First spanking by boyfriend's father

Saturday, August 8, 2009 ·

Today's real life story is about a lady's first experience with spanking...........her first spanking over the knee of her boyfriend's father.

Kathryn hated it at home and never liked staying at home........she didn't know if it was because her parents couldn't care less about her and her siblings (she has three other sisters) or because it was too crowded. It helped that her parents were constantly out of the home and it didn't really matter whether she was at home or not. On a side note........I guess at that time with four kids to bring really had to work quite Singapore at least. So even before she was a teenager, she was pretty much left to her own devices (her siblings as well) and spent most of the time with her school mates, playing at the playground I suppose.

While unconfirmed.......the lack of parental concern and care is a possible factor that attributed to her fondness or liking for older guys, when she moved on to her teenage years and began having boyfriends. Though I wouldn't say that they were the father-daughter types of boyfriends who were light years older.......but most of the time.......they were at least a couple of years older. So when she got together with Kevin, he was already done with his college and was about to enter into the national service while she was only close to finishing her secondary school time. (Notice I am being vague on the actual age at that time.) I suppose it was like an honour badge too as a school-goer with an older no schooling boyfriend. So now from hanging out at the playground with her schoolfriends........she spent most of her time after school with Kevin. Either out at cafes or at his place. It helped that he was quite the well-to-do kid and drove. This time was however short-lived......couple of months at the most for Kevin soon entered national service. he had broken a leg playing sports in college, he was declared unfit for combat (those who have gone through our national service in Singapore will know what I mean) was given a desk bound post which meant he got to come home everyday. So thus, it became routine for Kathryn on most of the weekdays, she would be over at Kevin's house for dinner. Sometimes she would take the bus straight after school to his place, or else she would hang out with her friends for a bit before proceeding to his place around five. This was despite the fact that Kevin would normally only reach home at about 6pm. And of course after dinner, there was the occasional hanky panky, which is normal between a guy and a girl, before Kevin drove her home which would be about 10plus.

Now you must be wondering..........what about his parents right, I mean having a girl go over to your place while you are not home? Well Kevin's mother had passed away sometime back and his father was retired and spent most of his time at home enjoying his gardening hobby. His father and him were pretty close........and pretty cool about it. Plus, the idea also came about as Kevin and Kathryn were talking about school grades. Kevin came from quite the good schools and his results were pretty neat, while Kathryn was in a neighbourhood school and as expected, had quite dismal grades. So Kevin was just commenting about how there was nothing really to the school examinations and all that was needed was a little bit of revision consistently everyday. Kathryn on her part lamented how she could never get it down as she couldn't really study at home as it was just two noisy with her other sisters (yes all her siblings were sisters) making hell lot of noise at home and her friends were just not the studying type. So Kevin suggested that she could go over to his place after school if she wanted. It was pretty peaceful and quiet there plus it would solve the problem of them thinking of where to meet after he had booked out of camp. So Kevin told his father that his girlfriend was going to be coming over on most days after school to do a little bit of studying as she waited for him. But of course she hardly did any studying, she watched the tv or read her girly magazines or surfed the internet sometimes.

Now Kevin's dad was quite the man of few words until he warmed up.....and so for the initial couple of months......she hardly spoke to his dad whenever she was at his place. Of course after numerous meals at the same table during dinner, Kevin's father warmed up and he was quite the chatty joker. And soon enough it was a comfortable rapport that between Kathryn and Kevin. So much so that over dinner one of the evenings, Kevin's father jokingly said to Kevin that while Kathryn was supposed to come over to study, he noticed she hardly did any mugging at all. It was either watching the tv or reading her magazines. Kevin laughed and said yeah he knew and jokingly said how she had a problem focusing. As the rapport was already there, Kathryn herself joined in the conversation jokingly lament how she had trouble with motivation. Now Kevin's father was from Britain (Kevin's eurasian) and he jokingly remarked, in his British wit, that back in England in his time a spanking was a good form of motivation for the lazy student. Kevin found it rather hilarious and roared with laughter, while also pondering the thought of Kathryn getting a good 'ol spanking (he had indulged in a little playful love spanks during their more intimate time spent). Kathryn on the other didn't really know what a spanking actually meant but feigned laughter as Kevin and his father had been laughing and so she thought it must have been some kind of funny thing. And then she continued saying that even if she had the motivation......she had difficulty revising as she could not really understand some of her subjects, plus it didn't help that she hardly paid attention in class. Then Kevin, as if having a eureka moment, suggested that Kevin's father help her out with her revision. Before Kevin's father came to Singapore (ions ago), he had a stint as a teacher in one of those stuffy British schools, and plus Kevin reckoned that since his father was retired with “nothing much to do”, it would be an ideal activity for him. Kevin's father, ever the joker, seemed rather tickled at the suggestion and laughed as he commented that he may very well end up spanking her. Kathryn, still not really understanding what a spanking really was but thinking that since Kevin's father was such a fun and jovial joker, having him help with her revision may make the learning quite fun after all. So she voiced her agreement saying that maybe with him helping her, she may get a little bit of motivation back in her studies. Now Kevin's father was really roaring with laughter for I guess he realised that she didn't seem to understand the jokes he and his son had been laughing about all that spanking. So with a half-grin-are-you-kidding-me-look which he gave to Kevin, who by now seemed to be laughing as hardly as his father, Kevin's father told Kathryn that he could be rather serious when he was in his “teacher's mode” and if she was sure she wanted his help. Kathryn, the naïve girl that she was, gave that innocent-enthusiastic nod with a “why not” response.

