Spanking the Mother and Daughter

Saturday, September 12, 2009 ·

Its not very common for a mother and daughter to be spanked together........then again, it is not common either for a mother to be as wilful as her daughter or to be only 15 years older then her. Read on and hope you enjoy.............

Mandy is 33 while Samantha is 18 but whenever they are out together, the whole world thinks they are sisters who are around the same age. Its probably good genes which they both share for Mandy and Samantha are in actual fact mother and daughter. Mandy had given birth to Samantha when she was 15. Now I am pretty sure the law in Singapore, which states that sex with an individual below the age of 16 is illegal, was already in effect then but I am not sure what happened to the guy. The only thing I know was that the guy was around her age and had left her in the lurch when he found out that she was pregnant. Abortion was an option that Mandy had considered but after a while, she decided against it. But at 15 years old, how the hell does one even know how to care for a baby? Many 15 year olds I know of can't even take care of themselves! Well thankfully for Mandy, her mother took up the task of caring for Samantha when she was born.

Moving on ten odd years later, one would think that after having a child at 15 and “suffering” Mandy would sort of “woken up” from her wilful ways and got down to getting her life in order, but noooooo! She managed to get a decent A levels thankfully but decided against going to the university because she wanted to experience life and have some fun. So she job hopped and spent most of her time clubbing or slacking her way with like-minded friends. She spent all of her pay frivolously and didn't even give her mother any money, and instead sometimes even took money from her. Mandy's wilful ways meant that her mother had to go out to work to make ends meet. Even though there was only herself, Mandy and Samantha to feed, it still cost money.........which Mandy did not bring in. And because Mandy was at work in the day, her mother could only go to work in the night as she had to take care of Samantha. Thus the care of Samantha was left to Mandy on most nights. Now Mandy loved Samantha dearly but despite that love she was still wilful and playful, almost child-like one could say. And so by the time Samantha was in her teenage years, Mandy had taught her all about grown up dressing and make up. This was done more for her convenience actually as she did not want to be stuck at home when she could be out, and at the same time also did not bear to leave Samantha alone at home. And seeing that Samantha, like her, was had reached physical maturity earlier than most of her peers, Mandy dressed Samantha up, old enough, so that she would snuck into the pubs and clubs with her. The mother and daughter duo were pretty close and Samantha loved the time she spent with her mother. But Mandy's mother was concerned as the more she saw Samantha grow up, the more she saw Mandy in her. That wilful, rebellious and playful daughter she had was now duplicated in her granddaughter. Mandy's mother's worry however did not last long, for she passed away soon after when Mandy was 30. The death of her mother brought Mandy to her senses, only slightly, for the sole breadwinner in the household was now gone. With bills to pay and two mouths to feed (herself and Samantha), Mandy began to panic slightly. She began to be a bit more serious in her job and tried to make good of her life. The lucky thing for her was that although Samantha was as wilful and playful as her, Samantha still listened to her. But despite Mandy's efforts, there was pressure as her measly pay was not sufficient to sustain the lifestyle that she and Samantha were used to.

Then a colleague suggested renting out on of the rooms of her flat to supplement her income. Mandy had inherited the four-room flat from her mother and there was a spare room as now only Mandy and Samantha lived in the flat. Not wanting to pay for agent fees and all, Mandy went online and posted the vacancy in a bid to find a tenant on her own. The market rate was around $500-$600 but wanting a little more, she asked for $900. A few weeks passed without any reply and Mandy was beginning to think that she had asked too high a price from her prospective tenants. However, just as she was about to lower her asking price, she received an email from a prospective tenant. It was Paul, a Brit, whose wanderlust had led him to Singapore. He had wanted to experience local living, and of course did not know the market rate thus was willing to pay such an exorbitant price, while in Singapore. Well Mandy was initially dismayed that it was a guy who was interested in the room, but I guess she wanted (or needed) the money and agreed to him being the tenant. It didn't hurt that Paul was quite the dashing man.

