The punishment of a Singaporean gangster's moll?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 ·

This was one of the few early real life stories I had written but somehow I lost the batch of them, then looking through my old files a few days ago I found this.  Unfortunately I was too busy to proof read and vet it, so apologies if its a little raw.

Back in the day.....this was either the late 1970s or the early 1980s.  The person who narrated this story to me could not exactly remember.  Personally......I believe that most of it is true though I would not be surprised if some of it is exaggerated.  So anyway back to the story proper.

For those who are not very clear with Singapore, Geylang is a place filled with vice.  Its now much more well known for food, but it was (and still is) the sole area where legalised prostitution was in Singapore.  Of course there were the illegal ones but I'll be digressing if I went on about it.  So apart from the prostitution, the many vices such as illegal gambling dens and drug transactions used to take place there as well.  Ok for those who know Singapore well enough, there are other areas in Singapore for that but the point in saying all this is largely due to Geylang being the scene of this real life spanking story.

So back then there was this guy.......hmmm....let's call him Big Ong.  And now I do not know how much of a big shot he was in that area, but what I was told was that he ran a couple of “businesses” in the area.  He had a brothel or two, had his hand in drug peddling, loan shark activities, illegal gambling dens and was affiliated to a certain gang.  Was he a big head or not, unfortunately I do not know.  But what I know about him is that unlike many of the “gangsters” in his era, he was largely more educated.  Though the information that I got from the few sources I talked to could not agree on whether he merely completed his A levels or did his university studies (overseas so say they).  At the same time, he had legitimate businesses, which I was told were a hotel and coffeeshop in the area.

Apparently Big Ong stayed around the area as well and so his was a permanent “fixture”in the area.  Almost everyday, he could be seen either going about his rounds collecting money, “inspecting” his various businesses, or (which was most of the time especially in the evening onwards) he would be sitting at the coffeeshop with a whole group of associates.  But as he was well advanced in age and position by then, he was around 40-ish, and so he largely let most of his younger “staff” do the work for him.  And for a period of time, there was this girl that who was pretty young, who would be with him.  She was one of the ah lians who hung out in the area and had caught his fancy.  And when I say young, she was definitely not older than 19.  One of my sources said that she was maybe only 15 or 16, another said she was 17/18.  Let's call her Rina.  In any case, Rina was a school dropout (confirmed I guess for all sources concurred) and was the typical ah lian then.  She was pretty, dressed skimpily, had a tad too much make up sometimes, smoked and cursed.  And like the typical gangster's moll (as some of my western readers would be more familiar with) or the ah lians, she was loyal to her lover (Big Ong in this case), subservient even.  She was fiery no doubt, but rarely did she go against Big Ong's words or instructions.  Occasionally her temper got the better of her or her youthful playfulness took things a little too far for Big Ong's liking.  But he had his way of dealing with on for more explanation.....

Now maybe a little description first...

Like a lot of guys/gangsters in Big Ong's era, face was very important and most of the time their girlfriends were expected to tow the line.  Like pretty vases, they were meant to be seen and rarely heard.  Of course in a big group setting and all the girlfriends sitting together would definitely result in loud chatter and giggling.  But when it came to what they termed “men's affairs” they never wanted the girlfriend's opinion.  However, every now and then, one of the girls would somehow “cross the line” and in most situations the boyfriend/lover would try to shut them off with a verbal warning which worked sometimes.  But in most situations when the girls, who were typically subservient, “crossed” such a line their tempers/emotions would have gotten ahead of them and so this did not work.  And so the boyfriend/lover would then result in getting a little more physical.  Which in most case was a tight slap across the girl's face.  And the slap would usually be pretty hard for the girl would bear faint reddish marks on her cheek.  And the girls accepted it (well at least those girls in that era and clique at least), like as if it was an unspoken rule that it was normal.  And in fact, there were times it became more then just slaps.  However, Big Ong apparently was a little different.  While he did take the same stand as the rest of the guys on the behaviour of a girlfriend, he did not resort to slapping or using his fist to pound.  To the sources I spoke to, Big Ong reckoned that while he understood why the guys (esp in his clique) did so, he found it too ungentlemanly and to barbaric.  As the sources quoted him, Big Ong agreed that the girl in such circumstances needed to be taught a lesson/punished but not in a way that affect her looks or could possible scar her face.  And so Big Ong relied on giving a good ol spanking. 

