Joe witnesses his father spank his girlfriend

Monday, December 19, 2011 ·

Now Dear Readers, there are a select few of people in my social circle who are largely vanillas but do know of my spanko antics.  Why? Well for various reasons, some just happened to find out and some were really close friends to begin with.  Why are they still vanilla? Well some just did not have that inclination and some (in my personal opinion) just haven't had the courage to embrace that inner spanko in them.  So anyway Joe is a vanilla friend who surprising shared this real life spanking story with me. 

Joe was about 27 when this happened......

After Joe had finished his national service at the age of 21, he had gone overseas for his University studies.  After he graduated, a company that he had interned with while he was studying offered him a job and so he stayed on overseas only returning occasionally for short holidays to catch up with his father and his older sister (his mother had passed away when he was in Junior College).

So during the year that he turned 27, his sister gave him a call and she sounded a little upset.  It turned out that their father was in a relationship with a much younger girl.  He had actually been in the relationship for a little over two years but his sister had not told him about it (apparently his father did not mention it either during the weekly calls that he made home) as she reckoned that their father was probably just going through a phase.  Joe had also not been back for that past two years as he was just starting in his new job and wanted to focus on it.  Well a little background......Joe's father was self-made man, a businessman who was rather successful.  So successful that at the age of 55, he was in semi-retirement mode.  Coincidentally, that was the year that Joe turned 25 and had graduated plus found a job.  He elder sister (older by two years) had already gotten married and so Joe's father had no financial burdens  or dependants. Even the landed property, which he unfortunately by now stayed alone in with the maid of course, was fully paid for.  Therefore Joe's father decided to scale back his involvement in his business and take life at a slower pace.  So at that time Joe's sister reckoned that their father's relationship with this much younger girl was probably due to an empty nest syndrome. However when the girl moved in with him, Joe's sister was incensed.  She felt that the girl was probably trying to make use of their father and his money.  Also Joe's sister, refused to visit their father's home after that.  She then made the decision to tell Joe about it, firstly because she thought Joe would somehow be able to “talk some sense” into their father but also because the girl that their father was dating was Alice........she was (and Joe said he almost dropped the phone when his sister told him this) Joe's classmate in Secondary School and Junior College.  (Oh and for those who were wondering......this was before the facebook explosion and no.......Joe was not on friendster or myspace either.) 

So anyway the time seemed right, Joe had finally finished his “rookie” phase at work and was actually considering taking a three-week holiday back to Singapore to see his family before his sis had called him with the news about their dad.  And with the new revelation about his father, Joe reckoned it was probably a sign that he had been away from home for a little too long.  So he called his father to inform him about his plans to return for a holiday and just as his father went “Oh yeah by the way...” Joe told him that he already knew as his sis had called a couple of weeks earlier to let him know. 

The fateful day came and Joe was greeted with warm smiles at the airport by his father and sis.  Alice was not there as his father had reckoned that it be best that the three of them (Joe, his sis and father) had a little homecoming of their own first.  Lunch was pleasant and no one talked about Alice, but there was a little awkward tension after lunch when their father asked whether Joe's sis would like to come over.  Joe's sis however declined. 

Alice was at home when Joe and his father returned.  Joe found it a little awkward at first, finally seeing his old classmate after so long but now as his father's girlfriend.  But as he was a little beat from the flight, he retreated to his room and drifted into a deep sleep.  He awoke later that evening and braced himself as he walked down the stairs to the living room to go for dinner with his father and Alice.  The conversations kept flowing during dinner and the awkwardness seemed to fade but it soon returned when Joe's father stepped away to answer a phone call.  To stifle the awkward feeling he had, and to avoid any silence which would have made his awkward feeling worse, Joe tried to engage in a cordial conversation with Alice, but it was hard for all Joe really wanted to ask her was “What was she doing with her father”.  He had known Alice since they were 13 and she never once had come across as the type to find an older guy for money.  Plus he knew that she was a nice girl.  But it made things worse for him internally for this meant he could not come up with a good enough reason as to why Alice was together with her father.  To be fair, Joe's father aged pretty well, he looked younger than his actual age and cut a trim figure largely due to his active & healthy lifestyle.  But still, he felt that would not be enough to get Alice hooked on him.  This mental frustration and awkward feeling must have shown on his face for out of the blue Alice told him that she could sense that Joe suspected her intentions for being with his father.  She reassured him that her feelings for his father were genuine and in no way was she thinking for taking advantage of his father nor was she with him because he was loaded.  Joe kept silent for a bit and when he found his voice, the only thing he managed to ask her was “How can I be so sure that you are telling the truth?”.  To which Alice replied that even if she wanted to  take advantage of him, his father would pretty well make sure she would not.  She added that his father was not as “weak and foolish” as he and his sis reckoned.  Puzzled by that, Joe was about to ask her what she really meant by that but his father returned to the table and as if by some magical flick of a switch, the conversation switched back to the frivolous and cordial exchanges that had taken place before his father had left the table. 

