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Sunday, August 9, 2009 ·

Dear readers, once again another reader has submitted one of their real life spanking some of you may find that the English is not be very good thus not a terribly easy read but hey its a sincere real story from one of you, so acknowledge the effort alright?

I just copied and pasted the email wholesale so everything below this is it:


Hi, I just happen to see your blog and decided to share my story. Maybe because this is a secret that I have and I keep inside me for so long and cannot share with much people.

I am a daddy's girl to a foreign man who comes to Singapore once a month. He owns business I think and comes to Singapore once a month and stays two weeks each time. So about half the month he is in Singapore.

He is my daddy because that I what I call him according to him.

I first met him when I was 17 years old. I was working at KTV but I won't say which one here. He was a regular customer and everytime he come he will ask for me. After some time of him coming I know that he like me because sometimes he will come alone and book me. He will book me for overnight and we will go to hotels. But daddy don't only want to have sex with me. Everytime we go to hotels he will like to do more than just sex. He likes to treat me like a slave. He will spank me with his hands, tie me up, etc.....The first time he did that, I actually was quite afraid because did not know if he was some pervert who may kill me. But I realised that he was not, and the tips he gave was very good, so everytime he book me and go hotel room I let him do what he wants. Whatever he ask me to do I will do.

Then one day instead of going to hotel, he brought me to this very nice penthouse. He told me that he just bought the place not long. Then he ask if I wanted to stay here. At that time I knew that this meant, because before this one of my sister in the KTV also got such an offer and she take. Simple words, he asked me to be his mistress. But he said that it was like a sugar daddy, so thats why i call him daddy. At first I don believe that he offer such a thing, but then when I realise that he was serious of couse I take. But first I ask him if there was any conditions. He say that cannot bring anyone up here, must quit my KTV job and no matter what when he is in Singapore my time is his and as long as I stay in the house I am his. But in return he give me money, a credit card and let me stay here. He even got this agreement for me to sign. Actually at that time I also wanted to shift out of my house already because I on bad terms with my family. And plus my father girlfriend threat to throw me out of the house. So since got daddy just nice offer this, I take lor. The next day, I go home take my things and shift in already. Now stay almost coming four years already.

Whenever daddy is not in Singapore, I will meet my sisters from the KTV lor. Some of them also like me, now no longer working there but stay in house or condo of their daddy. This kind of thing, other people won't understand so we meet up with each other only.

When daddy is in Singapore, then like agree, I totally no plans and totally daddy's. But because he in Singapore also have to work, so when he work, I must wait for him at home. And then whenever he is at home, I will be his slave. He do whatever he wants to do with me and whatever he ask me to do, I will do. Even what I wear also most of the time is decide by him. Even if sometimes he want me naked then I will be naked. But most of the time when he is at home I will wear just a t shirt and g string only. Bra and shorts never wear. Actually this was not a rule one but one of the times I surprise him by wearing like that when he came back to singapore, then he said he liked it so said next time whenever he is in singapore ask me to wear like that.

Since your blog about spanking I won talk about the sex part.

Daddy likes to spank me a lot. Whenever he come back to Singapore for the first time once he come home he sure spank me. He will sit on the chair and then I go over his lap and he will spank me. It is always not very long, only a few minutes. Last time before I only wear the g string, I always try to ask if he can don spank me first because its pain. But after sometime I realise that it can sometimes feel quite good and now in fact I miss it when he is not in Singapore. So now everytime he come back I automatic go over his lap once he sit down for him to spank me.

Most of the times when he comes back he will bring a new thing that he will spank me with. Sometimes it is different shape wooden board or canes or ruler or those that look like leather belts.

So once he is in the house I am like his slave. Where he go I will follow. And whatever he tells me to do I will do. Like sometimes doing something halfway he will ask me go and choose one toy from the cupboard, then I must go and choose one for him to spank me with. And each time cannot be the same toy. Then depend on what toy I choose he will ask me to stand in different positions for him to spank me. So the whole day sometimes he will spank me many times.

He also likes to play certain games. Sometimes he will tie me up and leave me in that position. He will tie many different ways but always my backside is exposed. So he will sit nearby and on and off he will use something to spank me a few times. Or another thing he does sometimes is to make me stand/kneel/squat in certain positions and if I move he will spank me. A lot of other different games also he will play.

