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Thursday, January 14, 2010 ·

Once again, I am proud to bring to you a little real life spanking experiences that one of you (dear readers of my humble spanking blog) have shared. Now I must first warn that this may not have the usual or as much spanking as the usual stories. But I have chosen to publish it (with his permission of course) as this story is essentially a part of spanking real life which is ignored sometimes. Contrary to popular belief, not all spanking relationships happen out of thin air, or have a successful spanking from the on-start. Therefore, I personally find it good to share some of the hiccups that many of us spankos would face in real life. At the same time, I also hope that many of you would maybe be able to give him some advice.

So without boring you further with my rambling......read on below (I have not edited any part of it, just copied and pasted. Only exception was the name at the end.)

Hi bro

I would like to share a short story of my own. Your blog has been very informative and carried some hope for me, with regards to Singaporean girls. But of course, with my own struggles in my own relationship, I'm still pretty downhearted.

Anyway, my short story is quite related to your latest blog post.

I can fully emphatize with the Martin guy in your latest post. I have, I would say, a good looking girl friend. She has a nice body, nice figure, and a pretty face. However, she is rather flat on the chest and her butt. As a closet spanko, I looked past that, and have many times did very similiar things which Martin did. Which is, to playfully spank her, tease her about spanking, and also tried only ONCE, to wrestle her over my knee to give her 3 spanks. On this occasion, she just stood up with a quite nonchalent look, with a hint of displeasure.

I may have missed my golden opportunity to really punish her with a spanking when there was 1 time, I told her I wanted to end our relationship as it was really stressful with our frequent quarrels and also my uni studies. She was so devastated that she cried, begged and pleaded with me not to break up, saying that she will change her ways. She even told me to hit her, and even tried to kneel down in front of me to say she was sorry. Well, I was so incredibly upset that day that of course, spanking did not cross my mind. I was really kind of set on breaking up, but with her actions which I just described, my heart just melted again, and took her back.

In retrospect, that was really a good place for me to possibly introduce spanking to her. If I was not dead set on breaking up, or too upset that day, I believe my mind would have automatically turned towards that direction.

That opportunity was quite some time ago. Although just very recently, my girlfriend has been giving me really weird and contradicting answers. Well, it goes like this.
I had been reading and googling about introducing vanilla people to spanking. Reading, reading, reading..... I believe the constant bombardment of ideas into my head caused me to have a sudden surge in courage one fine day.
Well, we were having sex. Although this sex activity was after quite a long hiatus, we still felt comfortable with each other. So we were in the spooning position, I was admiring her butt while humping her from behind when I just blurted out, "Dear, I read in sex manuals that if I tap your backside while having sex, you will feel shiok."

She replied " Really meh?"
Me: "Really. Want to try?"
She: "Haiz... Anything."
So I just proceeded to give her a few spanks, and for the 1st time, I did not receive any complaint while spanking her butt. These spanks were not too hard though. Oh by the way, she was always complaining that when I give her those playful spanks, she says its too hard, highly because of her relatively flat butt.

After sex, I asked her:" Hmm, so did you like me tapping your backside? You did not like me doing it last time whenever I hit your backside."
She :" In public ma, I don't like that. Private can abit la."
Me: "Interesting. From all your reactions last time, I thought you don't want me to tap tap your backside at all."
She :" This type of thing natural one la (referring to during sex). No need to ask one."

Needless to say, I was ecstatic for the entire following week. Only to be met with disappointment the following weekend. I was at her place again the following weekend and I asked her :" So you want to try? Let me lay with your backside, tap tap, hit it. You will feel quite shiok one."

She:" No la, I'm not the type of girl who will like this one. Some girls will la, I know. But I don't like this at all."

1 week of ecstasy just disappeared within 5 seconds.

Here's where the contradicting part comes in. I stayed over at her place after a wedding dinner. Well, with alcohol, we can't drive. We were about to have sex when I just decided to be bold and just ask again.

"Dear, turn over leh, I want to play with your backside."
She :" Huh? Aiya..."
But surprisingly, she flipped over. As it was quite late at night, I just spanked her butt relatively softly, just to have adequate sound, and enough to excite me. We then proceeded to have great sex.
Maybe it was the alcohol, but after sex, we were talking abit and I confessed a little bit about my spanko side.

"Dear, I duno why la, but I like it when I spank your butt. I know you don't really like it but I hope you can compromise abit and let me spank a little. I know you don't like it hard, then of course I will definitely adjust how hard I hit la."

She did not respond. To me, it was a real encouragement as she would normally protest very strongly against this. With her silence, I took that she was contemplating what I said and whether she could do it.

Now here comes the weirdest part. Just abit later, I asked her this question. "But dear, why you don't want me to spank you harder? You never try, you won't know what."

Her response :" Cuz too loud la. I scared cuz my father sleeping in the living room."
Me :" Ok, next time nobody I spank you harder la."

No response.

Ok, why I called that weird is because I was illustrating above that she did not like spankings at all. I was assuming that if I asked her why I could not spank her harder was because it would be too pain for her. When she said it was only because of the noise it generated, it made me really excited again, but of course confused. Does she or does she not like it?

I think it was just the next day, she was feeling quite tired and lying tummy down on my mattress. I was nearby experimenting with my new laptop when she grabbed my hand and pulled it down to her butt. I was like "Why? Want me to spank you ah."

She :" Massage."
Me :" But before massage must spank ma."
So I gave her some spanks, then some massages, and then alternating these 2 activities for only about a minute. Because by then, she fell asleep.

So anyway, this is my story. I am still seeing if I can spank my girlfriend abit more than normal, and if she is even receptive of such activities. And abit about myself. I did now know that I liked spanking until 2002, when I just tried googling the word "bdsm" for fun and found out about a while new world. But I was not surprised as I remember during my Junior college (JC) times, I alternated between fantasizing about sex and spanking the butts of girls I had crushes on. And I am now still a closet spanko. No one knows that I like this activity. My girlfriend still does not comprehend that such activities exists. So I guess I'm either doomed to be alone in my spanking fantasy, or continuing with an enigmatic girlfriend (about spanking of course).

Thank you for reading.

MR S (Name changed to protect privacy)

*So any comments or advice from you guys?* - Spankalot


Anonymous said...
January 16, 2010 at 11:43 AM  

hehe what a cute story, some spankos tell me that all guy is closet spanko or have tendency to like spank their girlfriend, whether its for fun or serious, who not love looking at girl's juggling butt? But its a good try, I bet this couple will like spanking more in future.

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