“Very well, let's start tomorrow then!”, was Kevin's reply......still tickled with the conversation though didn't really think that his father would even spank her. He didn't even spank Kevin growing up......though Kevin did chance upon his father, without their knowledge, spanking his mother once or twice. Ah but that is another story.

So for the next couple of days.........Kevin's father sat with Kathryn as she attempted to revise her school work and helped with whatever she was not sure about. Now it was a bit of a trying time, as Kathryn wasn't really the brightest or the studious type and she drifted many a time as Kevin's father was explaining certain things to her. Kevin's father however remained patient though he wondered to himself if there was anyway that he could get her to focus........beside really putting her over his knee to spank her. Each evening as Kevin queried about how the day had been “tutoring”, Kevin would first give a sigh, then chuckle, and say that she probably need a bit more time to gain the momentum. I guess it was only after a couple of weeks of stagnation with Kathryn drifting off and occasionally nodding off as he tried to explain some of the terms, that Kevin's father began seriously thinking that probably trying a little spanking may do her some good. Kathryn on her end, was quite apologetic about her behavious.......she reckoned that she was already trying her best but just could not seem to get herself down to focusing.

So one of the nights, as Kevin was just chit-chatting with his father after having sent Kathryn back home, Kevin's father told Kevin that he seriously didn't think he could help Kathryn with her studies. She just really could not focus. Kevin asked if he was serious and if there was anything else he could try for it didn't seem like him to give up. Kevin's father paused and kept silent for a bit, probably thinking if he should even suggest a spanking, and then slowly and intermittently said that well.....he could try spanking her.......but Kevin's father also added that he didn't think it may be that nice as it was his son's girlfriend, especially if it was a bare bottomed spanking. Kevin thought about it a while.......and asked if it had to be a bare bottomed spanking, to which Kevin's father replied that it depended if the need called for it. And so after some more deliberations (I really cannot imagine having such a discussion with my father), Kevin suggested that they might was well give it a try but only over her school skirt or her shorts if she did change (only occasionally) and if there really was a need for a bare bottomed spanking, Kevin would spank her himself. So for Kevin's father, it was either the hand on the skirt or the wooden ruler on the skirt.

So the next day as he noticed Kathryn beginning to give the usual dreamy look as he explained some of her queries regarding her books, Kevin's father asked her if she was drifting again and Kathryn sheepishly nodded apologetically with a slight grin. So Kevin, in a very calm manner said that he was going to try something which may help her focus abit. Kathryn, not knowing what was really to come, nodded enthusiastically and said that that would be good, before he could finish his sentence. Giving a smile and an “alright then”, Kevin's father shifted his chair back and asked if she could stand up and stand next to him. He reached out for the nearest of Kathryn's wrist and paused to look at Kathryn. Kathryn, still not sure what was going to happen, thought that it was some exercise to improve blood circulation for focus (yes she really said this, she thought that when he took her wrist, he was going to measure her heartrate), and closed her eyes. Then in one smooth motion, Kevin's father glided her over his knee and landed a spank on her bottom and then paused. Kathryn, too shocked at what had just happened and not know how to react, did not struggle and just laid still. Kevin's father then put his non spanking hand on her back and explained that this was called a spanking. Then he gave ten quick spanks, five on each side, which were pretty mild and then stopped to explain that for the rest of the day, each time she drifted off, he would repeat the same thing but harder each time. Kathryn reckons that it was the way that Kevin's father had done it and explained it that did not make it feel like a violation but really more of an experiment to see if it would help her concentrate better, which was why she did not struggle or try to stop it, though she did feel a little mix of excitement and embarrassment. It did help a little bit for after that Kathryn concentrated for longer stretches, though she did find herself back over Kevin's father's knee another four more times over the remaining two hours and she did feel at least a bit of a sting during the last round of ten spanks. Dinner that evening was as normal with Kevin's father matter of factly telling Kevin that Kathryn got her first taste of a spanking earlier and they did share a laugh over it. And Kevin's father asked her how it was for her, and Kathryn herself responded in her usual naïve way that she did feel that it helped a bit though the last round was starting to sting. Kevin's father chuckled and explained that that was the way it was supposed to be, and it would only get harder.