Daddy also likes to show me off. Sometimes he will bring his friends over. Then when they sit around and drink or talk I will always sit on daddy's lap and he will keep slapping my backside on and off. Sometimes daddy will spank me for them to see or he will let them spank me. They will play games. They will throw a few dice and the biggest one will get to spank me the number of spanks that his dice say. Sometimes I am like a display piece. Daddy will tie me up in some position with my backside exposed and then he will put some of the toys next to me. And then when his friends come they can take a toy to spank my backside. But daddy makes sure they are not too much and protects me. Also I am never naked in front of his friends and I never have sex with them. That one only daddy can see and do.

All the spankings I have mention so far are mostly for daddy's pleasure so it is never too painful. Pain but still can bear and never until I cry.

But there are some spankings which daddy says are to punish me. And those spankings are all the time very painful and I for sure will cry one. Also he has this special cupboard and inside he keeps a set of toys that are only used when he wants to punish me.

Because I am quite obedient to Daddy he does not need to punish me that much but when he does it is extremely painful.

The first time he punished me was during the first few times that his friends came. One of his friends brought this girl whom I feel was showing attitude. So I kept staring at her and then quarrelled with her and pushed her almost fight with her. Daddy was quite embarrass and angry with me. He said that although maybe the girl really got problem but i still must give a bit of face because is his friends guest. So after they left daddy tied me up and he use the cane and ruler and whip to spank me until i was crying and beg him to stop. He even whip my breast and thighs. Even when i keep apologising he still say that I must be punished. I know that he was angry and also it was partly my fault so i accept the punishment but it was very painful. More painful was the next few days he still spank me for his pleasure but because after he punish me already pain the pleasure spanking also very pain. But i learn my lesson and never embarrass him again in front of his friends.

There was another time when Daddy punished me quite badly. There happened to be this guy whom was an ex boyfriend of mine. He was still trying to chase me and so he would always ask me out for coffee or meal. Daddy has seen him before and actually told me to stay away from me. I promised Daddy. But that time he said he had something important to tell me so I went to meet him. But somehow I think Daddy assistant saw me and told him. Then Daddy test me and call me to ask what I was doing. I though he just call like normal so I lie and said I was with my sisters. Then after he hang up he sent me an mms with the photo of me and the guy. And then another sms saying that i go home straight away and call me. I knew he would be very angry so I hurry go home and when i call him he started to scold me. Of course I got nothing to say so I keep saying sorry. Then he ask me how? And I said he will punish me when he comes back to Singapore. But he say he was very angry and he only come back in two weeks time so he said before he come back he will get a friend to settle with me first. Next day his friend who was a lady came over and said Daddy ask her to come. Then she called Daddy and passed the phone to me. Daddy ask me to take off my clothes and open the special cupboard for the lady so she could use the toy to punish me. I beg Daddy to not do this but he said that I had broken my promise so must be taught a lesson. Then as she punish me she put the phone on speaker phone so that Daddy could hear me being punished and crying. The lady was quite expert in using the toys and it was very very painful punsihment. The last part she even make me hold the phone and say sorry each time she spank me with the cane. The next week, the lady appear again and say that Daddy ask her to come again. Again the same thing she punish me while Daddy was on speakerphone. But this time after the punishment Daddy say that the two punishment was only warm up and when he come back he will punish me even worse. So when he come back to Singapore that time once he come into the house I run to him and hug him kiss him and apologise. I hope that like that he would not punish me that worse. But Daddy said I had to learn my lesson. And somemore he brought back two more toys to add to the special cupboard. Normally he would only use a few toys from the special cupboard to punish me. But this time he use all the toys also the two new one to spank me. That night he really punish me very worse than before. Somemore everyday after that he will use one toy from the special cupboard to punish me again. And everyday I beg him and apologise and only on the second week he say that he thinks I learn my lesson and then didnt punish me already. But he still spank me for his pleasure still but it was better than being punish.

Still got a few more other times but that was the worse punishment daddy give me and all together I think Daddy only punish me less than ten times for all the years because I try my best to make him happy.

Recently Daddy say that he may come to Singapore for good.

Anyway that is all that I have to say. One thing is please don put my name in the blog.


Anonymous said...
August 12, 2009 at 1:28 AM  

Wow, updates getting more frequent. Thats a happy and good thing! thank you for your work.

Spank-A-Lot said...
August 12, 2009 at 5:02 PM  

Hey thanks! I am trying. Thanks for sticking around.

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