Is Eileen Wee into spanking?

Friday, March 26, 2010 ·

I don't know if many of you know or remember who Eileen Wee is. Now if memory serves me right, she was an actress previously, a model (lingerie model some say though I have never seen pictures), and is currently an emcee with one of the local Singaporean event companies. She was also once a cover girl on Singapore's FHM and it is because of that edition that I writing this post. While it was hell of a long time ago that she appeared on the cover and sadly I no longer have a copy of it. But I vividly remember reading something about spanking in FHM's interview with her. I think the question was something about how she was in a relationship. And then her reply went something like she was the kind of girl who would throw a spanner into the works when the relationship was smooth sailing then when her other half realised the stunt she was pulling, she'd get what she deserve (for finding trouble out of boredom I suppose) such as “a spanking”. Those were the exact words I remembered - “a spanking”. And so all these years, I always wondered if she was a spanko or were those words said in jest.

For those who have no recollection of who she is, here are some photos to jolt your memory.


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