This carried on for bit, and while Kathryn showed some progress in terms of the length of her focus, Kevin's father still had to bring her over his knee at least five times everyday. And by now, Kevin's father made sure that it every spank stung and the spanks drew winces and the occasional “ow” or “ah” from Kathryn. Nevertheless, because it was an everyday affair, Kevin's father (with his immense experience with spanking) moderated the strength of the spanks so her bottom did not become to sore. But progress was slow and Kevin's father did not want to use the ruler just yet, so over dinner he casually said, in his usual jovial smiling manner, to Kevin, “It seems Kathryn's progress is a little slow. Getting better, but a little slow. Maybe you'd want to help a little.” Kevin paused and gave a smile as he looked at Kathryn, who gave a puzzled look and asked what that meant. Kevin's father chuckled and Kevin merely told her that she would know after dinner. Kathryn gave her little pout and said that she hoped she wasn't going to have to do any more revision after dinner. This statement with the cute little pout tickled Kevin's father and he roared with laughter once again as Kevin told her no she wouldn't have to revise any work. Kathryn, still naïve as she was, smiled in response like a kid who had been handed candy.

So after dinner, Kevin brought Kathryn into his room and asked how she felt about the spankings. Kathryn replied that she felt it did kinda get her more focused but they were beginning to sting more especially since she got the spankings almost everyday. Kevin explained that that it was supposed to sting so that she would focus in order not to get the spankings. Kathryn nodded but lamented that she was already trying but somehow could not control losing focus sometimes. In response to that, Kevin pulled her over his knee and explained that that was why, he was going to help with that. And then went on to explain to her the agreement he had with his father. Kathryn did not struggle but only asked if it was going to sting more on the bare. To which Kevin told her to let him know after he had spanked her and proceeded to lift her skirt and pull down her panties. Seeing that her bottom only showed a faint redness, Kevin commented out loud that it was no wonder the progress was so slow, and then gave a quick flurry of spanks on her bare bottom (not many probably about six to eight spanks). Pausing he asked Kathryn how it felt, who replied that it stung much more. Kevin smiled as he went on to say that from now on, whatever number of spanks she got that day from Kevin's father, he would give her half that number of spanks on her barebottom. So as she had gone over Kevin's father's knee six times that day (a total of 60 spanks), Kevin gave her 30 spanks on her barebottom. The lack of protection from her school skirt and panties, coupled with the fact that Kevin gave the spanks with a slightly harder strength than his father, the 30 spanks drew a louder reaction from Kathryn though not to the extent of tears. After the spanking, Kathryn's bottom showed a redder shade (though still faint) and Kevin rubbed his bottom for a bit. The rubbing must have felt good for Kathryn cooed deep breaths and it must have been quite a turn on for Kevin for his erection began to harden against Kathryn, who was still over his knee. And then as Kathryn got up she turned towards Kevin and they lip locked, falling down towards the bed and it was some passionate making out before Kevin sent her home.

So this went on everyday and Kathryn did show some progress in her attention span though not consistent...........there would be days where Kevin's father would only have to spank her once or twice........and then there were times that Kevin's father would have her over his knee almost ten times. During which, this would of course result in a harder spanking on her bare bottom with Kevin. But though it stung much more, to the stage where she was on the verge of tears, Kathryn also realised that something about it also turned her on. It was like as if the harder the spanking was from Kevin, the more turned on she would be after that and the more passionate the making out was after that.

