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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 ·

Dear readers,
Today's real life spanking story was submitted by one of you. Interesting though I kind of think she may have tried to write in a similar style as me. In addition, I found the ending rather abrupt. Nevertheless, thank you dear reader for your kind submission. Enjoy......


I am a Singaporean girl and my husband is a British expat working in Singapore. We have been married for about a year and we are in a spanking relationship. My husband is both like a husband and a father to me. I come from a broken family and have never seen my father. I believe that I am naturally submissive and also I think my husband age also plays a part in my submissive. I am 18 years old this year and he is 35 years old. I got married to him when I was 17.

I met my husband in a funny way. At that time I have a lot of problems at home. I was 16 then. Because my family is quite poor, I did not have much money and then when I go out with my friends we spend a lot. So I go work at part time jobs during school holidays. That time I was working as housekeeping in one of the hotels. And my husband that time just come to Singapore not long and was staying in the hotel. That time, because the pay was not very high and so sometimes we steal from the rooms when we clean the rooms. So this time I was cleaning the room and it was his room. I was careless and din check properly if anyone was in the room. I think cause I saw a wallet on the table and I got excited plus the sign on the door put please clean room. But when I was taking the money out of the wallet, he come out of the toilet and caught me red handed. I try to run out but he catch me by the hand. So I cry and ask him not to report to my manager or not he would report to the police and then I would get into trouble. But at first he want to call the manager already, but I persist and so he give me a choice. He say that I can choose. Either he report me to my manager, or he punish me himself. At that time I thought that he meant he want to have sex with me. But I told myself I got no choice because if he report to my manager than I sure go police station. So I said ok I let him punish me. Then turn out he did not mean have sex, but he spank me. It was painful. First he make me go over his knee then he spank me on my uniform skirt. But he said the skirt was too thick so he lifted up my skirt and spanked me on my panties. But so happened that day I was wearing a thong, so actually he spank my bare bottom. After he spank me, he say to make sure I don't do it again, he make me lie face down on the hotel bed and he use his belt to spank me ten times. After that I was crying. But he really did not report me to my manager. Then when I finish my shift on my way home, I bump into him. I feel abit embarassed at first but he talk to me like normal. So then because just nice I got my pay, and because he really keep his promise to not report me, I invited him to have a drink at a coffeeshop on me. That night we talk for quite long. We exchanged hp numbers and then after that we went out a few times. I think I felt that I liked him and then I somehow message him that. He only reply a smiley face. So I thought he did not feel that same way. But then a few days later when we met, somehow we ended up kissing and then slowly we became a couple. At first it was like a very proud thing when I go back to school cause I have a ang moh boyfriend and then I also thought that our relationship was play play. But after a while I realise that he was quite serious as well. He even went to my house a few times to visit my mother. At that time also, I begin to realise that I was more of a submissive type. Cause maybe he is a westerner and so he is more direct. And then as a young girl I would sometimes throw a xiao jie pi ji or what he likes to call a fit. And when I do that, he would just spank me. Not in public of course but like he will drive me to his home suddenly straight after I throw a fit. The first time I thought what he was trying to do. But once go in the home, he spank me. Of course sometime when I am in a bad mood, then I will struggle and push him away and then he will not spank me. Plus the spanking at that time is mostly like not serious one. So a few spanks he stop already.

Then when I was 17 there was some problem. I got expelled from school because of fighting and smoking. My auntie and my mother wanted to throw me out of the house and threatened to disown me or send me to the girls home. I was very scared and upset, so I call him. That night I stay over at his place. Then the next day he accompanied me back to my home but my auntie and mother ask me to go away. And because my auntie and mother were like very angry, we had no choice but to go away. So for the next one week I hide at his house. Then during that one week we talk about what choices I have. Suddenly he say that ask me to marry him and he will take care of me. I thought he was joking but he was serious. But he say that I must also agree to a spanking relationship. I would not need to work but I needed to learn how to be a good housewife. Then he explained to me what he meant by a spanking relationship. Sometimes he calls it domestic discipline. I agreed of course.

So after that he went to my home again to tell my mother and auntie about this. I didn't know that he would even tell them about the spanking agreement. But then he told me to go to my room first and said he wanted to talk to my mother and auntie without me around. I still suspect then but then suddenly he opened the room door and then my mother and my auntie also come in. I thought what happened. But then he sat down on my bed and pulled me over his knee. I got a shock and struggle but he hold me down and told me that he already told my mother and auntie about our agreement. He say that he spank me now to prove to them that he meant it and will be able to take care of me. It was very embarrassing especially when he lifted my skirt. The worst thing is after he spank me he make me get up and told me to apologise to my mother and auntie for being such a terrible girl and getting expelled. I refused because all along I never apologise to them. But when I refuse, he pull me over his knee again and spank me. When he let me up this time he warn me that he will keep spanking me until I apologised to them. So I had no choice and apologised. It was very embarrassing and somemore I see my auntie like smile and tell my mother in chinese that first time she see someone tell me to do something and I listen. After that my mother and auntie agreed to us getting married. They had to agree because I was only 17 and my mother must sign the rom cert.

We got married within three months and I move into his home.

Our spanking relationship started the moment we came back from our honeymoon.

The first thing was the house. As a housewife, I was expected to do the household chores. He show me what he expected but I think its also because I never did housework before properly. So everyday when he come home, he will spank me because I didn't do the household chores. But after a week he say he thinks I need more motivation. So that saturday, he make me take off all my clothes and wear only this pink colour apron. Then he make ask me to do the housework and he follow me throughout and spank me with his hand as I do the housework. After each place, like the study room. He will spank me if its not up to his standard. Then after that, he say that make it a rule that each day when he come home, I must be in that attire. Then he will inspect the house and if its wrong I will get a spanking. Only after a month that I was allowed to not wear that attire anymore.

The other thing was my spending. He gave me a supplementary card and because suddenly like I could buy a lot of things so I always went shopping when he was at work. But it was getting out of hand so he said that anything above $100 dollars I had to check with him first if I could buy it. Of course the first few times I did not and he spank me. Then I hide from him. But when he found out he not only spank me but use his belt also.

My attitude towards my mother and my auntie was also something I get spank for. We got to my mother place at least once every two weeks. And the moment I start showing them attitude, he will spank me straight away in front of them. The worst thing is that after that he makes me stand in the corner with my hand on my head for half an hour and makes me apologise to them.

Apart from all that, he spanks me daily he calls it maintenance. Every night before we sleep, we spanks me over his knee with his hand.

Now we have been married about one year and our spanking relationship is stabilised. He still spank me daily for maintenance, and although he only uses his hand, I cry during each maintenance. But I don't get spanked for other things as much anymore because I have improved. Only a few times a month I will break some of his rule or do something wrong and will need to be punished extra. And when I get extra, he will use the belt or the cane.

But overall I find that I have become a better person. My relationship with my mother and auntie have become better. In fact, I have not need to be spank when I go their place for the past few months. I also realised that I don't throw a fit anymore. But of course sometimes he still needs to remind me. Like when we are outside and I like going to throw a fit, he will give me a light spank on my bottom and I am reminded and don't throw a fit.


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