Reader's Submission: An Ah Beng's memory of an Ah Lian spanked and caned

Monday, October 12, 2009 ·

Hey what do you know. Finally a guy has posted one of his spanking stories to me!! But unfortunately it is written in Singlish and knowing that a lot of you readers are not from Singapore and will not understand much of the Singlish terms I guess I will have to translate some of it for you. So when you see the word “zong”, it actually means something like gangleader. I think his use of “super” actually means very. The term “ting hua” means obedient. “Paisei” means embarrassed. “Hua ping” means vase. Though I think he meant it in a way that the girl sat there “looking pretty not saying a word”. The term “seh” means drunk. Well that should be it, I dunno about the nuances........if you have problem understanding just let me know.

Read on and enjoy. Thanks to the reader who contributed this real life spanking story.

Hi, I happened to see your blog at BU and I thought wah notz badz ah.......amazing leh......very rarely I see such a blog from Singapore.

As I read your stories, I think back and remember this. So I thought I would share with you.

It was super long long time ago thing.

Last time after school we all always go to my zong's house to relax watch tv and smoke or sometimes even take drugs.

My zong he older than us by many years then don need to work one cause he bookie and ah long runner so always very free. Plus his house nobody so we always go up.

Always when we go up most of the time its one whole group of guys and girls one. We all under our zong mah. Most of us from the same school but then there is this girl who is my zong's girlfriend. She is ah lian from another school. Super lian one and I think that time she one year younger than me. But although she super lian ah she also super ting hua to my zong. She not like the other girls in our group that always make a lot of noise. Everytime we at our zong place ah she will most of the time sit next to him like what they call hua ping ah. Of course whenever we talk cock joke she also got join in la or sometimes she will join the girls and talk cock when we guys go do other things.

At first the first few times see my zong's girlfriend like that we all thought she is just born like that one la. Then there was this time that one of the guys complain la that his girlfriend like always attitude one then he say that if his girlfriend ah 10% like his girlfriend good already ah. Then my zong say ah that no la girls always got attitude one la but must train lor. Then he say his girlfriend also train that like that one wat. We all still don understand wat he mean la so my friend ask him. Then my zong ah he turn to his girlfriend and ask her to say what happens if she not ting hua. Then she like paisei like that give that paisei smile and never say anything. But my zong ask her to say then she like still don wan. So my zong say that since she don wan to say he show us what he will do to her. Then he pull her over his lap and then give her backside one or two smack and then tell us this is what he do to her lor. We all like super stun la then can see the girl like very paisei but when she get up sit back next to him she just lean her head on his arm and pretend like normal like that. Then my zong tell us that this time he only show us la. If normally he do that he sure spank until she cry one.

But don see my zong like that think he beat girl one. He steady one la. Is just that he those old school ah beng ma. To him his girlfriend ah must behave certain way la and must ting hua. But he steady la he don force. He just tell the girl that she got choice. If she wan to be his girlfriend then must accept or not then don be together lor. So he say is she choose one wat. Then he say ah he also gentleman la. Not like other guy outside angry already will slap the girlfriend and all. He wun do that one plus he say guy cannot slap girls one la. Its not good. Somemore if spank only the backside ah then like wear clothes cannot see ma. Oh but I remember sometimes he will also smack her thigh la. Like because we all go to his house most of the time if weekday we in school uniform mah. Then the girls all ah the uniform like very short so my zong ah very particular one. His girlfriend must sit properly la cannot anyhow sit wait zhao geng ma. But they all young girls sometimes forget ma so when like she sit halfway ah zhao geng then she haven realise yet but my zong realise ah he will give one smack to her thigh la and ask her sit properly. I think its quite hard la cause sometimes ah we see after he smack quite red.

