Happy New Year and A Reader's Spanking Experience to start the year!

Friday, January 1, 2010 ·

My sincerest apologies dear readers for my absence, I was bogged down with the year end festivities and work. Nevertheless, it is 1 Jan 2010 already here in Singapore and thus HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and may 2010 be a spanking good year!

Today I will kick of the year with a real life story that has been submitted to me by one of you. She is a Singaporean lady who has kinda emigrated to a country she will not reveal for personal reasons. But nevertheless........here is her real life spanking story:


Hi I have been a lurker on your blog for sometime and I like reading your stories.

I have been in a spanking relationship with my fiance for sometime already. Maybe a little intro. I am 22 year old Singaporean lady who is currently studying overseas and living with my finace and his mother. I am doing my foundation year, yes it seems late but this is because I worked straight after my O levels and met my finace when he was posted to Singapore to the same company I was working at then. I quit my job when he was posted back to go over to study and settle down with him after my studies. We live with his mother and him back in their home country. I hope you don't mind that I am not sharing the actual country because I am afraid that some of the people who know me back home in Singapore may read you blog. Anyway so much for the intro.

I am actually spanked by both my fiance and his mother. But most of the time I am spanked by my fiance. Most of the spankings that I receive are for discipline. They are always on the bare bottom and even if they don't start on the bare bottom, it would end on the bare bottom. Sometimes I have to be naked too. If I am really bad. His mother can be very strict when she is spanking me, but she is also quite loving and like a mother to me. Maybe I feel it more because my parents died when I was very young and I lived with my relatives who did not bother much about me. For my personal life and school, my finace will spank me. His mother only spanks me if I am rude to her or if I do not do my chores.

About a few month ago, my fiance was in charge of some project and had to travel quite often. So because of this he is away from home at least ten days and then he comes back for about three to four days. And so because this is supposed to be his working arrangement for about the next year, his mother is in charge of my discipline for now. But my fiance and his mother have some agreement. Whenever his mother spanks me, she makes me note it down in this little black notebook. And then when my fiance comes back home, I will be punished again.

Am I confusing you? Maybe I can explain a little. I will give you an example of the 14 days. Just nice because my husband just left today. The first day he was not around was Tuesday. So I give you a breakdown.

On Tuesday – My fiance had left quite late the night before and so I was tired in the morning. So I decided not to go to school. And when his mother came to check why I had not woken up yet, I lied to her that there was no classes. I thought she would not know, but my fiance had given her a copy of my class schedule. And so not only was I spanked for waking up late, but also for lying about my class. Normally I get like a one or two minute handspanking on my barebottom if I wake up late, but because I lied about not having class she gave me twenty spanks with the hairbrush as well.

Wednesday – On wednesday, I happen to be with a few friends hanging around the campus during breaktime. And we were smoking, which was not allowed at that part of the campus and the security came to chase us off. It so happened that that particular security man stayed nearby to where we stayed and he knew my fiance's mother. So he told her. Now smoking is a big no no especially when I already managed to quit. And so his mother gave me a bare bottom spanking and the hairbrush as well for that.

Thursday – On thursday I think I was in a bad mood and when his mother happened to comment that she had to spank me for two days in a row already, we got into a little argument and it was actually ok until I had to stupidly tell her to “Fuck off”. Hurling vulgarities at her is also a big no no. If my fiance was around he would have spanked me after she had spanked me. Thankfully he was not around. I got a very long and hard bare bottom spanking from his mother for that.

Friday /Saturday – On Friday I actually told my fiance's mother that I had to rush a dateline for a project to be handed in the next day so I would not be back and would be rushing it through the night at my group mates hostel room. Of course it was a lie, cause I wanted to go to a party and my fiance doesn't allow me to go partying when he is not around as I can get quite while and he is afraid he will not be around to take care of me. Anyway I got too drunk and I had also forgotten to tell my friends that I would not be going home and so they brought me home. Of course my fiance's mother was very upset, she would have spanked me then but because I was so drunk, she sent me to bed. In fact I only realised I was home the next morning when she woke me up. I got a bare bottom spanking, the hairbrush and the belt for that.

Sun – It is an agreement and a rule that I sleep by eleven if I have classes the next day. But on Sunday I was playing on facebook and forgot the time. His mother happened to come in at 1 am and gave me a quick but hard bare bottom spanking for not being in bed.

Monday – Of course the very next day I could not wake up and so on Monday I got another bare bottom spanking for waking up late.

Tuesday – Tuesday I decided to skip class as I felt that it was not an important class and there was a good movie showing. Unfortunately his mother happened to be in the same shopping mall having tea with her friends and when I reached home I got a long bare bottom spanking for not going to class that day.

My fiance came back on Thurday morning while I was at class. But when he came to pick me up from campus I knew that I was in trouble as I saw him leaning on his car reading the little black book. He was already scolding me in car as he drive home. Normally when he is away, I only get like one or two spankings......three or four max by his mother. So seven days out of ten days getting spanked was a bit too much. Usually, he would just give me one very long and hard spanking when he returned home for the spankings that his mother had given me. And then I would only get another short spanking just before he went off again as a reminder. But this time because I had gotten so many spankings from his mother and some of offences were considered severe he decided that he was going to spank me everyday. Somemore ah normally he would come back on friday and then be around for about three days, but this time he came back on thursday which means I get four days of spankings. The moment we reach home he make me stand in the corner of the living room with my hands behind my back and he went to take his implements. He gave me a very long and hardspanking on my bare bottom for so long I think it lasted for at least 15 mins and I was crying. But it was going to be dinnertime so he made me stand in the corner until dinner time. I was not allowed to wear back my skirt and panties and had to eat dinner with him and his mother sitting on the chair bare bottom. After dinner he gave me another hard handspanking and then as I was washing the dishes, he stand beside me and scold me and use a wooden spoon to spank my bottom on and off. After I finish washing the dishes, he made me go to the living room. His mother was there and he made me take of my top and bend over the single seat sofa and then he spank me twenty hard times with his belt and each time he make me say to his mother – Sorry I was rude to you. After that I had to stand in the corner for almost an hour then at ten pm he bring me up to the room and gave me another hard bare bottom spanking before making me go to bed. The next morning he gave me another spanking before he sent me to campus. When brought me back from campus I was given another hard spanking again and made me go to the corner again before dinner. After dinner he spanked by hand with his belt for smoking. And then he made me lie over the single seat sofa again and he spanked my bottom with his belt for one of the longest time. On Saturday again I get a hard bare bottom spanking in the morning and in the afternoon as well. In the afternoon he also used his mother's hairbrush on me for not going to school. At night I get the belt again and I was screaming everytime the belt spank me. On Sunday he left in the afternoon. But he spanked me in the morning and gave me the belt again the in the afternoon. I was really a painful few days. And because I was so bad everynight until he comes back I will get a bare bottom spanking from his mother. And I have to ask her for it at 9pm. If I dun and she come and ask me, she will use the hairbrush too. If his mother says that my behaviour improves when he comes back then I wun have to be spank every night or not it will continue. My fiance also says he will get a cane and a paddle this time and he will spank me with it when he comes back if I am spank as many times again.

So that is my current situation. Hope I will not have to get the cane and the paddle when he comes back.


Anonymous said...
January 1, 2010 at 12:12 PM  

Happy new year! And yeah she really need a good discipline.

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