Introduced To Spanking In Secondary School

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 ·

Now before I continue with this let me put a few disclaimers and warnings. Firstly be warned that the following story deals with the spanking of a minor. I do not condone nor do I recommend it. Nevertheless, my blog is about REAL LIFE SPANKING EXPERIENCES, and so with real does not always follow the ideals. I do not promote the spanking of underage girls but unfortunately this is an experience of a friend who wanted to contribute and thus I give her my respect. But out of the respect of the whole holier-than-thou crowd, I will refrain as much as I can from explicitly stating the age. The next thing is, there are many guys who have asked the age old question.....”How do I spank my girlfriend” or something along that line. Please do not take this story as a positive example on how to introduce your girlfriend to spankings. So do we have an understanding?

Good. Let me move on to the story.

The first time that Cassandra thought she was about to have sex, she ended up with a well-striped and well-spanked very red bottom. Nope she did not lose her virginity on that fateful day, but it marked the day she was introduced to the world of pleasure and pain.

As Cassandra vividly remembers, it was the week after the final year examinations. She was in Secondary 3 at that time things were not going too well with her boyfriend (let's call him Tom) of almost three years. They had been together since they were in Secondary 1. But at that point in time their relationship seemed on the rocks. They had been quarrelling quite frequently and the usual fights that couples at that age go through. Close to the start of the examinations, Tom had initiated a breakup with Cassandra. This did not go down well with her, for at that time, Tom was the world to her and she was not able to accept the fact that he wanted to end their relationship. For the first two days, she called him non-stop and pestered him with msgs, pleading and begging him not to end the relationship. Her persistance would have continued but Tom had pulled the ultimate threat......he used the guilt-trap. As it was the start of the two week final examinations, Tom threatened that if she kept pestering him, he would be unable to focus on the examinations which would then result in him failure and the blame would be on her. It worked, Cassandra stopped the constant calls but only after Tom also agreed that he would reconsider his decision to end the relationship and let her know on the last day of the examinations. So although Cassandra refrained from calling him non-stop, she dropped him a msg of good luck every morning and night. In addition, she also sent a similar message to him everynight that kinda was something like “I really miss you.......please don't leave me.......I will do anything............I really hope you will tell me that you will be with me still after the exams” or something like that. I don't know the exact words for Cassandra herself has forgotten them.

Pretty soon, but not soon enough for Cassandra, the last week of the examinations was nearing its end. It was actually the second last day of the exams. Surprisingly Cassandra still sort of vividly remembers the gush of relief and happiness that she felt when she received Tom's message that night. His frostiness had actually began to melt slowly after the first week of the examinations. Where he would ignore her messages the week before, he would now reply at least a “Thanks” or “Good luck to you too” when she messaged him her good wishes for the exams. But he still did not reply to her message of getting back together. Then, on that night before that last paper, she sent the same message, pleading for him to not break up, but this time she also went for broke. Apart from the usual, she also added a “I will have sex with you”. It wasn't too long after she had sent the message that Tom replied. She held her breath as she opened his message, a cocktail of mixed feelings inside of her – ecstatic that he had replied yet fearful that it would be the words she did not want to hear. But all that was there was a one-liner that went, “You sure you will do anything?” And she replied something like “Yes anything.....anything you want.....even sex.” So I suppose one could understand why Cassandra would think that Tom had sex in mind when he replied her. This was further affirmed in Cassandra's mind when he replied, “Ok, meet you after the exams, we go back to my place.” I guess one can't blame her for thinking at that time that she was indeed going to have sex with Tom to “save her relationship” with him. In fact she was even a little disappointed at that time that Tom would not leave her just because she would have sex with him.

But she was so wrong..........(plus she now recalls that Tom had never broached the issue of sex before, and so she doesn't know what made her offer that in the first place)

After the final paper the next day, Tom and Cassandra made their way to Tom's place. Although, for the observer, things seemed normal between them. They held hands as they walked, but there was a funny feeling and there was not much of a conversation between them. It almost seemed as if they were rushing towards Tom's place.

As usual, Tom's place was empty when they reached, his parents worked late and he was the only child. It wasn't the first time that Cassandra had been there, just two of them, but this time she remembered that the placed seem a little foreign. Maybe it was in anticipation of what she thought was going to happen.

As she entered Tom's room, she heard him lock the door to his room. But there was an awkward few minutes as Cassandra sat in silence on his bed while Tom sat on his chair facing her......he too seating there silently. Their eyes met a few times, only to quickly dart away as if wanting a certain connection but yet pushing away once there was an initial buzz. Then Tom suddenly reached out from his chair for her arms and pulled her off the bed and on him. As she sat on his lap, her arms over his shoulders, she avoided his eyes as he asked, “So you will do anything?” Cassandra could feel her face turning red and she looked down to avoid his piercing eyes. “You said you would do anything right?”, he asked again this time gently lifting her chin so that her eyes met his. Only momentarily did she look into his eyes before she darted them away as she gave a rather demure nod. “So you will do anything I want you to and not refuse?”, he probed once more. Once again she gave that same shy nod.

