Periods, Pregnancy and Spankings

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 ·

Dear readers......apart from sharing with you the happenings that go on in spanking relationships, today's story also serves to dismiss the very misconception that people in domestic relationships do not live normal lives. Trust me, each and every spanko out there, yours truly included, is very much human and face the same problems that non spanko face. Just because we indulge in a little spanking or kinkiness every now and then, or maybe even live it 24/7, it does change the face that we are very much human. And because we are human, many of us unfortunately also suffer from the sad reality called “having-to-work-for-money-because-we-need-it”. Oh and for those who were wondering, yes we fall sick, we die, and in fact many of us do contract cancer and the other major diseases that affect the non spankos in our world. :) Oh not forgetting, spanko women still get their periods and yes they do get pregnant as well. Speaking of which........brings me to today's story. Periods, Pregnancy and spankings. At the same time, this may give a few of you some ideas on how one can continue with your spanko life amidst the realities of normal life.

Mike and Shirley are a couple I know from way back. They are lifestyle spankos and by that I mean they live it 24/7 in a domestic discipline relationship. Just so that those who are unfamiliar to this, Mike is the Head of the Household and yes he dishes out the spankings in the relationship. (No prizes for guessing who receives the spankings in their relationships).

So their relationship is typical of many domestic discipline relationships. There are the usual mutually agreed upon rules which if Shirley does not abide by, she receives an OTK bare bottomed handspanking at the very least. Apart from the punishment spankings that Shirley would receive, assuming she breaks a rule and earns a thrashing, there are also maintenance spankings. These maintenance spankings, which serves both as a reminder to Shirley on being submissive and as a deterrent from breaking the rules, were conducted in a rather ritualistic manner. Each time a maintenance spanking is given, Shirley has to place the chair in the middle of the room, lay the punishment belt on the bed, remove all her clothing and kneel on the chair with her hands behind her back. When Mike come in to commence the maintenance spanking, he puts her over his knee and its almost always about ten minutes. Mike will normally start slowly and then increase the tempo with each minute. After the handspanking, Shirley would lay face down on the bed, with two pillows under her to prop up her bottom, and Mike would give her twenty hard strokes with the belt, all of which have to be counted aloud. As for the frequency of the maintenance spankings, it normally depends. When they first began domestic discipline, the maintenance spankings were twice daily (once in the morning and once at night) for the first month. After that, the maintenance spankings were reduced to once a day. This continued for about six months before they were reduced to three times a week (mon, wed and fri). And in fact it has been that way till now, most of the time at least. Note that the maintenance spankings were conducted on top of whatever punishment spankings that Shirley had earned for herself. The maintenance spankings were rarely missed and the only occasions that they were missed were whenever it was time of the month that Shirley got her period.

Then came the time like any other couple, spanko or not, when Shirley got pregnant. Now contrary to popular belief, the majority of us spankos put a very high emphasis on safety. Hence, the moment it was confirmed that Shirley was pregnant, Mike declared a no spanking zone. With immediate effect, the spankings ceased. But this didn't mean that their domestic discipline relationship simply became a vanilla one. It just meant that spankings earned were merely kept for a later date. Mike decided that there would be no spankings throughout the term of Shirley's pregnancy and he split the rules into three broad groups – mild, serious and severe. For each of the mild rules broken, Shirley was made to stand in the corner fully naked with her hands on her head for one hour. For each of the serious rules broken, it was the same position and the same duration but only this time Mike would place a peg on each of her nipples. It wasn't extremely painful but it got pretty uncomfortable after a while. For severe rules that were broken, Mike would add five peg on each of her inner thighs. In addition to this, Mike gave Shirley a journal and each time a rule was broken, she was to record it in the respective column in the journal. This was so that each offence would be dealt with a proper spanking once the pregnancy was over.

The nine months came and went, and the both of them welcomed a pretty little baby boy. Now the spankings didn't resume immediately, like I said safety and personal well being is of high importance to us spankos ya? At the same time, Mike felt that it was also important that they adjusted to the routine of having a kid first. So about four month after Shirley had given birth, Mike decided that he would resume the spankings. The maintenance spankings were the first to be resumed and considering the long “break” that Shirley had gotten from them, they were given out everyday for the first month. But instead of the bedroom where they son was sleeping with them, they were conducted in the study room each night after their son had been given the last feed. After that month, Mike reduced the maintenance spankings back to the usual three times a week. That was also when he began to address the offences that had been recorded in the journal.

The journal contained 14 months of offences and if I remembered correctly, there were 10 severe offences, about the same amount of serious offences and a lot more mild offences. With what he had in mind, Mike decided that he would cap them all to 10, which meant that Shirley would expect 10 mild, 10 serious and 10 severe punishments coming her way. The punishments for each of the offence was as such.

(They were all meted out with Shirley naked)

Mild – a hard five minute otk handspanking, ten strokes of the hairbrush on each butt cheek and ten strokes of a hard plastic ruler. Ten minutes corner time in between

Serious – a hard ten minute otk handspanking, twenty strokes of the hairbrush on each butt cheek, twenty strokes of the hard plastic ruler. Then Shirley would have to get on her hands and knees on the bed for ten strokes of the belt and ten strokes of the strap. Likewise there was also ten minutes corner time between each implement.

Severe – a hard 15 minute otk handspanking, thirty strokes of the hairbrush on each butt cheek, thirty strokes of the hard plastic ruler. Then on her hands and knees for 15 with the belt and 15 with the strap. In addition, Shirley had to lie facedown on the bed with pillows to prop up her bottom for ten strokes of a paddle and twenty strokes of the cane.

When were these punishments meted out? Well, each weekend Mike and Shirley would put their son with Mike's mother so that they could spend some couple time with each other. They would go out, have a nice meal and just spend quality time with each other. But on the last weekend of each month for the ten months after that, it was a punishment day for Shirley. For each punishment day, Shirley was given a mild punishment in the morning, serious in the afternoon and the punishment day would end with the severe punishment at night. Ever the stickler for rituals, Mike set a specific time for each punishment slot and Shirley had to get all the implements laid out on the bed before she approached Mike to ask for her punishment. In addition to that, on each punishment day from the start of the first punishment, Mike made it a rule that Shirley was to remain without her clothes until the end of the severe punishment.

At present, Mike and Shirley have three children and this was practised throughout all three pregnancies. Now I know that even within the spanko community, there will be some who disagree with such a method and some who applaud Mike's idea. My feel on it is, well that's how they did it and it worked for them and so who are we to judge or comment. It may not be the way all spankos do it, and it doesn't have to be. Just find what works for you.

Just keep the spanks going............


hollygoodgirl said...
October 29, 2009 at 12:14 AM  

you know what, your article just right in the Yeah, i give an applause to mike.

Spank-A-Lot said...
November 10, 2009 at 3:38 PM  

Glad you like it Holly. Though what do you mean just in time? Do share :)

hollygoodgirl said...
November 10, 2009 at 11:07 PM  

hahahhaha..i just start my life as spankee to somone, so as a woman, our spanking session schedule being interrupt by my problem as a new for us, so we have to adjust and adapt, i have to adapt a lot because on that time my mood is so damn

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