Hearing the school belle get caned

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 ·

This is one of the memories that I had, almost witnessing a spanking but rather hearing it, when I was a very young schoolboy.

When I was in Secondary School, Sara was kinda the Belle of my school. (For those who are wondering that's not her real name...........so don't go assuming that you were my schoolmate if your school belle was called Sara as well :), you should know my policy on name privacy by now.) She was a year older and quite the Miss Popular. Needless to say, she was pretty attractive and had numerous suitors. She played on the netball team and was the above average student though not the most exemplary in terms of conduct. She was quite the havoc lass who got into trouble quite often, which did lead to her being spanked quite a number of times by her parents.

How do I know?

Well, her younger brother, Simon, was a chum and classmate of mine. He was quite the good-looker himself with the good grades as well (lucky family they had.....good genes I call it), though he stayed well away from the limelight and took joy in mingling with tight bunch of friends, which of course yours truly was part of. Unlike his sister, although he wasn't exactly considered very well-behaved, but followed the rules and got into less trouble.

Now it wasn't like as if Simon went around publicising that his sister got spanked. It just happened to sort of like pop out one of the days in class. Hmmm how should I describe it..........ok picture this:

It was during one of those moments when there is a change of teachers so the class is empty and the whole bunch of us just start making a lot of noise with our chatter. Then Sara happens to walk past our class and a couple of the guys in my class start wolf-whistling and the envious remarks of the girls in my class can be heard. Brian, Simon and myself were at the end of the classroom sitting in a row (in the order) and Brian gives a teasing remark to Simon about all that attention his sister is getting. And without looking up, he was doodling on his textbook at that moment, Simon just shoots off a comment which went along something like, “Hah if they only knew she got spanked at home.” It wasn't very loud, I think Simon meant to mumble to himself, but it was loud enough for Brian and myself (don't reckon anyone else heard it) and in almost-perfect sync Brian and myself turned towards him eyes wide opened. Simon must have half-regretted mumbling so loud for he put his finger to his lips in a gesture to get us to keep it down. And so we pushed our chairs nearer towards him and pestered for more information. So he explained that well..........his parents were actually pretty strict and believed in the mantra of “spare the rod and spoil the child”. Sara's liking to challenge authority and push the boundaries didn't help either and so, between the two of them.......it was more of a frequent affair (spanking that is) for her than Simon.

After that day.......this topic became a frequent recess topic and joke between the three of us......well mostly Brian and myself while Simon would normally just roll his eyes as if to say “oh no here we go again”. I guess at that time.......the fascination with spanking have already gotten a grip on Brian and myself and also I suppose for Simon (for he did eventually grow up to have a certain fondness for spankings).......it wasn't all that fascinating when it was his sister. But Simon took it in his stride with our endless questions and soon enough he revealed that Sara normally got it worse on meet-the-parents day. Now a bit of history here........during my time in my school at least, during report card of report book day.......your parents would be called down to collect it if they either had immense praise, and wanted to say it to the parents in person, or you were in big trouble and the school had some major complaint about you. If you were in between......they rarely bothered your parents and you collected it yourself from your teachers and brought it back for your parents to sign. Simon's parents had to come down everytime report cards were given out, but never because of him.......it was because of Sara and it was never because of praise but rather of complaints that the teachers felt they needed to personally inform the parents about.

Though not linked but more of coincidence.........soon after this revelation, Brian and myself began to doubt Simon's initial story about Sara getting a good spanking at home. Our doubts were understandable for firstly.........we knew that Simon hardly even got scolded let alone get smacked at home (well now we know that it was because of his follow-the-rules demeanour) and secondly there were previous instances that Brian and myself had talked about our developing interest in spankings. Therefore, the more we thought about it, the more we had this nagging suspicion that Simon had actually intentionally “blurted” this little bit of information out in class that day just out of jest at us. So soon enough, from jokes and discussions about Sara getting spanked, we moved on to the constant questions on whether he had told us all that as joke and whether there was any truth to it. As luck would have had it, and maybe also partly because of Simon's exasperation at our constant disbelief despite him protesting that it was true, report card day had once again come and sticking true to tradition.......Simon's parents had been given a letter (they were sent out a week before the date) once again seeking their presence in school. Thus in a bid to prove that he had not taken us for a ride, and maybe also because he knew that it'd be something we may be interested in doing, he suggested we pop over his place to “hear” it for ourselves. Well we wouldn't actually be able to see the spanking but the walls were paper thin and his room was just next to hers, thus giving us a full “hearing” of the spanking. Of course, the foolish and game schoolboys that we were, Brian and myself readily accepted his offer! The plan was for us to scoot off from school the moment we were let off and “rush” to his place and hide in his room, and wait for Sara and parents to return.

