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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 ·

Dear readers,
  It seems that many of you are still sending me your one-liners and short-liners.  Since there has been a bunch.......I have decided to post some. 


Male, 26: My girlfriend wants me to spank her....should I?

Male, 30: My female boss is a bitch should be spank! How ah?

Female: I'm 18 n my elder sis spanks me whenever I m bad.

Female, 37: Just began domestic discipline with my hubby. I got my maintenance spanking this evening.

Male, 19: My mom passed away years ago.  My dad just married this 24 year old Viet. I can hear him spanking her some nights.

Male: My sister-in-law is moving in with us.  I told her she would get spanked if she doesn't follow my rules.  She was agreeable.

Male 20: Sometimes at night, I can hear what seems like the couple renting a room in my flat the guy spanking his wife.

Female, 19: My boss spanked me yesterday.  I dunno why but I secretly enjoyed it.

Female, 21: My mom's boyfriend spanked me yesterday for swearing at my mom. 

Male,35: I jokingly told me girlfriend that I was going to spank her for being a bitch.  She told me not to do it too hard.

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