Reader's Submission: Guy teaches girlfriend's mother how to spank daughter

Saturday, October 30, 2010 ·

So once again dear readers, one of you has sent me a real life spanking story.  As one of you commented recently, pardon the English in these stories, I did not edit them and just left them as they were sent to me so as to maintain its authenticity. 

So without further ado.........


I am a 18 year old girl who is spanked by my boyfriend and my mummy. 

It all began last year.  I flunked my O levels and was slacking around.  Then got together wif this guy.  Caucasian quite good looking but much older than me.  He is 32 this year working in Singapore.  He is like much better than all the guys I have dated before.  Very romantic and very take care of me.  Only thing is that he spanks me.  From the start of our relationship he already spank me.  But only occasionally at first because he busy at work so we don't meet so often and because the spanking hurts so I try my best to be good in front of him.

But then someway close to the end of last year, my mummy call him and complain about me and ask him if he could talk to me.  Although my mummy at that time dunno that he spank me but I think also partly because she notice that I only listen to him.  So she complain that I steal her money and refuse to listen to her and many other things la.  They talk on the phone that time for almost two hours.  So my boyfriend said that he will settle  it.  He also didn't tell me about it and my mummy also didn't.  Until the weekend. I thought we suppose to meet outside but then in the morning he come over and bought breakfast for me and my mummy.  Then after breakfast I ask him wait for me I go bathe change then we go out but he say no he need to talk to me and my mummy.  So I thought what was it.  Then he start saying that my mummy call him and tell him about me.  I at that time angry with my mummy but also embarrass cause I dun wan to let my boyfriend know.  Then as we talking my mummy and me get into a slight argument and my mummy say something like I only will listen to my boyfriend thats why she tell him.  Then my boyfriend tell my mummy that he will show her how to make me listen to her.  Then he ask me to get over his lap and say he is going to spank me.  Of course I refuse because my mummy is there and I thought he wun dare.  But I was sitting just next to him on the sofa and so he pull me over his lap.  I struggle of course but he give one hard slap to my bum and say dun move then I stop struggling.  I think my mummy at first also shock cause when she call my boyfriend she dun expect this but then I think after she see that I stopp struggling after the first spank she curious so wait and see.  He spank me on my shorts for some time and he pull down my shorts and continue spanking my bare bum.  After he finish he make me stand in the corner without my shorts.  Then he talk to my mummy.  He tell her that this is what he will do to me normally when I am naughty.  Then I think because that time when they talk on the phone my mummy never specify what I do wrong so this time my boyfriend ask her to tell him.  So she let go everything, everything also say.  She tell him that I smoke, come back drunk, sometimes never come home, steal money from her, wear clothes like prostitute, at home very rude to her, treat the home like hotel and on and on.  Then she brought my boyfriend to my room and they brought out my pack of cigarettes and my clothes which my mummy said made me look like a prostitute.  My boyfriend was upset when my mummy told him all this.  He make noise about my smoking and dressing before.  I told him I quit already actually it was just never smoke in front of him and I did not wear those translucent clothes after he make noise when I go out with him so he didn't know. So after scolding me.  He say he will teach my mummy how to spank me.  So he make me go over my mummy lap and he guide my mummy how to spank me.  Then he ask my mummy for a hairbrush and show my mummy how to spank me with the hairbrush also.  After that he take his belt and he belt my bum 20 times.  Then he tell me that if I ever do those things again he will make sure its worse.  Then he make me stand in the corner for one hour.  After that he tell me to go bathe and change before we go out. 

The next week of course I try to be good.  Not exactly good la but I try to be tactical. I though I was very tactical already.  I only smoke when my mummy not around.  I go out only after she sleep.  But it was a trap.  I found out that that day when I went to bathe my boyfriend told my mummy to pretend and to note down if I didn't listen to his rules and let him know.  So when I tot that I was very successful in pretending to be good infront of my mummy she actually was pretending that she dunno I was good.  I only find out the next saturdaymiuntes.  After that I bend over sofa and my boyfriend spank me with his belt ten times.  Then he pass the belt to my mummy to spank me ten times also.  Then 15 minute corner time then I must lie on the sofa and he use the cane to cane me six times and then pass to my mummy to cane me six time also.  Then after 15 minute corner time again he call me to stand in front of them and tell me his plan.  He write down on a piece of paper.  From now on monday to friday I must wake up by 8.30am.  My mummy go work at 9am so if by 8.30am I haven wake up she will spank me.  Each day I must do some household chores like sweep and mop the floor and wash the clothes.  If I never she will spank me also.  I cannot go out unless I ask permission from my mummy.  Or not she will spank me with the hairbrush.  If I am allow to go out I must come home before my mummy is home from work at 9pm or not she will spank me with hairbush also.  If I am not sleeping by 11pm she will spank me also.  If I smoke, or drink or wear the prostitute clothes out she will cane me five time.  My boyfriend also say that he will give me allowance so I dont take from mummy but if I steal from her she will cane me ten times.  Then every sat morning he will come and review.  So every Sat morning when he come usually at about 10am I remove shorts and panties and stand with my hands on my head in front of them and he will review with my mummy how I was during the week.  If I am spanked more than 8 times he will spank me with his hand then hairbrush then belt my bum 20 times and cane me ten times.  If I am spank more than five time he will not use the cane.  If I am spank at least one time he will use not use the belt also.  If I am not spank he will then spank me only with his hand to remind me.  The first three months only one time I never get the cane.  Now almost one year most of the time until the belt.  Never once only hand.  But better already especially the last two months got a few times almost did not need the hairbrush.  Hopefully next month I will be able to reach the first time without hairbrush even.  My boyfriend says he will get me a big present if that happens.

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