Come report day, we were raring to scoot off from school the moment we arrived and boy did we scoot off once we were let off, we even packed lunch from the coffeeshop to eat in his room just in case. We hid our shoes deep in the shoe cupboard so that it would appear as if only Brian was at home. We could have taken our time for it was only at 3pm that we heard the sound of them returning. It must have happened so many times for Simon seemed to give an accurate pre-narration of what was to happen. As we peered from the window, we could see (and hear) Simon's mother scolding and rattling on and on at Sara, and then Simon exclaimed that it must have been pretty bad for this time Sara seemed to have a rather concerned (or fearful) look on her face and normally she would have this could-care-less look with her arms crossed in defiance as her mother rattled on and on. In addition, Simon noticed that his father had a more cross then normal look this time compared to all the previous visits to school. As they entered the house, we heard a loud “Go to your room and wait for me” from his mother and then silence, which was quickly followed with hurried footsteps up the stairs and the closing of Sara's room door.

About 15 minutes later we could hear more footsteps and Simon's mother's voice rattling on and on to his father as they walked up the stairs. And then we heard her enter Sara's room, which was followed by the sound of Sara's mother scolding her. As we pressed our ears against the dividing wall, we could her mother chastising Sara verbally for at least a good 20 minutes, though from what ever was said we could not really make out what the whole issue was. Then there was a shuffling of chairs or feet, we could not make out, and then the sounds of spanking started. It was only for a couple of minutes and then we heard Simon's mother exclaim in a loud voice, “Since when did you start wearing thongs to school?” Followed by a flurry of spanks, which only lasted for a bit and Simon's mother went “take off that skirt!”. The spanks continued for a bit more and then it stopped and we heard Simon's mother go, “I think this isn't having any effect.” and we heard her go out of the room and return a couple minutes later. As she entered the room this time we heard Sara go, “No mom please....” But the rest of her words were cut off by her mother saying, “Now shut up, I am going to make sure you learn your lesson this time! Now kneel down here.”

“It must be the cane, mom almost never uses it.” Simon whispered to us.

We heard the stroke of the cane land a few times on Sara's bottom, which drew cries from her each time as well as pleas towards her mom. Then there was a sound as if a stack of papers had been dropped on the floor as Simon's mother could be heard saying, “What were you thinking cheating during your test?” Which was followed by some more strokes of the cane. And then, amidst the cries of Sara, we also heard her mother say, “And aren't you ashamed of yourself, doing those things with that boy in school!” as she continued to land stroke after stroke of the cane on Sara's bottom despite Sara's pleas and cries. She must have been moving her hands to try and cover her bottom for we kept hearing her mother say “Move your hands away!” until, I guess her mom must have been irritated with her repeatedly trying to cover her bottom with her hands on her head, for she said, “Put those hands on your head.......do it now or I'll get Daddy to take over!” The strokes continued somemore, Brian who was trying to keep count gave up by then, together with the continued verbal chastisement and of course cries from Sara each time the stroke landed. And at the end, we heard Simon's mother say, “Six more to go.” To which we heard Sara reply, “Mom please, I can't take anymore.” Well of course her mother would have none of it and landed six harder ones, I assume for Sara's cries were louder with each stroke. And then we heard Sara's mother go, “Kneel here until I say you can get up.” and we heard her leave the room.

We left shortly after, Sara didn't know till much later that we were at the house that day, though the parents did see us leave they acted as if nothing happened.

The next day school, I guess Brian and myself both saw Sara in a different light and grinned to ourselves when we saw her sit down gingerly in the canteen. Simon told us that his mother had blown her top this time because apparently the teachers had complained that she had cheated in one of the tests, and threatened to expel her, plus she had been caught with a boy hanky-pankying in the AVA theaterette (do they still have those in Singapore schools?).

So there you have it............as a young impressionable schoolboy.........I heard for myself, the belle of my school, the envy of so many students, getting a caning from her mother. Was an experience then I must say.


Anonymous said...
September 5, 2009 at 9:23 AM  

I really have to say that this story really turned me on. Just thinking about how it relates to SG girls and how it must have felt... Damn....

Spanking Photo Blog said...
September 8, 2009 at 1:26 AM  

Very nice story. best Regards!

Anonymous said...
November 10, 2009 at 7:43 AM  

Nice story. Would love this to have happened to the belle of my school, who was a real bith and very deserving of a dose of the cane.

By the way, how old was Sara at the time?

Once Sara knew that you had been at at the house during her caning, did she seem at all sheepish or embaressed whenever she saw you? Did Simon keep you updated on any subsequent spankings?

Spank-A-Lot said...
November 10, 2009 at 3:37 PM  

Anony 1: :) glad you like it!

SPB: Thanks! Do stay around!

Anony 2: Hey I sure there were many bitches who needed their arses whopped. Hmmm....I was around 14 or 15 at that time so she had to be about 15 or 16. Hmmm.....to be honest everyone just pretended like it didn't happen.....and Simon did update us......well that is another story for another time :)

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