Group spanking sessions for the mistresses

Thursday, October 7, 2010 ·

I remember reading recently in the newspapers about certain places in China where the booming recovery of the economy has led to a resurgence in the mistresses industry.  I guess this happens not only in China but in almost every city that sees a large number of businesses.  Though not openly publicised, Singapore has its fair share of mistresses.  While there has been much talk about more of our men getting foreign brides, there has also been a large number of Singaporean ladies who have become mistresses to the foreign businessmen who come to our shores frequently.  Which reminds me of a real life spanking story along that line............

I don't know about now but some years back there was this bunch of young Singaporean mistresses about five of them all below the ages of 25.  They had all known each other while working as KTV hostesses in the same KTV.  It was there, and around a span of a year, that the five of them had somehow managed to each “hook” a relatively wealthy foreign businessman who took them as their mistresses.  For them it was like striking the lottery for they no longer had to work as hostesses serving a multitude of men but rather they lived in somewhat luxury in the private apartments that the businessmen owned in Singapore and now only needed to serve one man. The girls met up regularly when their men were out of town.  They met of hi-tea, did their shopping together and just whiled away their time together as they waited for the return of their foreign men.  When their men were in town, their time belonged to each of their men.  But they occasionally bumped into each other for each of their “masters” knew each other.  Like when a few of the men would meet up for golf, or during wine & dine functions. 

And it was during one of these functions that the topic of spanking came about.  As usual the men indulged in small talk while the mistresses gossiped among themselves.  Now at some of these functions, it was relatively easy for those in the know to identify or differentiate the women who were wives of the men from the women who were merely mistresses.  There were many indicators, one of the most obvious ones would be that the wives would be involved in the small talk with the men while the mistresses sort of mixed among themselves.  While they would all be donned in elegant designer wear, the poise and way the wives carried themselves would be different from the way the mistresses carried themselves.  All except one........she was the mistress of the host.  Although like the other five mistresses, she too came from the same KTV but to the rest of the men, she carried herself rather well and occasionally indulged in small talk with her “master”.  During such functions she did engage in gossip with the other mistresses but never for too long.  Now it wasn't like she was ostracised by the other mistresses and it wasn't like she felt she was better.  But the other mistresses sort of gathered that it was probably due to the fact that her man was based mostly in Singapore.  Now the five men noticed this and as this topic came out in their small talk they pulled the host over as he walked by and jokingly asked him how come his mistress seemed different in a positive sense.  But as there were many people around and the host felt it unwise to elaborate too much and so he merely chuckled and mentioned that it was all about a little training sometimes.  But the five men were persistent and because they were relatively good friends, spare no effort in trying to get him to reveal a little more.  Not wanting to create a scene and knowing that this bunch of men would not let him remain tight-lipped for long, he told them that if they were that interested to know, he would show them in a while.  So the host went about for a little while more, making small talk with the other guests, and then he walked to his mistress and whispered something in her ear.  The mistress nodded and then proceeded up to the study.  The host then made his way to the group of five men, who were by now making small talk to another group of guests.  Joining in the small talk for a couple of minutes, the host then politely excused himself and the five men on the pretence that they had something had cropped up and they had to discuss it in private.  It was common during such functions that real business talk sometimes took place and so none of the other guests suspected anything.  

When they entered the study, they saw the host's mistresses inside, she seemed puzzled that they had all come in with her man, but she gave them a polite smile and nodded to acknowledge their presence.  The men sat down in the chairs in middle of the study, which the host used sometimes for mini meetings.  Thinking that he was about to have an impromptu business discussion with the men, the mistress asked if she should leave.  But he told her no and motioned her to sit on his lap.  He told her that the men had come to talk about her.  The host continued and said that the men had praised her for being extremely obedient but he had told them that this wasn't always the case.  The mistresses smiled nervously, she knew where the conversation was going to.......and wasn't the first time that he had spanked her in front of guests.  Then the host asked the mistress to tell the men what happens if she gets out of hand.  The mistress smiled shyly looking down and keeping quiet.  So the host said maybe he would show them what happens.  He told the mistress to stand up and remove her dress.  Which she did without hesitation.  Removing her dress in front of men was nothing new for her, during her hostess days, there were occasions that she was fully naked in a room full of men.  Turning her around to face him and showing her red bum to the men, he explained to the men that he spanked her to keep her in-line.  He then let instructed her to put on her dress and return down to the party.  After she left, the host further explained that he would have given them a demonstration but as the night was still young, he didn't want her to go down and have the guests see her teary-eyed.  He offered that if they were interested he could do a session with them and their mistresses the following weekend.  One of the men wondered aloud if their mistresses would agree to being punished.  The hosts replied matter-of-factly that in his experience they usually would.  The timing was perfect for all the five men would still be in town on that day and so it was agreed. 

