Reader's submission: Young Fiancee Punished

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 ·

Dear readers,
  Here is another story that one of you have sent me.  I thank you for sharing.  For those who do not know the drill, occasionally readers of mine send me stories of their own real life spankapades.......I put them on my blog with their permission of course.  The writing may be a little different from mine as I do not edit them but rather paste them wholesale.


I am a 21 year old Singaporean girl and recently moved to the UK with my fiance who was posted back here.  I have been with my fiance ever since I was 17 and being Brit, he doesn't hesitate to give me bottom a good thrashing if I need one.  I can be quite demanding and hard to handle sometimes, but being 14 years older than me, I guess my fiance has the experience in handling girls like me.  When we first got together he told me straight in the face that he would spank me if I needed it.  I guess I thought he was joking, but soon I learnt he wasn't.  It was only our first month together and he had met me after school for lunch.  We were supposed to catch a movie but he had to return back to office and so we could not watch the movie.  But when he went to buy food I used his phone to sms his boss to say that he was sick and would not return to office.  His boss belived my sms but he wasn't very amused.  And so he brought me to his apartment which was nearby and gave me a rather good bare bottom spanking.  I also learnt that year that he was not one to shy from spanking me in front of others.  It was the last day of the school year and I had asked him if I could use his place for a mini party with a group of my girls after school.  He was going to be at work anyway.  I guess we got a little out of hand with our party as we blasted the music a little loud.  And then in my excitement I forgot that he had warned against touching his liquor cabinet and I took a bottle of his vodka out.  It was the first time anyone of us had drunk any alcohol and so soon the five of us got a little high and more rowdy as we began squeeling and screaming at the top of our voices with the loud music and we even threw toilet paper rolls out of the window into the trees below.  I think someone must have complained because the security guard of the condo called my fiance who rushed back.  He wasn't very please with what he saw and turned off the hi-fi the moment he came in.  The five of us were shocked to see him suddenly appear and he began scolding us, well me mostly.  Partly because of the alcohol I decided to talk back to him even though it was really our fault and so he decided there and then that he was going to spank me in front of my friends.  But I refused when he told me to remove my skirt and go over his lap.  However when he took out the ruler from the coffee table and warned that he would take the cane too if he had to force me over his lap I quickly did as I was told.  It was embarrassing having to remove my skirt and go over his lap in front of my friends, but by the time he pulled down my panties the embarrassment was far from my mind as my bottom was on fire as he spanked my bare bottom.  After the girls had left, I had to clean up his place bare bottomed and had to bend over after that as he smacked my bottom with his ruler twenty times.  Over here in the UK we live in a rather close knit community where everybody knows every everybody and yes unfortunately I'm pretty sure almost everybody knows that my fiance spanks me.  Likewise, he has already spanked me previously infront of my friends and he doesn't hesitate to spank me infront of his.  But its only the handspankings though.  My fiance feels he needn't put others through having to watch me being caned.   Its a good thing too as he is quite an expert with the cane and I am normally screaming and begging when he canes me. 


Anonymous said...
August 10, 2011 at 10:39 AM  

Love the real life stories like this one, for example.

With an older British guy and a younger Singaporean girl, is there some hint of colonial domination going on I wonder. Not that that would be taboo, just an interesting additional dynamic to the relationship.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

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