At first they did not know what Big Ong did to Rina.  For whenever Rina did “cross the line”, he would lash out verbally at her to quieten her down then he would take her by the arm and go to the hotel he owned.  They would then be gone for at least 30mins to an hour and when they returned, Rina would be visibly more mild/submissive, her face would be sometime tear-stained.  Although I am sure it would have been a clear indicator, but probably because my sources were not spankos (not then at least) they did not realise that she would also seat down more gently/slowly when they returned.  It was an unspoken rule that no one interfered with how the other treated their girlfriend so for a while no one really knew what happened.  But the rest of the girlfriends actually knew.  Well you know, the ladies actually talked to each other about their own boyfriends.  But they never did tell their boyfriends for it was a dilemma for them.  On one hand they “respected” Big Ong for his way in handling it cause it did not humiliate the girlfriend in public, but on the other hand they were fearful that their boyfriends may adopt such a method because for them, a slap in public despite being humiliating only lasted a mere split second, and a bashing with their boyfriends fist hardly every lasted 5mins and the struggling lasted most of the 5mins.  However as Rina described to them, a spanking was painful and lasted much longer than a simple slap. 

Then came a fateful day, that Rina “crossed the line” which culminated in her insulting and splashing a cup of beer at Roger who was a close associate of Big Ong.  Big Ong took it as a loss of face and was seething with anger upon seeing it happen.  Maybe it was a code among them as well, that Big Ong felt a need to make up to Roger.  So this time when he brought Rina to the hotel, he called Roger to follow him.  When they reached the hotel, apparently Big Ong had room which was permanently his (it was his hotel anyway), and when they went in Big Ong asked Roger to take a seat.  Then as he brought Rina to the bed, he apologised to Roger for what Rina had done and he told him that to make up for that, he was to let her witness Rina being “taught a lesson”.  By then Roger reckoned that Rina was already looking rather sorry and pleaded with Big Ong if she could just apologise to Roger and “serve him tea”.  However Big Ong told her that she would still have to do that later when they returned to the coffeeshop but she was still going to be taught a lesson.  He then lifted her mini-skirt and saw that she was wearing panties and so told her to go to the toilet and remove her skirt and change to a thong.  Big Ong explained to Roger that he would normally make her remove her clothes but as he was around she would wear a thong.  I suppose it was one of those codes for them that certain things of their own girlfriend was only meant for their own eyes.  So when she came out of the toilet, abit reluctantly, Big Ong pulled her to the bed, sat down and put her over his knee.  And he began spanking her rather hard in a rhythmic fashion.  Rina winced and pleaded from the first smack as Big Ong launched into a verbal lashing as he spanked her bottom.  Rina was sniffling by the time he was done and he made her stand up so he could get up then he told her to lie face down, spread eagle on the bed.  As he removed his belt, Rina pleaded with him but Big Ong told her to shut up and proceeded to whip her bottom with his belt.  Roger noticed that despite her cries and pleading, not once did she try to struggle away.  After he was done with the belt, he told Rina to apologise to Roger.  Then Big Ong ushered Roger to the door and asked that he return to the coffeeshop first as he was not done with Rina yet.  At the side of his eye, Roger noticed that Big Ong had pulled out a cane from the vase next to the door.  Of course Roger complied but as Big Ong closed the door, Roger stood there straining his ears to hear what happened next.  He heard Big Ong tell Rina to remove her clothing and of course there was some pleading from Rina but then came the sounds of the cane which was quickly followed by Rina's cries of pain.  So intrigued was Roger that he never took count of the number of strokes but he reckoned that it had to be more than ten.  Then it went silent and as soon as he her moans from Rina, he chuckled to himself and made his way back to the restaurant. 

Of course by the time Big Ong and Rina returned to the coffeeshop, Rina was rather embarrassed but seemingly more sorry and Big Ong reckoned that Roger would have told the table what had happened.
The girlfriends were also a little horrified that the boyfriends now knew what Big Ong did whenever Rina stepped out of line.  But fortunately for most of them, only one or two of the guys ever ventured in spanko territory.

As a parting note.......I hope this does not give a false impression that the “gangsters” in Singapore are a kinky bunch.....most of them are least not that I know...........

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