a little hints ever so often, and if you can, try to talk to them about your interest. And most importantly, if they too have a hidden spanko inside of them, that fateful opportunity will come, just be alert enough to spot it. And once you have, grab that spanking opportunity! Good luck spanking!!


Sam said...
December 17, 2009 at 12:42 AM  

Lucky dude. At least he managed get his girl to agree to being spanked for a few times.

No such luck with me.

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