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Wednesday, August 3, 2011 ·

Hey dear readers, its funny how many times in a relationship many of us miss certain opportune times to initiate a spanking with a vanilla.  These opportune times present themselves in rather subtle ways most of the time and looking back, I have on many occasions missed such opportune circumstances.  Nevertheless, there have been times that I caught that opportune time and it led to a spanktastic time. The following story is one of them.  Enjoy.........

This was another girl I dated while studying......let's call her B.  So during my time together with B, we spend a lot of time at her place after school and for two good reasons......1) Her parents worked till like 9plus 10 and (2) she stayed like 300m away from our school.  And like many of the vanilla girls I dated, I had given a quick spank or two to her bottom every now and then in playful jest and also to “test the market” for how receptive to a spanking they were.  Now B was one of those where a gut feeling told me that she would be for she always gave a giggle and a half-hearted-pretend-annoyed “tsk” whenever I swatted her bottom for fun.  That being said, during the times that I had tried to put her over my lap she always struggled away though she never got annoyed but rather struggled away giggling.  But not being one to force things and at that time, I was still rather inexperienced and did not have the courage either to tell a girl in her face that she need to be spanked (I finally mustered that courage with another girl but that's a story for another time) so things went on for a few months with lots of sex happening but almost zilch in the spanking department less for the occasional playful spank I gave to her cute bottom. 

But as always, good things come to he who waits, or in my case.......waits for the right opportunity.  Which before I begin to explain here, I must say I never knew what really caused her to say what she did (you will understand as you read on)....

So it was one of those days as usual where we were at her place after school and we were just mucking around in bed and had finished a second round of sex.  We were in the midst of a playful wrestle cum tickling match when she swung her hand a little to excitedly and it result in her hand landing a slap to my cheek and the continued motion of her hand led her two fingers to jab my eye.  My natural reaction was to stumble back and cup my eye while she, also startled, began apologising profusely and in her apology I heard the words.....”I'm sorry punish me....”  I literally froze for a few seconds and opened my eyes to see her lying face down on the bed as if waiting in anticipation (we were both naked at that time).  Now at that time, as I looked at her in that rather submissive position and that cute apologetic face of hers, the first thing one my mind was to go “It's alright was an accident”.  But just as I was about to mouth those words, I held them back and once again a spanko idea came to mind.......

I placed my hand on her bare bottom and gave a sharp spank to one of her bum cheeks......just to “test the market” once again.  She gave a cute little wince........I gave another sharp spank to the other bum cheek and this time she wince and then.......half breathed a “I'm sorry baby......”  My heart literally skipped a beat as my eyes brightened up......I cleared my throat and began on a more steady tempo of spanks which drew more gasps and sorrys.......and I guess as part of a natural reaction she tried to put her hand back but I folded them behind her and held them there as I told her not to move and continued spanking away.

Now before anyone of you starts sending me hate comments for taking advantage and spanking a poor little girls for such a trivial matter......bear with me......for my spanko idea wasn't just to spank her for such a trivial read on......

By now.....I would have given about twenty to thirty spanks and I stopped tempo to rub her bottom and give the occasional spank.....I had by then already let go of her arms which were folded back and she was not holding on to the pillow in front of her.  And as I rubbed her bottom......I casually asked her why I was spanking her, to which she replied was for slapping me and poking me in the eye.  And so I asked again that since it was an accident why did she asked to be spanked.  And she said that although it was an accident she still ended up causing me pain.  So this time I pushed it further and asked if she felt she deserved it.  And she nodded this time.  My plan was moving along just fine and so it was time for the finale......I then asked her that since she felt that she needed to be “punished” for something accidental......shouldn't she be punished too for the tantrum she threw earlier?

Alright a little explanation here......earlier on in the day, B had finished her classes at about 12pm.  But I had a few more classes which would have lasted till 3-ish or 4pm.  However, B reckoned that I should just skip the class and when I refused, she threw a missy fit and unfortunately I relented because largely we were in public and I found it embarrassing especially since people were beginning to turn their heads towards our direction due to her increasing voice.  So dear readers......of course I wasn't just going to spank dear cute little B for accidentally slapping my face and jabbing my eye.....but it was to lead to a more proper spanking for the tantrum she had earlier thrown.

Back to the earlier para.....

So she gave a little whine and was adorable....but I digress.  I gave a harder spank to her bottom and ask again.  This time she nodded.  And I threw another question....this time asking her if she felt throwing that tantrum was worse than accidentally slapping me in the face.  And when she nodded and gave another question this time asking if so then shouldn't the spanking for throwing a tantrum be harder?  She gave her cute whine and pout again.....looking at me this time with her puppy dog eyes as if pleading.  But another sharp spank to her bottom did the trick as she quickly nodded.  Pushing it further I asked her to “ask” to be punished once again like how she did earlier. And she asked this time “I'm sorry for the punish me”. 

This time I told her to lift her bottom up and I slid my legs under them so she was over my lap.  I held her hands behind her for good measure and spanked away at the similar steady tempo but a little harder this time.  Her ows grew louder together with her apologies becoming more frequent.  And I could hear her sniffling in the midst of it all.  I wasn't timing but I remember there was a clock in front of me and it was about more than 5-minutes but less than 10-minutes before I stopped.  I rubbed her bottom for a bit and then reached over to her table, which was adjacent to the bed, and took the thick plastic ruler.  I gave her 10 swats with the ruler which drew gasps and ows from her and I also made her say “I will not throw a tantrum again”.  By the time I was done, she was sobbing and apologising.  I rubbed her bottom and let her compose herself before getting her up and hugging her.  By then my manhood was in full attention and round 3 of sex began soon after.

After that there was a sort of mutual understanding.......and whenever she kinda pissed me off or threw a tantrum.....all I needed to do once we reached her place was to sit on her bed legs straight out and tap my thighs and she would go over like a bad girl needing a darn good spanking.

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