Reader's Submissions: Another Spanked Wife

Friday, October 15, 2010 ·

So once of you nice readers has sent me a personal spanking story.  I thank you!

For the rest of you........enjoy ;)

I am Singaporean female in my early twenties and I just found out your blog last week.  It is interesting to know that there so many people in Singapore who still get punished by their husbands or boyfriends when they are naughty.  It is also funny to know that I am not the only one in Singapore. 

My husband and me got married two years ago but we have been together since I was 15 and ya all along he will punish me if I am bad or naughty.  He is like six years older than me and I think ya I am submissive and need someone to take care of me.  After reading ur blog I learn that what my husband and me have is domestic discipline.  We all along also don't have a formal start on domestic discipline la.  He punish me also like just started like that since I with him when I 15.  That time I know him is through my friends.  We all go out together and then he was a friend of my friend's boyfriend and came along.  We liked each other almost from that time and then after a while from that day, he asked me to be his girlfriend.  All along he will take care of me.  Not only like a boyfriend.  But maybe because I come from single-parent family, since young dunno who my father is so sometimes I treat him also like an elder bro or father figure.  I mean not only treat me like his girlfriend but he will also take care of me like that.  And also cause that time when I know him he already finish army and working so he like very mature so almost everything I will listen to him lor.  But then cause I can be quite playful and so sometime I will do things to make him angry.  But although he angry with me he wun anyhow lose temper and shout at me.  He will scold me la but in a calm way but also in a strict way la in the way his voice sounds.  Then at the start most of the time I try to act cute lor to calm him down.  Like when I know its my fault and he is scolding me then I will give a pitiful face, open my eyes big big act cute.....pull my ears and say sorry.  Actually all the time I get away with it one.  Then there was one time I was waiting for him under one of the blocks after school to go his place and so I thought he still on the way so I take a cigarette from on of my classmates to smoke.  He don't like me to smoke and get angry with me for smoking before.  Then suddenly I turn and saw him standing at the next block looking at us angrily.  I of cause shock and then throw the cigarette away immediately and walk over to find him.  He scold me as we walk back to his place.  Of course I try to act cute to calm him down.  And when at his home watching tv he sit there keeping quiet and so I know he still angry.  So I try to cheer him up by my usual act cute way of saying sorry.  Then he say everytime I do this think can get away with it so he say this time must punish me.  I still pulling my ear and giving that cute face and he ask me to continue pulling my ear and stand up.  Then he suddenly use his hand to smack my bum a few times and say that is for being naughty and smoking.  Its not very hard la and I tot its funny so I pretend to cry out that its pain and I was sorry and won't smoke again.  I think he feel my reaction like quite funny so he was not angry already but he tell me that if I smoke again he will make sure its pain.  The next week he again not working so I wait for him at the same place after school to go his place.  But this time I smarter I go with my classmates to the staircase to smoke first and then I come down wait for him.  He actually didn't know when I met him but when he kiss me when we at his place he smell the cigarette smell and then he got angry and scolded me.  I know he angry la and its my fault so I stand up and pull my ear and give that cute face and tell him I was sorry and let me smack my butt again lor.  I tot he smack play play one like the last time then ok already.  But this time he remind me that the last time he told me that if I smoke again he would make sure it was pain.  So he put me over his lap and spank my bum.  It was pain this time and I struggle and ask him to stop and swing my hand to try and block his hand.  But he hold my hand so it cannot move and then he ask me if its my fault.  I keep quiet but he ask again so I nod my head.  Then he ask me since its my fault should I be punished.  I keep quiet.  He ask again.  I still keep quiet. But he ask one more time and I know he mean it so I said sorry and nod my head.  Then ask me to pull my ear and then he lift up my skirt and spank my bum somemore. I can feel my tears dripping out already then he stop.  He ask me to stand up and continue to pull my ear and he sit there at the sofa and scold me somemore for smoking.  Actually I think he will stop there one but then he ask me one question what do I think will happen if I smoke again.  I reply that he won't.  Then he ask why and I reply that because the next time I will eat sweet after that so he wun smell.  Then he give me the serious face and say that I never learn my lesson and ask me to stand there wait for him.  He go to the room take a big plastic ruler and come back and put me over his lap again.  This time he pull down my panties also and then he use the ruler to smack my bum at least 20 times and I was crying already.  Then he stop and ask me questions like will I smoke again.  And then I answer him no he smack me bum one more time.  Then he ask me another question if I promised.  Then I say yes and he smack my bum one more time.  Then he ask me what will happen if I smoke again.  Then I say wun happen.  But he smack my bum again and ask the same question.  Again I say wun happen he smack my bum again and ask the same question.  After a few times I say then I will be punish lor.  Then he smack my bum again and ask me how I will be punished.  Then I say like this time lor.  Then he smack my bottom and ask me to say again.  Then I repeat like this time lor.  But he smack my bum again and ask same as this time or worse.  I know he sure want me to say worse, so I said worse.  Then he smacked my bum one last time and said its I say one ah.  Then he let me get off his lap.  After that its like each time I am naughty he will spank me for sure.  But he is fair la and I know its for my own good.  He wun anyhow for no reason punish me and he will explain to me why he spank me.  But when he is going to punish me I confirm cannot get out of it one.  The first few time I try to get out of it by acting cute but then I learn that it wun work and also because I know its my fault and I deserve it so I never try to avoid already. And I try not to make the same mistake because I learn that each time I am naughty for the same thing the punishment is worse.  In fact only the first few times he spank me on the clothes or panties after that all the punishment on my bare bum already.  And like when he is going to punish me he will like make me say it out.  He will like say so you did this naughty thing again.  And then I will keep quiet.  But he will look at me and ask me with that kind of eye until I answer yes.  Then he will ask me so how.  Then I will say I will get punished.  Then he will tell me to take the ruler. Then I will go to the room in the drawer take the ruler and come out.  Standard one he will be sitting on the sofa when I come out and then he dun need to say anything I will take off my skirt or shorts and panties and go over his lap.  He will spank my bum then use the ruler to smack me.  But because I know he does it for my own good I feel very guilty when I am naughty.  When I turn 18 he started to use the belt also.  Actually its not because I turn 18 but it was just nice that time when he used it on me.  There was this time all my friend were going clubbing but he told me not to go because he was working and cannot go with.  He know that there will be guys there and if I get drunk then there is no one to take care of me.  But I go without him knowing but that night really drink until very drunk.  I vomit all over and cannot even walk.  Some guys almost try to take advantage but lucky my girl friends see in time and pull me away from them.  Then they all must go home so no choice I cannot go home like that so they call him to come pick me up.  I din even know at all until I wake up next morning on his bed.  I know that he sure very upset one and I feel very guilty.  And so when I go out of the room to find him I bring the ruler with me.  Before he say anything I remove my panties and lie over his lap and wait for him to punish me. He scold me and spank me and smack me with the ruler harder that time.  Then as he smacking me with the ruler he tell me how my friends had to save me from a group of lecher guys when I was drunk.  I feel so guilty and bad that I ask he to punish me somemore.  He said dun need me to tell him that and he smack my bum with the ruler almost fifty times at least.  And then he ask me to stand up and bend put my hand on the sofa.  He then take his belt and say that because I lie to him and put myself in danger he will use the belt and whip my bum.  He whip my bum at least twenty times before he stop.  Then he make me stand in the corner and pull me ears.  That was the first time that he use the belt on me and also first time he make me stand in the corner. After that he will use the belt if I ever lie to him.  He believe that trust is very important in the relationship and so lieing is the worst thing. 

