Hearing their prospective son-in-law spanking their daughter

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For a guy, meeting prospective in-laws can sometimes be terribly trying and harrowing. No matter how liberal or open your girlfriend's parents may be, somehow there is always that seemingly cold front during the first few meet-ups. Especially when one of the thoughts running through their mind would be that you are the guy who is bonking their baby girl. Now imagine if they realised that you were spanking her as well?

And that was what happened when Lily's parents met Shaun, her fiance, for the first time.

Maybe let's go a little back in time.............

Shortly after receiving her dismal A level results, Lily's parent felt that maybe after ten over years, it was time to see if Lily would do better out of the Singaporean educational system. Thus, they sent her to the US for her studies. As expected, over in the US, Lily gained a newfound interest in her studies and as soon as she had completed her degree, she sought her parents permission to continue with her masters. Delighted that their daughter had become quite the academic, they of course agreed without giving it much thought. At that time, I guess Lily's parents were over the moon at how their decision to send Lily overseas to study seemed so right. But alas, it was too right. For together with her newfound love for studying, Lily also found two other loves – Love for the US and Love for an American guy (Shaun). With those two loves, Lily decided that she would stay on, after her masters, in the US to work and maybe settle down with Shaun if their relationship developed any further.

Three years on, Lily was happily employed and Shaun had proposed. It was settled! She wasn't going to return to Singapore. But then there was the breaking of news to her parents. While they didn't go into a rage, Lily's parents weren't exactly celebrating the news either. For this would mean that Lily would not be back in Singapore with them and, like all parents do, were worried if Lily had made the right decision with Shaun for they had never met him before. And so, within the next two months from Lily breaking the news to them, they flew up to the US to see how their prospective son-in-law was.

Now, unknown to Lily's parents (at that time at least), Lily and Shaun were not in a vanilla relationship but rather they were in a domestic discipline relationship. By this time, Lily and Shaun were living together and were living the domestic discipline relationship 24/7. And since Lily's parents were coming to stay with them, during the duration of their visit to the US, this made it a little tricky for Lily and Shaun. Nevertheless, Shaun and Lily agreed that probably the spankings and discipline may have to be put on hold for the week that Lily's parents were with them. Already as it was, it would be the first time that they would be meeting Shaun, and they didn't want to scare them with the thought that Shaun was spanking Lily.

The first two days of Lily's parents arrival went pretty well. Shaun and Lily's parents hit it off from the start and by the second day, it was evident that any fears or apprehension that Lily's parents initially had, were no longer existent. However, there was this issue of Lily's attitude towards her parents which Shaun wasn't very comfortable with. I guess to a certain extent, in the presence of her parents, Lily regressed to become the princess that she normally was when she was in Singapore. Being the only daughter, Lily was quite the pampered one. She was used to getting her way with her parents and would raise her voice if she didn't get her way. Now respect to the elders was something Shaun was a little particular about, he had spanked her before for some disrespectful comments she had said to his mother. But since they had agreed, that the spankings would be on hold for the duration of Lily's parents' stay with them, he only raised his observation to her at night when they retired to bed. He also warned that he didn't want to see her continuing with that sassy attitude towards her parents or else she would get it after they left.
However, it seemed that Lily was to used to being that way around her parents and despite Shaun trying to remind her subtly of their conversation about her attitude towards her parents, by giving the “look” ever so often, Lily couldn't seem to be able to help herself. Especially since her mother, like all concerned mothers, would sometime dish out words of advice, which Lily didn't take kindly to for she deemed it nagging, which she hated. By now, Shaun was beginning to feel a little sorry for Lily's parents and at times would try to diplomatically tell Lily, when her conversation with her parents got a little heated, to tone it down. I guess, it kinda further impressed Lily's parents for they never felt that the westerners shared the Asian values of “respect for one's elders”.