Soon enough.......the ruler was called into play and Kathryn would soon realise that a spanking could result in tears. A certain class test had been returned and it turns out that Kathryn had scored zero marks for it. It was a very difficult test, something like forty questions, which were largely the one-liner-answers type of test. It was for occasions such as this that Kevin's father had kept the ruler for. But first off, he put her over his knee and gave her forty spanks, one spank for each question, on her bottom. And then he went through each question with her, during which she drifted twice, resulting in two more times over his knee. After he had gone through the questions with her, he decided to test her with the aid of the ruler. He got Kathryn to stand up and put her hands on the table and stick her bottom out slightly. Holding the ruler in one hand, he gave her a verbal test on the questions. It was possible as said earlier, it was those one-liner-answers type of test. And with each wrong answer, he would give her a rather sharp spank across her bottom with the ruler. Kathryn obviously wasn't expecting this and so really did not register the questions when Kevin's father went through it with her the first time. Thus out of the forty questions, she got her bottom spanked by the ruler 35 times and she could feel a bit of tears well up by the time the test was done. Not entirely impressed with the results this time, Kevin's father decided that they would go through the questions once more and he would test her once again after that. As Kathryn now knew what was to happen with the ruler, this time she tried her best to focus her attention as they were going through the questions, but she drifted off once and had to go over Kevin's father's knee once more. Well she faired better this time with all the concentration and during the second time that Kevin's father tested her, and her bottom got spanked by the ruler only five times.

Now Kathryn's bottom was really feeling the sting as she sat down for dinner, but she had forgotten all about the fact that she had a second punishment coming from Kevin until Kevin's father mentioned to Kevin that during dinner that he had spanked Kathryn with the ruler that day. Only at that moment Kathryn realised that there was more pain to come and gave her trademark pout as she pleaded with Kevin with if the spanking with the with the ruler not be similar in amount as the handspanks (meaning half of whatever she had received from Kevin's father). Kevin thought for a moment and began by saying that it would not be the same, to which Kathryn began to give a smile only to hear Kevin continue his sentence that for the ruler, the number of spanks would be the same. Kathryn's smile immediately reverted back to the pout as Kevin's father gave a chuckle as he remarked to Kevin that he was learning fast. Meanwhile, Kathryn knew that her bottom was already stinging and hatched a plan in her head to prevent the spankings with the ruler.

So later on in Kevin's room, she pleaded once more with Kevin with the spanks with the ruler could be lessened but Kevin would hear nothing of it as he pulled Kathryn over his lap was the handspankings first. She had gotten fourty for the failed test and thirty for drifting off by Kevin's father. So that meant 35 spanks on her bare bottom from Kevin. As her bottom was already sore (though it was that reddish), Kathryn could feel tears welling up as the spanking neared its end.

Then her plan, that she had hatched earlier, began in motion. She could feel Kevin's erection at her side and as she cooed while he rubbed her bottom (he always did that), she could feel his erection hardening. So she got up, pushed Kevin onto the bed and lock lips with him for a long passionate kiss. Apart from being turned on herself, she knew that Kevin himself was turned on and therefore attempted to use making out to hopefully make him forget about the spanking with the ruler. Soon enough Kathryn's clothes were all off and on the floor and then Kevin suddenly realised what Kathryn's intentions and gave a chuckle as he pushed Kathryn off him onto the bed. Knowing that she her plan had been foiled she laid on the bed fondling herself in a last ditch effort to try and get Kevin to continue (with the making out). But Kevin had already gotten up and was holding the ruler in his hand. Flipping Kathryn onto her front, he place a pillow under her tummy to prop up her bottom. And before he began, he told her that just for doing what she did, every time she was to be spanked with the ruler, she was to be in this same position with her clothes off. In addition, on top of the forty spanks he was going to give her with the ruler, he was going to give her an additional ten. This meant fifty in all. The tears began to flow halfway through the spanks with the ruler and by the time all fifty rulered spanks had been dished out on her bottom, Kathryn was sobbing away and her bottom was pretty red. Kevin rubbed her bottom as she laid there, occasionally letting his fingers drift further down between her legs, which drew coos and gasps from Kathryn. Soon enough Kevin was on top of her humping away as Kathryn moaned in mindwhirling ecstasy. At that time she really could not understand but though the spankings were also have a turn-on effect. And so much so that she spent a lot of time, especially in class, replaying the spankings and after-action in her mind as she squeezed her thighs together ever so often. The spanking relationship stayed at this level for quite a while though it wasn't long before Kathryn and Kevin took it too another level. And Kevin's father? Well he is her father-in-law now..........


Anonymous said...
August 8, 2009 at 5:10 AM  

Another amazing local story. Man... where in SG can I find a girl who likes this kind of play? man oh man....

Spank-A-Lot said...
August 10, 2009 at 12:35 AM  

Well......I think quite a number of ladies out there would be open to the occasional doesn't hurt to just ask sometimes.

Or alternatively......a soft playful spank the play by ear depending on their reaction is also another way....of course don't go around smacking the butts of those you don't know.......

Anonymous said...
January 30, 2015 at 9:20 AM  

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