When we get married his parents already passed away for a while so he only child and then so I move into his flat.  He very nice and fillal one so he ask me mother to move in also and rent out her flat so she can use the money and dun need to work.  Because my husband by that time already doing quite well, so I become a housewife lor and spend more time with my mother.  At that time when my mother move in he only punish me in our bedroom and at night after my mother sleep or if my mother not at home.  We all thought that my mother dun know that my husband punish me but then there was one time I was talking on the phone while driving the car with my mother and then I knocked into another car.  So that day when my husband came home I told him that I had an accident. But when he asked what happen I know if I tell him I on the phone then I sure get punished because he say before.  So I say I dunno the brakes like not working properly.  Actually he believed me one but then my mother suddenly say to me is it I want to be punished by him again for lying.  My husband and I like shock for a while but my mother know we shock so she tell us that she not stupid or blind.  Then she still can say that she support my husband because I at this age still not mature and need someone to discipline me.  Wah I shock until speechless.  I dunno wat to say.  Then my mother still continue and tell my husband that no need to hide in the room to punish me la punish me in the living room also can.  And then my mother still tell my husband that the accident was really because I was talking on the phone.  My husband then ask me and I know I no choice got to admit.  Then he ask me so you try to lie to me again right? And I nod but say sorry.  And then he ask and you drive with hp even though I say don't do that right?  I nod again.  He then say the usual so how.  But then I ask him in the room and he said that my mother already know and she supports so in the living room.  So I no choice go to the room and take the ruler.  I abit embarrass but then no choice I come out my husband sitting on the sofa and my mother sitting on the other sofa.  I remove my panties and lie over his lap. He spank me and smack me with the ruler.  And because I lied to him I must bend at the sofa and he use his belt to whip me.  This time he make me stand in the corner and pull my ear in the living room.  But worse still the next morning I like abit angry with my mother for not covering up for me and so I like quarrel with my mother quite loudly and scold her some rude things.  Like I say earlier my husband is the very filial type and he believe that our parents must respect.  So when he heard those things he get quite angry and tone quite harsh ask me to stop it.  Then he tell me to take the ruler immediately.  My bum already quite sore because the day before get punish but he spank and smack my bum this time as hard.  Then he make me stand in the corner and pull my ears.  I thought it was finish but he tell me to stay there until he come back.  Then he go out of the house.  He come back with a cane that he buy from downstairs.  And then he tell me to bend over the sofa again.  The cane ah wah ten strokes already I begging him to stop.  But he say that I so old already still so rude to my mother so he cane me the same number as my age.  I that time 22 and so mean got 12 stroke more.  After the cane he make me apologise to my mother and then make me stand in corner again.  When I am standing in the corner he hang the cane on the living room wall and say that if I rude to my mother again he will cane me.  Now I more polite to my mother and my relationship with her like better.  But sometimes will still quarrel with her but once my husband canes me I will be very nice for a long time.  Since that time he cane me I only got cane three more times until now.  Now I dun get punish so often maybe once or twice a month.  The punishment is always pain and I cry most time.  But I know its for my own good and a lot of my bad habits dun have already.


sixofthebest said...
October 18, 2010 at 2:25 AM  

I have always believed that the minute a bride says "I do", at the altar, it is the bridegroom's duty, to raise the wedding dress of his bride, pull down her knickers, and spank her bare bottom blushing red. These spankings should start, on your wedding night, and continue for the rest of your life together. And when its appropriate, he should use the cane on that bare bottom of yours also.

flechazos bdsm said...
June 27, 2011 at 1:48 PM  

The story of these couple is so sexy. I can see how great they enjoy their time together and I really love the time I am reading this article. This is one of the best stories that I read about spanked wife.

paul said...
January 12, 2016 at 4:41 PM  

i know this is a very old post bsut just seen it love the idea start as you mean to go on!
wedding dress up Panties down hairbrush spanked and caned SHE will learn

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