“Ok, just stand here and don't move.” Tom said as he helped her up and placed her standing in front of him facing him. Slowly but not nervously, he unbutton her school blouse and removed it, letting it drop to the floor behind her and revealing her white bra beneath it. Her hands fidgeted by her side nervously as she stood there frozen with embarrassment not knowing what to expect or do. Tom moved on to her skirt as he unfastened the buckle, unzipped and let the skirt fall to the floor. As the skirt dropped to her legs, Cassandra's mind was telling her to move her legs and step out of the fallen skirt, but somehow she remained frozen to her spot, unable to move. Not that it mattered to Tom for as soon as the skirt had dropped, he spun her around and unbuckled her bra before spinning her back to face him and gently removing the bra with his fore finger. Instinctively, she moved her hands to cover her breasts. But Tom's hands met hers on its way up and gently guided them down to her sides. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment and she kept her head tilted downwards, unable to bear looking up towards him. Soon she felt his fingers tuck into the waistband of her panties and a tug which led them down her legs until they dropped to her feet. Once again, embarrassment and instinct took over Cassandra's arms as they both moved in unison in a futile attempt to cover her lower private region as Tom once again intercepted them and gently led them back to her sides. Tom stood up and spun her around once more and led her to and on his bed. And made her go on her fours on her bed. “Don't move”, he told her as he moved around the bed as if inspecting a sculpture. He adjusted her hand positioning and pushed her bottom out a bit further. Cassandra had watch a few porn flicks with Tom before and as she held the position that Tom put her in, she replayed the “doggy scene” that she had seen on those porn videos and reckoned that was how Tom was going to take her virginity. She could feel the warmth of Tom's palm as he moved it gently around her bottom. The new array of sensations drew deep gasps and breaths of anticipation from Cassandra. And as he caressed her bottom, he told her, “Don't move no matter what will feel pain.........but try and keep still.” She heard a certain movement behind here which she mistakenly assumed to be Tom removing his clothes. She was still wondering how pain it would be when Tom “inserted” into her, like in the porn movies that she had seen.

But alas it wouldn't be “that kind of pain” that she would feel for without any warning she heard a faint swish which was quickly followed by a crack and Cassandra gasped in shock and pain as she felt a searing line of pain across her bottom. Tom had just given her one fairly stingy stroke of the cane. The shock and the pain had kicked her bodily instincts once again as her hands pushed her up into a kneel position and her hand reached back to rub away the searing pain on her bottom. But Tom pushed her back into position and placed on hand on her back to stop her from getting back up as he said, “I told you not to move right?”

“But its painful......what did you just do?”, Cassandra winced.

Swishing the cane in front of her, he told her, “Its called a cane.”.

Cassandra's eyes widened as she looked at the thin rattan cane in Tom's grip.

“I know you thought I wanted to have sex with you, but that wasn't what I had in mind.” Tom said as he place the cane down on the bed in front of her.

For a moment there, Cassandra felt a certain joyous relief for Tom was not staying with her just for sex, but then this was suddenly overcome with worry for if he wasn't going to have sex with her this meant..........

“Then what? You want to beat me?”, Cassandra asked in a shocked and worried voice.

Tom chuckled as he said, “Its not beating, its called a punishment spanking. Plus you said you would do anything right?”

Cassandra did not get to respond for immediately after Tom had said that, he began spanking her bottom his hand and the only things that came out of Cassandra's mouth were oohs and ahhhs.

“Its a newfound interest”, Tom explained as he continued with the spanking.

The handspanking got harder and harder, and so did Cassandra's cries.

“Please.....stop...”, Cassandra said as soon as she found her voice, “its very painful.”

“Nope, you said you would do anything.” Tom said as he continued spanking her bottom with his hand.

“Stop it!”, Cassandra exclaimed this time louder as she got up on her knees and pushed Tom away before rubbing her bottom and continuing, “I didn't know that you would mean this.”

There was a few seconds of silence before Tom gave a loud sigh and slumped back on his chair and said, “See......I knew it. That's why I wanted to break up. Because I knew you would not be interested in this.”

That statement took Cassandra by surprise, “You mean that's why you wanted to break up with me?”

“Its a new found interest I have. And I just knew you would not be into it. But I am interested, get it?” Tom said.....slightly exasperated.

“I don't mean you are interested in beating me?” Cassandra asked, trying to make sense of what she was hearing from Tom.

“Its not beating.......its.......spanking.......its.......”, Tom tried to find the words to explain.

Then he heaved another sigh and said, “Nevermind, I will show you.”

And he flipped open his laptop and turned on one of the spanking/bdsm videos that he had downloaded and showed it too Cassandra.

Cassandra watched the clip amazed as Tom sat next to her on the bed. And as she watch she noticed that although in pain, the girl in the video seemed to be enjoying it as well.

After the first minute or two, she asked, “Why do you like this?”

“I don't know........I just do.”, Tom replied.

“And you really wanted to break up because of this.”, Cassandra asked.

Tom nodded as he said,”Its an interest I really have, and I know it will only cause more problems for us cause you don't like it. And I can't get rid of this interest.”

Cassandra looked at the screen for a few more minutes before she shut the flip top and passed it back to Tom.

Tom sighed as he took the laptop and got up to place it on his table. I guess what he saw next was not what he was expecting.

As he turned back towards the bed, he saw Cassandra once again on her fours and she turned her head back towards him and said, “Don't break up with me, I'll try it since you are interested.”

She saw that cute grin appear on his face once more as he reached for the cane.

That afternoon, Cassandra experienced what a mix of pain and pleasure was as Tom used the cane to stripe her bottom leaving her screaming and close to tears. But then he would move on to rubbing her clit ever so often giving that mind blanking and body shaking pleasurable sensations that she felt for the first time. Tom would alternate between spanking or caning or belting her, and rubbing her wet clit. He put her in different positions, he even tied her up. The pain was so intense that there were tears but the pleasure was also very intensed that she was drawn.........drawn towards it.......her inner spanko was unleashed on that fateful day.


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