Things however got out of hand on the last night before Lily's parents left. As it was their last dinner with Shaun and Lily, Lily's mother decided to cook an authentic Singaporean Chinese dinner for him. And as they discussed some of the wedding plans over dinner, the conversation got a little too heated which culminated, despite Shaun's repeated attempts to get Lily to tone it down, in Lily hurling some rather hurtful words at her parents.

There was a rather tense moment of silence after the words left Lily's mouth.

It was the last straw for Shaun, having had to bear the past week of seeing Lily verbally abuse her parents, he decided that something had to be done there and then. With a diplomatic smile, in a bid to diffuse the tense silence, he stood up and suggested that they discuss it over dessert and asked Lily to help him get it from the kitchen as he held her up as if to motion her to follow him.

As soon as they entered the kitchen and the door had closed behind them, in one smooth motion, Shaun sat down on one of the chairs and pulled Lily over his knee. And before Lily could even begin to struggle, he held her down with one hand and began spanking her bottom rather rapidly as he scolded her for the terrible attitude that she had been showing towards her parents over the past week. It was a quick and hard spanking, without any warm up, which drew a response from Lily from the very first spank. Amidst her cries of pain, she pleaded with Shaun not to spank her there and then for her parents were outside and could her them. But her pleas fell on deaf ears as Shaun commented that she should have thought about that before she had shown her attitude towards them. The over-the-knee handspanking lasted only about a minute before Shaun tugged down her shorts & panties, and reached behind for a wooden spoon with which he spanked her bare bottom in quick hard and rapid spanks for about twenty times. Despite the short spanking, the intensity and strength brought tears streaming down Lily's face. As he stood her up, he told her that this was only a reminder and she would get a proper punishment once her parents had left. This drew more tears from Lily but Shaun instructed her to wipe her face and told her that once they went out, he expected her to apologise to her parents for her terrible attitude.

As they went out, Shaun and Lily knew, from the look on her parents' face, that they must have heard everything that had gone on in the kitchen. It was extremely embarrassing for Lily but Shaun acted as if nothing had happened and with a casual smile put the dessert down on the table and began to dish out the dessert to them. As he did that, he matter-of-factly announced looked at Lily and said, “I thought you had something to say to your parents?” Lily knew that Shaun meant an apology, and although all she really wanted to do was to run off to the room to hide her embarrassment and her tear-stained face, she knew that Shaun meant business and so looking down, she mouthed her word of apology to her parents for her attitude. Now unknown to Shaun, at that time, it was the first time that she had ever apologised to her parents. And I suppose, while they may have found it a little uncomfortable that their prospective son-in-law was spanking their daughter, they were also probably amazed that he could make her apologise to them. The awkward atmosphere soon got back to normal as Shaun initiated a conversation in a bid to shift they attention from that “awkward situation”. But feeling that he owed her parents an explanation, later in the night, Shaun knocked on the guest room door and tried to explain about the domestic relationship that he and Lily had and also assured them that he wasn't abusing her. Although Lily's parent did not seem angry with him, I suppose they were slightly uncomfortable and did not give any comments.

The next day however, the first hint of approval came in the form of Lily's parents telling him, as he and Lily bade them farewell at the airport, that they were assured that Lily was in good hands.

As soon as Shaun and Lily reached home from the airport, Lily got her promised proper punishment. Shaun made her strip and gave her a hard ten minute over-the-knee handspanking on her bare bottom. He then belted her bare bottom for about fiften minutes as she laid over the arm of the couch before ending the punishment with a twenty minute paddling as she laid on the bed. He then made her kneel on the cushion in the corner with her hands on her head for half an hour after that. Needless to say, Shaun gave her a maintenance spanking, which consisted of a two minute barebottom handspanking and a five minute belting, every night for the next week.

The final approval, more comical approval, from Lily's parents came two weeks after that in the form of a package sent to Shaun from Lily's parents. In that package was a letter, and a cane (the kind that you can buy in the neighbourhood shops here in Singapore).

Now so Shaun and Lily are now happily married, still in a domestic discipline relationship, and a baby boy on the way.


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