The next night, Joe found himself alone in his room doing a little reading when he heard the sound of his father's car pulling up at the drive way of their home.  Joe's father and Alice had gone for a function of Joe's father's business associate.  As they entered the house Joe heard the muffled sound of a little argument taking place.  He ignored it at first, returning his attention to his book, but he noticed that after a while the argument seemed to be more of his father raising his voice and scolding someone, either the maid or Alice he reckoned.  But then after while he noticed that amidst the raised voice of his father were the sounds of “drumbeats” (yes that was what Joe said when he related this to me, caught me off guard for a moment, he reckoned that he thought his father had banged the table with his hand in anger) followed by the occasional yelp.  Unsure of what to make out of that funny array of noises, Joe was intrigued and made his way down to check it out.  As he neared the stairs and as he made his way down, the voices got clearer.  He recognised the angry voice as that of his father's, scolding something about disrespect, and the more meek voice as that of Alice, whose voice was now clearer and amidst the yelps & ows were “I'm Sorry” and “Please stop”.  But he still could not figure out what the “drumbeats were”. (Just so you know, I was chuckling by this time when Joe told me the story.)  So down the stairs he went and the moment he turned the corner reached the doorway of the living room he froze, eyes widened.  There in the living room, was his father sitting on the sofa with Alice over his lap, tights down at her knees, she was bare bottomed and his father was spanking her.  With her already-pinkish-fast-becoming-red bare bottom bearing the brunt of Joe's father's spanks, she was too busy apologising and pleading with him to notice Joe.  His father however noticed him, during a momentarily pause in his dishing out of the spanking as he looked up, but did not acknowledge his presence and went straight back to spanking Alice.  Joe stood there frozen.......(he kinda lost all track of time but as he thought back he felt it must have been 5 mins max though it felt as if time stood still at that time) watching his father land handspank after handspank onto Alice's bottom as she cried and pleaded to no avail.  When he was done, Joe's father told simply told Alice “in the corner” and she quickly got up to the corner behind the sofa, stuck her bottom out and put her hands on her head.  Joe's father then turned his attention to Joe, who was still frozen in his spot.  Breaking into his usual smile, he said, “I'm sorry Joe did we disturb your sleep?” As he looked at his father he noticed that behind him, facing the corner Alice visibly stiffened when his father had addressed him but she did not move from her spot.  Joe's mind was blank and he could barely answer his father.  His father must have sensed this for he gave a little chuckle and told Joe that he must have a lot of questions but it was late and he was “not quite done yet”, so he told Joe to rest for the night and he would explain it in the morning during breakfast. 

Back in his room Joe tossed and turned, unable to comprehend what he just witnessed.  Largely because his father never laid a hand on his sis or him, nor did he ever see him beat his mother when she was still alive.  He could not remember what time he finally fell asleep but to him it seemed only for a matter of minutes before he heard the knock on his door as the helper informed him that breakfast was ready.

Stumbling down the stairs....Joe wondered if it had all be a dream.....not sure if the events he had witnessed the night before had really taken place.  But as he walked towards the garden to join his father and Alice for breakfast....the slight embarrassed look on Alice's face hinted to Joe that it was not a dream.  Joe's father and Alice were already finishing up their breakfast when he joined them at the table.  Joe's father probably sensed from the uncomfortable silence following the morning greetings from Joe was due to the previous night events.  Thus he casually began talking about it.  In his usual direct and open fashion, Joe's father explained to Joe that what he witnessed last night was simply an "agreement" that he and Alice had in their relationship.  It was a domestic discipline relationship that they had.  And as his father spoke, Joe learned how Alice and his father had met.  She had been working in Joe's father's company and for a period of time had reported directly to Joe's father.  Apparently it was there that the spankings had begun.  It soon dawned upon Joe that his and his sister's fears that father was a silly old man being conned by a young lady was actually very much the opposite and their father was still very much in control.  

Now the only problem was how to tell his be honest.........he never did...........he merely told his sister that based on what he had experienced during his was unlikely that their father would be conned and Alice was by no means a money-grabbing lady.  He never knew if his sister ever found out about their father's spanking activities but he reckons that she should have for a few months later his sister somehow developed an acceptance to Alice as their father's girlfriend and even paid regular visits to their home.  But Joe has never talked to her about it.


Anonymous said...
December 20, 2011 at 1:22 AM  

Another great story. It seems to be often the good girls who go for this sort of thing don't you think? Or do bad girls like to be spanked too? Maybe it's just more surprising with the good girls.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Anonymous said...
December 21, 2011 at 10:44 AM  

Good story, but what I wonder is it saying? "If she lets him spank her, it's true love"? Or "If she's a spanko, she won't mind if he doesn't leave her anything in his will"? Or what?

And what happened eventually? Was she still with him when she was in her 40s and he was in his 70s?

Spank-A-Lot said...
December 23, 2011 at 10:52 AM  

Karl: Thanks for your kind words once again. Hmmm I guess its true that its probably more surprising with the good girls though I'm pretty sure a helluva ton of bad girls love a good 'ol spanking as well!!

Anonymous: I guess its a matter of a good fit for each of their needs....a connection made on a diff level....unfortunately....he didn't make it till 70....passed away last for her...she has been rather depressed and lost....taken some time to grief and meditate....he left her some money though with the blessing of Joe and his sis...

Anonymous said...
August 15, 2013 at 2:27 PM  

There is an alternative to Alice being either a gold digger or a spanko. Several years ago, a woman young enough to have been my granddaughter frankly confessed that she needed to be put over an older man's knee and soundly spanked. She didn't want to be spanked so much as knew she needed to be retrained. Her mother raised her to disrespect men. In turn, this was proving to be a liability to her career as well as her social life. Now, she wanted to be retrained. She also knew from firsthand experience that getting spanked was very effective in changing how a girl thinks about things. Thus, as much as anything, Alice could have been looking for a father and found one willing to give her what she missed growing up. While an abridged discussion along the same lines precedes Elvis Presley spanking Jenny Maxwell in the movie Blue Hawaii, a whole movie could be devoted to a young woman's need to finally being soundly spanked by a man.

mk said...
July 16, 2016 at 4:01 PM  

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