Then better still got this time ah we really see our zong spank his girlfriend. Even use the cane ah. Actually normally ah if he spank her ah we not there one. He usually wait for us to leave one. But we all noe la. Because normally the girl will go home together with few of the other girls one they share cab or take bus together. Stay near each other one. So whenever my zong ask them go first ah we know that confirm is my zong need to spank her one. But then this time I think my zong super angry with her la. Aiya because no matter what my zong girlfriend ah is still ah lian ma. But my zong got this rule he don like his girlfriend to drink la. Actually drink abit he ok la but not until drunk because ah when she seh ah very jia lat one. But his girlfriend ah like to drink. So this time ah so happen we all buy beer go up my zong place. I think its because my zong win big in soccer so he buy beer all and treat us all. Then he remind his girlfriend not to drink too much. But then I think she never listen la. Drink until she seh then wah start already lor. We all talking cock halfway then suddenly heard this loud piang from the kitchen. Then we all go and see its my zong girlfriend throwing the empty glass bottle down from the kitchen window. Wah lucky no one downstairs at that time la. Then my zong like very angry and shout at her to stop it. But she like drunk already la so laughing there then throw another one down. Straight away he rush there and carry her away from the window. Then worse still she try to struggle and then holding the bottle anyhow swing end up knock the bottle on my zong arm and cut. Wah my zong I think super angry la. He bring her into the toilet and spray the water on her face. Then I think she vomit la cause drink to much but not as seh already. Then he bring her to the room and put her on the bed. After that I think he too angry already he ask two of the girls to take care of her then he come out to the living room to clean his cut. Then we all like stun but then because everything calm down already we all resume talking cock and all and my zong like normal la still talk cock with us. Then I think about one two hour later the two girls and my zong girlfriend come out and then when my zong see ah his face like angry like that. But he never say anything just continue talking cock with us. Then I think the girl know my zong angry with her la so she sit next to him ah then try to make him happy. But my zong ignore her still continue talk to us. But I think she still try to pester him and say sorry I think then after sometime ah we all talking cock there then they both whispering to each other but can see from my zong face like they quarreling like that but cannot really hear what they saying. Then suddenly my zong get up and walk off I think go toilet. Then when he return ah he stand at the sofa there but never sit down. Look at his girlfriend and ask how. I think he sound quite fierce so suddenly ask how like that we all suddenly all keep quiet and look at them. Then the girl like say some many people around. Then my zong say then you so drunk just now not scared so many people around. Then he sit down next to her and tell her then if she don wan they go home lor he don wan to see her. Then she I think like try to beg him say dun be like that. But he repeat if she don agree then get out. Then we all like dunno wat to do all sit there keep quiet looking at them. Then suddenly she say ok la ok la then she ownself like go over his lap. Then we all stun then one by one stand up want to go off. But my zong ask us sit down. He say he want to make sure next time he tell her dun drink she will listen cause not first time so he going to spank her in front of us. Then we all like not nice la but bo pian cause he our zong so we all sit down lor. Then he start spanking her backside like very hard like that. Then he flip her skirt la then he spank again until she like crying like that. I dunno is it she cry because she pai sei we see her panties or because its pain. Then after that my zong ask us to clear the table cause got a lot of beer bottles and tidbits on it. We all thought for what but we all clear and bring to the kitchen and throw. Then when we come out of kitchen we stun again cause see my zong girlfriend on the table like in doggy position like that. Then we all like feel not nice la so tell my zong say we go first la. Then my zong say ok but after he give her the first three strokes first. Wah he fold the skirt over only got her panties then he swing quite far behind. Each time the cane land on her backside she like cry like that. So after the three strokes ah we all like leaving then the girl crying and then we hear our zong tell the girl that since everyone leaving no one around he going to cane her without the panties. When I closing the door that time I see him pulling it down but never see anything else la. Then ah from outside after I close the door wah can hear the sound of the cane then can hear her cry also. Sibei jialat. A few days later ah when we go our zong house again she still sit like can see its still pain ah. But really lei she never drunk again lei.

So this ah long time ago la. But tot I share with you.


Anonymous said...
October 14, 2009 at 10:02 PM  

keep it coming =) and thanks for the story!

Anonymous said...
October 15, 2009 at 5:13 PM  

hey really appreciate your sharing. and whoever the zong is, really i admire him. although he is like ah beng ah beng, but actually he already displayed the true aim of domestic discipline--not fetish, not bossing around, but to ensure that the girl behaves. knowing that spanking is not just about pain, but shame and pain 2 components to do wonders.

from the bottom of my heart ar, i admire him lo~!

hollygoodgilr said...
October 16, 2009 at 10:30 AM  

the girl deserve the spanking and caning!!

Spank-A-Lot said...
October 20, 2009 at 9:05 AM  

Anony 1: Glad you like it, do stick around!

Anony 2: :) I have relayed your kind word to the contributor.

Holly: Yeah she does deserve it doesn't she?

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