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Saturday, March 6, 2010 ·

When Ben was studying overseas, like many of his fellow Singaporean peers who ventured abroad for their studies, he took up a part-time job as a Barrista in a cafe joint similar to Starbucks. He enjoyed the part-time work he had and the mingling with the regular customers. Now there was this particular female customer with whom he had a rather “weird”, for lack of a better word, encounter with.

Hmmm........let's call this female customer Adele.

So Adele was one of the regular customers at the cafe joint. She dropped by a couple of times a week, usually alone or with a friend or two, and would hang around for a few hours. She looked around Ben's age and though he never did see her in the university that he studied at, he assumed that she was one of the students there for it was the only university around the area.

Initially the conversations between them were pretty “professional” - the orders she had etc..... And then it progressed to “Having the usual?” and then to small talk and some playful flirting. Ben reckoned that she must have been a little interested at least for she returned his glances and flirting words. Occasionally he stayed behind after his shift to have a little chat with her. As time went on, he plucked up the courage and walked her home a couple of times though she always never let him send her to the gate of her home. Her reason to him was because her “father” was rather strict and didn't like to see her with boys and he could get “nasty” sometimes. Nevertheless, some sort of friendship though not formal relationship appeared to have been blooming as a bolder Ben soon asked her out for the usual movie dates. It wasn't like as if he had no creativity or was a boring person who only went to movies and nothing else, but Adele seem to only agree to go out with him if it was a movie date. All other offers, such as a night out with him and his friends at the clubs were flatly rejected with some excuse. However, things got a little physical between them as the movie dates and “walking-her-home” became more frequent. But it was nothing more than the kisses and the petting, they never ended up having sex.

Then one of the nights as he walked her back home.........

They stopped at the usual lamp post some way before her home, like they normally did to say goodbye, and just as they were in the throes of their passionate kissing and touchy-feely antics, two cars pull up next to them. Adele's face shows signs of shock as a rather well-built gentleman with white hair comes out of the first car and four rather burly men come out of the second car and walk towards them.

“Get in the car”, the gentleman said in a rather calm but firm tone. Without even looking at Ben, Adele went into the car as she was told, thus giving Ben the impression that the gentleman who had spoken was her father. The gentleman held out his hand, shook Ben's hand and asked for his name. Then he asked Ben to get into his car to go to their place for a little chat. Feeling that it was rather awkward, Ben turned down the offer politely and turned to make his way home. But just at that moment, the four burly men closed their ranks in an attempt to stop him from walking away. Ben's heart skipped a beat as he turned to look at the gentleman, who gave the same rather gentlemanly smile, that he gave earlier as he had shook Ben's hand, and told Ben that he “strongly suggested” that Ben not turn down his offer. Sensing that he didn't seem to have a choice, Ben walked back to the gentleman's car and got in.

As Adele's home was just ahead, the drive took less than a minute, but the silence in the car made it seem like an hour.

When they got in, the gentleman sat down and asked Ben to have a seat on the sofa adjacent to his single seater. Adele was standing next to the gentleman very quietly looking down. I guess Ben was worried at that time that he had gotten Adele in trouble with her “father” and so took the initiative to try and explain himself. But he had only gotten has far as, “Please allow me to explain, you daughter and I...” when the gentleman cut him off with loud laughter as he said “My daughter?”.

Ben was puzzled with the response that the gentleman had.

Then as sudden as the gentleman had laughed, a stern look appeared on his face. He looked up at towards Adele as he repeated the words “My daughter” and reached out with one hand cupped her breast momentarily then pinched her nipples and rather forcefully pulled towards his front causing Adele to follow his hand and kneel in front of him.

The gentleman looked towards Ben, who appeared stunned at what had just happened, and said, “Just so you know young man..............she's my bitch that's who she is!”

Ben, confused at what he was hearing, attempted to get up and leave, but he was forcibly held back into his seat by one of the four burly men standing behind him.

Looking at Ben's worried face, the gentleman gave a smile and told him not to worry as it wasn't his fault but he wanted to “show him something first” before he allowed Ben to leave. Then he repeated again that it wasn't his fault........but “this slut”, as he looked at Adele who was still kneeling infront of him, needed to be punished and gave Adele a rather firm slap across her face. Adele jerked from the slap and covered the slapped portion of her cheek with her palm. But it didn't stay there for long as the gentleman quickly told her, “Put you hand down Bitch!”. Adele immediately complied. Then he looked once again at Ben and said, “I'd like to give you a short preview of her punishment before I let you leave.” Ben swallowed hard and mouth any words.

The gentleman looked down towards Adele and instructed her to remove her top and bra. Adele did immediately as she was told. Ben looked on, surprised that Adele did not even resist or protest. Then the gentleman told her to get up and remove her skirt and panties. Once again Adele complied immediately. Then the gentleman pulled Adele over his knee and spanked her bare bottom. The spanks looked pretty hard and pretty soon Adele was gasping and squirming. Ben could hear her sniffling by the time the spanking had stopped.

The gentleman then made Adele kneel back down infront of him. But this time he made her put her hands on her head and straighten her back.

“Did you let him touch your breasts?”, the gentleman asked Adele as he slapped her breasts with his hands.

Adele kept quiet.

“Answer me bitch!”, the gentleman said in the louder tone this time and slapped her breasts once again albeit harder.

Adele squirmed as she nodded her head.

The gentleman did not show any emotion, but motioned to one of the burly men behind Ben who brought a crop for the gentleman. Upon seeing the crop, Adele began to cry as she pleaded with the gentleman, “Please don't.......I am sorry.” But the gentleman slapped her breast again sharply with his palms and told her to shut up and “stick them out”. With her sniffling getting louder, Adele arched her back backwards, with her hands still on her head. The gentleman took the crop and spanked her breasts alternating between each breasts as each stroke drew cries from Adele.

After he was done pointed to her vagina with the crop and asked, “Did you let him go there?”

Adele shook her head but the gentleman landed a stinging crop to her vagina, causing her to cry out, as he said, “But didn't I see his hand there earlier?”

“Answer me truthfully, did he go there?”, the gentleman asked again.

Adele nodded this time but pleaded with him amid her tears. He ignored her pleas and told her to spread her knees to further expose her vagina.

Stroke after stroke, though not as many as on her breasts, the gentleman landed the crop on her vagina, drawing gasps and cries of pain with each.

Then he made Adele turn around on her knees and face Ben. He instructed her to keep her face and eyes on Ben as he removed his belt and whipped her bottom. It was only a couple of strokes. Then he stopped and looked at Ben. He told Ben that he could go but he didn't want to catch him with her ever again. Before he could even respond, one of the men behind pulled Ben up by his arm and lead him towards the door. As he was being lead to the door, he heard the gentleman tell Adele, “Get over the sofa, I'm not even halfway done with you yet.” As he walked out the gates, Ben could still hear the sound of the belt and Adele's cries.

Ben never found out who that gentleman was but fearing for his own safety, he quit his job at the cafe and found another part-time job in another place away from the cafe. For those who are wondering, he graduated a year later and came back to Singapore safe and sound.


Sam said...
March 6, 2010 at 5:21 PM  

A traumatizing yet arousing encounter no doubt.

Anonymous said...
March 13, 2010 at 12:12 PM  

Ben quit his job..means he not in that thing, i dont feel he even arouse,...maybe.

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