A sex change and a spanking ever after

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 ·

Dear readers.......once again thanks for sticking around despite the lack of updates....I can't stress enough how hard it has been for me to keep abreast with my updates/posts on top of the terrible vanilla job that I currently have. Nevertheless, today's real life story is one which is pretty unique to me (hopefully the title doesn't sound strange) as its something that I probably have only come across once so far...........before you read on.......there are two things to note. 1. There is not as much spanking in this story. 2. Brandon and Brenda are the same persons. (Confused? Well read on.........you wun be then.)

Ever since the age of 10, Brandon has had an interest in spanking. He spent an endless amount of time daydreaming (or fantasising if could call it) about women put in various positions and spanked with various implements until their bottoms were red and sore, and they were crying buckets of tears. Pretty normal isn't it? Well the only difference is.............in his fantasies, Brandon imagined himself to be the woman. He felt uncomfortable, a woman who had been mistakenly put into the wrong “shell”. Oh how he wished to be an attractive lady dominated by a stern man with a firm hand. It helped that he had this fair skin and pretty boy face with sharp features. With a wig, he could have easily been mistaken for a girl. In his own words, it was extremely traumatising growing up...........having to suppress his actions so that he would not be teased and worse still...........he pretty features gave me endless attention from the girls, something he really did not want. His once close friends began to shun him like plague once he revealed to them his inner secret. It was a terribly lonely and sad time growing up. To make things worse, as a Singaporean male, he had to serve national service, something he felt tortured throughout the two and a half years (yes, I know you lucky boys only serve two years now, but this was way back).

Fast forward a couple of years.................

Feeling lonely, sad and unaccepted, even by his own family, Brandon left home soon after he finished his national service and ventured to Thailand in hope of becoming “transformed” into a lady. He had heard so much about the sex change operations there and wanted to (in his own words) “make right what God did wrong”.

Now I am not entirely sure about the full details. But he worked at some bar or nightclub as a cross-dresser cum serving stuff to save enough money for the operation. He also opted for hormone pills instead of implants so that he would develop a natural bust. He wanted to feel the pain when his “dream dominant” man slapped his breast.

It took a few years but at the age of 25, Brandon had become Brenda and was a full pledged lady, apart from the fact that she could not have conceive. It didn't matter to her, she never really liked children anyway. Her pretty features did come to good use for it gave her a natural feminine look and the surgeon must have done a pretty damn good job with her voice for, although it sounded slight husky, it was in a feminine way and not like some of the transsexuals you normally meet.

Anyway with the first phase of her goal attained, Brenda now focused on finding a dominant guy. However she feared being ridiculed or shunned if she revealed her past, and therefore as she scoured the personal sites on the internet...........she merely mentioned that she did not want children. For about two to three years.........she encountered numerous men, mostly Caucasian expats in Thailand, and met quite a number for spanking sessions and the occasional sex. But the encounters never lasted for long and on her part, Branda felt as if there was a connection lacking with the men/dominants she had encountered.

Then along came Bradley, an American PR in Thailand. He was much older than her, almost 50 years old......a good twenty years older. I do not know much about his past, but he was some businessman who made good, resulting in an early retirement, for which he came to Thailand for. Looks aside, well for his age he looked pretty good but that isn't the point, but something clicked for Brenda from the moment they met. All the previous men she had met were all too eager to get her over their laps and whack away at her butt. But Bradley seemed more grounded and took it a notch slower. Their first meeting was at a cafe in Bangkok and they didn't even talk about spankings. It was more of a chit-chat-cum get-to-know-you session. This was at Bradley's request for he felt it be better for them to know each other better first. The first meeting didn't even result in a spanking but Brenda felt a certain connection to Bradley for she felt as if there was at the same time acceptance of her as a person rather than just an object to be spanked. Plus she felt trusting and comfortable, given the fact that he did not attempt to rush her over his knee. Well Brenda herself must have made an impression for a couple of days later, he called and they set up another meeting. This time at another cafe where the conversation was over their interests in spankings and what they were really looking for. Still no spanking took place.

The first spanking took place during their third meeting. Brenda headed over to the hotel that he was staying at, Bradley actually had a beachside homes in one of the beaches in Thailand though I can't remember the city except that it wasn't Bangkok, and it was more of a introductory kinda spanking. For Bradley to see how Brenda reacted to spankings and for Brenda to get a kind of a feel of the spankings that Bradley dished out. Nothing super hard, just spanks with enough strength to give a little sting and redness on her bottom.

Over the next couple of months they met up whenever Bradley was in Bangkok which was about twice a month and the spankings varied in intensity and more of playful fun. They also spent a lot of time talking about their interests and wants. They seemed to hit it off quite well and pretty soon, it was evident that the attraction to each other was mutual. The topic of a relationship came up, not just a couple kind of thing but also a domestic discipline kinda relationship. With their mutual attraction, comfortability and trust, it was not long before Brenda packed her bags in Bangkok and moved to Bradley's beachfront home in the-other-part-of-Thailand which I still cannot remember.

You can say that from there on the spankings took off as their transition into a domestic discipline relationship was rather smooth. Bradley was a retiree with lotsa time to spare and Brenda..........her financial needs were taken care off by Bradley. So hence, it was a 24/7 domestic discipline affair for the both of them.

