A spanking punishment without a word spoken

Thursday, July 9, 2009 ·

When it comes to spankings and punishments in a domestic relationship, sometimes a common understanding develops between the Top and Bottom. So much so that from the start till the end, no word is spoken. The Bottom knows which punishment and which implement is to come next. Like in the case of a couple I know, Max who was an expatriate working in Singapore, and Francesca who was Max’s Filipina live-in girlfriend as well as Bottom. The below happened some years ago during the world cup season.

A couple of the guys were over at Max’s place just chilling out, chit-chatting as we were waiting for the soccer game to begin. The game had barely begun when Max received a call on his handphone and it didn’t seem to be good news for he looked visibly agitated when he hung up. Following which he stood up and casually announced that he had to go out for a while to settle something. He didn’t give any further explanations, but although we were puzzled, I guess we were all too engrossed in the game to give it much thought.

As luck would have had it, just as the half-time whistle had been blown, Max walked back in with Francesca in tow. I guess the whole bunch of us notice the more-serious-than-usual look in Max’s face and therefore instead of the “You just missed a helluva first half” ribbing, everyone gave the usual silent acknowledgement of their presence with a slight raise of our heads.

“Wash up before we settle this here!”, Max told Francesca in a rather cold tone as he motioned towards the bedroom.

Now Richie, Max’s brother, sort of knew what was to be expected soon for as Max walked towards the bunch of us he asked him, “Over here?” To which Max nodded and Richie got up from his seat, which was against the wall and adjacent to the television, and took a seat next to me. I gave Richie a puzzled look as Max took the seat which Richie had been occupying initially, to which Richie whispered, “Oh you’ll see soon.”

The second half had already begun as Francesca walked toward the living room dressed in a tank top and matching coloured boyshorts.

As she walked closer towards Max, he moved himself forward a little and straigten himself as, without a word, Francesca went over his knee. No words were spoken at all, as Max started spanking her. Slowly at first for about a minute or two, and then he sped up the spanks and up the strength a notch. It was have been the umpteenth time that Francesca had gotten a spanking from Max for apart for the occasional deeper breaths, she kept her head looking straight ahead and did not even wiggle. After another few minutes of that, Max paused briefly to lower her boyshorts, during which I am sure all of us turned our head in unison to check out the redness, before to resumed with the handspanks. Once again he started spanking at a slower pace but after a minute or so, upped the intensity a notch in both speed and strength. This time, as the spanks were on her bare bottom, we could hear Francesca sniffling and the occasional soft “Ow” but apart from that, she kept her head faced forward and did not wiggle.

After yet another few minutes of handspanking Max paused for about a minute before he gave Francesca’s bottom two quick spanks, one of each cheek. It was a sort of signal, for as soon as Max gave those two spanks, Francesca quickly got up and knelt facing the wall beside Max’s chair with her hands crossed behind her back and her bottom pushed out slightly.

As I noticed the timer of the game, it must have been about ten minutes when Max turned slightly and gave Francesca a spank. Francesca then got up, pulled up her boyshorts and disappeared towards the room and returned shortly with a plastic ruler and a hairbrush. She handed them to Max and knelt down adjacent to Max with one of her arms stretched out, palm facing up, in front of Max. He took the ruler and proceeded to give ten stinging spanks Francesca’s palms in quick succession. Once over, Max held the ruler up in a brief pause as Francesca lower the arm and raised the other in the same position. Ten spanks were given too this palm in the similar fashion.

Immediately after the last spank had landed on her palm, Francesca got up, lowered her boyshorts and went over Max’s knee once more. Ten quick strokes were given with the ruler on her bottom which left angry red marks and drew wiggles from her legs and slightly louder cries. After pausing for a minute of two, Max commenced with the hairbrush and gave ten hard spanks with it on each butt cheek, twenty in all, which left reddish ovals on her bottom. By this time, we could hear soft sobs from Francesca as her head buckled backwards and her legs kick everytime the hairbrush landed. After the hairbrushing, Max once again gave her a minute or two to catch her composure before he gave two quick spanks on her bottom with his hands to which Francesca got up and assumed the same position on her knees beside Max.

There must have been about ten minutes or so left to the game and once the game finished, Max once again gave Francesca’s bottom one quick spank. To this Francesca quickly got up and walked towards the dining room table.

From the vase beside the table, she retrieved a long cane. Francesca then removed her boyshorts completely and bent over the table as she positioned the cane upright between her butt cheeks.

Max left her there for another couple of minutes and watched the post-game commentaries. After a while, he got up and walked towards her and took the cane in his hand.

He gave the cane a few swishes in the air and then proceeded with the first stroke to which Francesca’s head buckled up and she let out a cry in pain. Max paused for a while as if waiting for something, and then when nothing happened, he took his hand and gave a flurry of spanks to her thighs. Francesca wiggled her legs as she cried out a “Sorry Sir.”

It seemed she had forgotten to count for after the next stroke landed, Francesca let out a cry which was quickly followed with, “1 Thank you Sir, I will not steal again.”

This continued for twenty strokes and the cries got louder with each stroke but Francesca still maintained her position.

After the caning, Max returned the cane to the position between Francesca’s butt cheeks and left her in that position.

Francesca was still in that position when we left the place about an hour or two later.

It was the first time that I had met Max, and as we got to know each other better I soon learnt that Max and Francesca had been in a domestic relationship for almost ten years. And over the years they have come to a form of common understanding which left the need for no words during the punishments. I was to see this in many other punishments that Francesca received.


Dante d'Amore said...
July 13, 2009 at 4:08 AM  

Good one.

Anonymous said...
July 14, 2009 at 2:14 AM  

Lovely. Thank you for another story.

Stanley said...
July 22, 2009 at 2:08 AM  

Is this for real?? Not that I doubt you but its just hard for me to believe something like that could happen. But interesting story nontheless....

Spank-A-Lot said...
July 23, 2009 at 1:03 AM  

Dante> Thanks!

Anonymous> Thanks for being a loyal reader!

Stanley> Yeah its all true. Though I can understand that its hard to believe. It's not a common occurrence.....doesn't happen everyday.

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