The following weekend, the five men and their mistresses arrived at the hosts home once again.  The mistresses did not know about the arrangement between the men and thought that it was just one of those gatherings.  The men had agreed to keep it a “surprise” for the mistresses and so when they arrived the women hung out at the hosts swimming pool as they usually did all decked out in their pretty bikinis sitting around gossiping like they usually did.  The hosts brought the men to the basement, to show them what he had prepared.  It was a simple set-up, six chairs spaced apart in a circle.  After a round or two of drinks the men decided that it was time to call the girls in.  They went up to the swimming pool and told the ladies that they had something to discuss with them and called for them to follow them in.  The ladies, not knowing what was coming followed them down to the basement.  As the men took their seats, the ladies not having any seats for them proceeded to seat on the laps of their men, all except the mistress of the host (she probably knew what was coming).  The host began talking telling the ladies that the men had all decided that they had all gotten a little “out of hand” and they needed to learn a little lesson.  Some of the ladies thought it to be a joke and giggling was heard.  But the host ignored the giggles and continued that he would show them and their men what happens when his mistress gets out of line.  He put his mistress over his lap and the giggling got a little louder but at the sound of the first spank, the rest of the mistresses kept quiet, realising what he meant by “to be taught a lesson.  Stopping after the first spank, he looked up and told the ladies that this was called a spanking and he would be teaching the men how to spank them.  He told them that this was a decision that the men had made and if they did not comply they would be thrown out by their men.  The giggling and smiling faces had gone......the host then told his mistress to stand up and stand by the chair with her hands on her head.  The mistress quickly complied and the host told the rest of the mistresses to follow-suit.  Seeing the straight looks on their own men's face, the mistresses knew they meant business and quickly did as they were told.  The host then told them that they were to remain in that position until told otherwise.  He then put his mistress back over his lap and gave his mistress a quick twenty spanks on her bottom.  He then told the mistress to get back up into position and then he told the mistresses to get over their men's lap and asked the men to try giving a few spanks.  The host went around give tips and advice to the men.  After he had gone round he told the ladies to get back up and into position.  Back at his seat he asked the men if they were comfortable so far, and when they replied with a positive, he suggested that they try it for real this time.  So he told the ladies this time to remove their bikinis.  The host's mistresses quickly complied and the rest of the mistresses quickly followed suit.  All the ladies went over their men's lap this time and the host said they would spank for a minute this time and set a timer.  The spanking continued and when the minute was up the host told the women to get back up in position.  As all except the host's mistress had not been spanked before, they had already begun to sniffle.  The host once again asked the men if they felt comfortable, and then suggested another go but this time five minutes.  When the five minutes was up, the ladies were all mostly sobbing or crying.  Next he showed them the belt.  He told his mistress to stand infront of the chair, bend over and put her hands on the seat of the chair and stick her bottom out.  Removing his belt, he belted her bottom five times, drawing gasps with each stroke.  He then suggested that they would do this one by one twenty strokes of the belt for each.  So turn by turn, each men's mistress bent over the chair and their men gave them twenty strokes of the belt with guidance from the host.  By the time they had gone round, all the mistresses were crying and their bottoms were bright red.  All except the host's mistresses for she hadn't received her twenty strokes of the belt yet.  But the host had something else in store for her.  He went to a corner of the room and pulled a long bench to the centre of the circle.  Then he told his mistress to get on her hand and knees on the bench.  He told the mistresses that if they thought they punishment was bad, he was going to show them that it was not so bad as it was their first time.  He also told them to watch how his mistress counted each stroke for the next time they did this, they would be expected to count as well.  But before he began belting her, he put a large plastic ruler on her back.  Without explaining, he began belting her hard and she counted out aloud (“1 Sir.....etc”) with each stroke of course with crying as well.  At the 8th and 17th stroke she buckled and the ruler dropped from her back.  And so after the belting was done, the host took the ruler in his hand and asked his mistresses what happens when the ruler dropped.  She replied that five spanks with the ruler.  And then he asked her how many times the ruler dropped and she replied two.  So he asked her again how many strokes she should get, and she replied ten strokes with the ruler.  The host proceeded to smack her bottom with the ruler, ten times as she cried out.  When he was done he suggested that they wrap the session up with five strokes of the belt for all the girls which they had to count out together.  The last five strokes were given hard and all the ladies were crying out loud.  After that, the ladies were put facing the wall in a line with their hands on the heads and all a blubbering wreck as the host and the men had a drink and talked. 

Then on, they continued this at least once a month and sometimes twice.  The ladies........their bottoms suffered but their “behaviour” changed for the better........


Sam said...
October 7, 2010 at 5:38 PM  

Some guys just have the luck in getting a woman who wants a spanking, or knows she has to take one or the relationship will end.

I know many SG couples whereby the woman could really use a wake up spanking. I know mine would.

Anonymous said...
October 7, 2010 at 6:11 PM  

Just curious,are they non-fiction? Its kinda new to me,I never heard of any SG girls who could stand being spanked.

Spank-A-Lot said...
October 9, 2010 at 12:44 AM  

Sam: Well I guess sometimes its abt having a little confidence in broaching the issue as well....

Anonymous: Yep its real-life if that's what you are asking. You'd be surprise how many guys/girls wld love a spanking. But its also true that the spanking fetish is largely a closeted one....underground....not publicized......cept to close friends.....and only one or two in that case...

Anonymous said...
April 24, 2011 at 4:25 PM  

The story is complete fantasy. But to say a SG woman doesn't like spanking, is like saying she doesn't like sex.

mk said...
July 16, 2016 at 4:12 PM  

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