Bradley experienced as a Dom while in England and although the gentlemen and fair, he was also firm and strict. It was a whole new experience for Brenda, the submitting to Bradley and the punishments which were largely a daily affair. It wasn't that she was resisting it, but more of a whole new experience which was quite overwhelming yet exciting. Brenda never felt so much pain, her bottom was almost constantly at a medium red colour; even if she didn't get any extra punishments, Bradley gave her a morning spanking and evening spanking daily, not the very painful kind but stingy enough for her to feel it. But yet at the same time, she never felt so alive and happy. Though she cried buckets especially during punishment spankings where Bradley introduced the many different implements, she felt protected and care for. Like as if, she did not have to even worry about anything...........she could just let go and submit to Bradley know that he would take care of everything.

Two years had passed and the domestic relationship was going stronger then every............some elements of BDSM had also be mixed into their daily routine. Bradley was seemingly happy and contented, Brenda was too extremely happy and contented.......she could ask for nothing more.


As her happiness increased, so did her guilt that she had kept her past from Bradley. Since embarking on her journey through domestic discipline with Bradley she had been honest about everything with Bradley. Well almost, but she learnt from Bradley, during the few times that she lied and was found out, that a very sore bottom would be waiting for her if she was not honest and truthful. They had both agreed to be totally honest with each other and both mutually put trust as one of the most important factors in their relationship. And so it was understandable how racked with guilt Brenda was with each passing day. She felt like she was in a dilemma..................she wanted to set the record straight and be totally honest with Bradley but yet she was so fearful that Bradley would shun her if he knew about her past. By now she was already so dependant on him and was so happy with the way things were that part of her told her to not “rock the boat” and risk everything.

However, as she thought about it.............she made up her mind, partly because she felt Bradley would accept her and partly because she wanted to know if Bradley would truly accept “her for who he used to be”.

And so the fateful morning that she intended to spill the beans, she got up earlier than usual and went to the porch overlooking the sea for a quiet moment to calm herself and collect her thoughts. She had intended to make the breakfast and tell Bradley as they ate. However, Bradley happened to get up earlier, and seeing that Brenda was not in bed, got out to look for her.

He embraced her from behind as she stood on the porch, which shocked Brenda for she did not see him coming. I guess that shock and her emotions coupled together made it too much to take and Brenda broke down crying. Bradley sensed that something was amiss and tightened his hug in an effort to comfort her. The both of them stood silently in that embrace for a bit until Brenda managed to gain some composure.....following which Bradley led her inside to the kitchen where he sat her down and poured her a cup of coffee. Bradley made the breakfast and there was silence as they ate.

Finally, Brenda could no longer contain herself nor stand the silence. Putting down the fork and knife she looked at Bradley and told him that she had something to say. Bradley put down his utensils and gave her an attentive look. Brenda's heart was pounding with anticipation and apprehension. She wanted to say something else, but Bradley's attentive look made her all the more guilty. So she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and blurted out what she wanted to say (that she was a guy previously and had a sex change op). She kept her eyes closed even after she had finished what she wanted to say, there was silence and then she felt the warmth of Bradley's palms as he reached out and held her hands. Brenda opened her eyes and saw Bradley's warm eyes and smile looking at her. There were a few moments of silence as Brenda tried to figure out if Bradley was smiling to mask his anger or if he truly accepted her. The silence was too much to take as tears welled up in Brenda's eyes.

Then Bradley stood up, lifting her as well, and gave her a tight hug from behind.

“No wonder you've always said you didn't want to have kids.” Bradley whispered into her ear and kissed the side of her cheek.

After a few moments of their embrace, Bradley sat down on one of the chairs and placed Brenda on his lap. He caressed her cheek and brushed her hair from her tear-stained face. As they sat there together, Bradley told her that she didn't have to be worried about him not accepting her past. It was the present that he was focused on and even though she was a guy previously...........that was all in the past. It was a huge relief for Brenda, who until then had been so afraid that she would be shunned by Bradley, as she hugged Bradley tightly...............unable to find any words to describe her happiness that she had found a man who was truly accepting of her. In fact so accepting Bradley was that they spent the rest of the morning talking further about Brenda's past.

It was almost lunch time by then and feeling as if a huge burden had lifted off her shoulders Brenda suggested they go out to town to celebrate.

Almost assuming that Bradley would give a positive reply she got up to clear the table when Bradley reached for her and pulled her on him and said, “Now not so fast...............”

Brenda gave a puzzled look.........

Bradley had a serious look this time as he continued, “Now darling, I am glad that you finally chose to tell me the truth about your past.........but you do know this doesn't change anything right?”

Brenda didn't seem to understand and still gave the puzzled look..........

“Remember what I said you'd get if you kept anything from me again?” Bradley prompted her.

“Oh but darling.......”, Brenda gave her trademark whine, “I told you end of the day didn't I?”

“But how long has it been before you told me?” Bradley questioned back.

And before Brenda could shoot back a reply..........he planted a firm smack on her bottom and said, “Go on.....you know the drill.......you'll do the dishes later.”

Brenda got up quickly and scurried to “her corner” in the hall and stood there. It was a mix of feelings for her..........apprehension for she knew that Bradley had promised her a rather severe punishment the next time she had kept anything from him..........but yet at the same time........she felt a slight happiness within her for, as Bradley had said earlier, her past didn't change anything.

It was a rather severe punishment which drew buckets of tears from Brenda but I shall not put in it this time.......for it doesn't seem to flow here...........plus she really did not elaborate on the exact punishment.


I ♥ Bloggers said...
August 4, 2009 at 3:54 AM  

LOL! What a post.

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Anonymous said...
August 7, 2009 at 1:43 PM  

Hmmz, true. A really different angle in spanking this time haha! Keep it up!

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