The first month or so was pretty uneventful as Paul did his own thing. But as time went by there was a mutual attraction between Mandy and Paul. Although not officially an item and keeping separate schedules, Paul and Mandy grew increasingly closer. From midnight chit chats to going out together and soon enough...........both Mandy and Paul felt as if there was something going on. For Paul, apart from the attraction, there was also a sense of pity as Mandy related her past and current situation to him over the regular night chit chats. From Mandy, it also this sense of security that Paul seemed to give her even though he was one or two years younger than she was. It helped that he was a successful person in his own right, able to afford (financially) to drop everything and take such a long extended break. Samantha too enjoyed Paul's presence, not in a romantic way (she knew her mother liked him), but maybe as the father she never had.

Even at that time though, Paul reckoned the two ladies could do with a little shaping up in their lives. He reckoned they lived like slobs. Due to financial commitments, Samantha had stopped halfway thru her A levels and went to work with her mother. They hardly saved a single any of their pay and were out partying almost everyday. As Paul and Mandy became more familiar with each other and as they relationship sort of blossomed in a way, he mentioned his sentiments to Mandy with regards to their lifestyle. Mandy acknowledged that changes were needed to be made but also added that there was some reluctance to change. They were so comfortable with their way of life and there didn't seem to be a kind of “push” to get them out of their comfort zone even though life as it was seemed to be a downward spiral. Maybe if she could get away from Singapore with Samantha and have a fresh start, things may change, she lamented sometimes to Paul.

Well that chance came as Paul was intending to return to where he came from (I will not state it here, for some reason Many asked for me to keep it out of the story) and offered to bring Mandy and Samantha along. Paul's intended three month stay in Singapore had dragged for almost a year and he reckoned it was time he returned home. However, his relationship with Mandy had started to become a bit more serious and he saw potential in it. In his time with them he had seen glimpses of how Mandy could make the great wife and how Samantha was this intelligent young girl who in her unfortunate circumstance was not given the opportunities she needed in life. The only problem was that some changes in their lives were needed.

Needless to say, Mandy have was hopelessly in love with Paul and Samantha saw a father figure in him as well, thus they took Paul up on his offer. Of course before they left, Paul sat down with Mandy and Samantha and talk to them about his plans for them. He was willing to see Samantha thru school and financially there would not be much of a worry for them. But they had to change the way they lived their lives. He added there some discipline and boundaries were need, some form of structure was need for they could not be living they way they were living now once they were over there with him. Now the words discipline and boundaries may have seemed a bit too obvious that Paul had spankings on his mind, but to Mandy she felt as if she had finally found someone to care for her and Samantha, and she felt as if she could let go of her worries and fears. Samantha too didn't seem to phantom what Paul was hinting at (well he wasn't really hinting that at that time) and was all too excited at the prospect of being able to go to a foreign school.

Well and so off they went to this foreign land of Paul origin and the initial time seemed to go perfectly well as Mandy and Samantha busied themselves with starting a new life. With so many things to do such as finding a school for Samantha to getting familiar with their new neighbourhood and getting used to the cuisine, there was little time for Mandy and Samantha to even “fall back” to their old way of life even if they wanted to. Paul himself was pleasantly surprised.

But alas old habits die hard. As soon as things began to settle down a few months later, Mandy and Samantha began to show signs of going back to their old ways. It started with Mandy suggesting they all go out to town for a little partying one of the nights. Paul had thought that it be good since they had all been very busy since they had come over (Mandy and Samantha with adjusting while Paul had gone back to handling his business). The ladies enjoyed themselves thoroughly that night and were still squealing with delight and girlish giggles on the way back as the reminisced all the partying fun that they had back home in Singapore. It was a jovial mood and Paul didn't think much of it. However, soon enough, bit by bit, the determination and focus that both Mandy and Samantha had when they first came over soon fizzled out as they began to party more and more and lead the aimless slob-of-a life that they had been living in Singapore. With all that partying, Samantha found I increasingly hard to get up for school and also school didn't seem that interesting anymore with all that partying that they were doing. With the frequent partying came the heavy drinking as well which Paul was quite annoyed with but he was patient as he knew that changes needed time.

But after one drunken night where Paul had to go down to the club to almost forcibly “extract” Mandy and Samantha out, Paul kinda lost his cool. As Mandy and Samantha continued with the drunken antics and girlish giggles in the car, Paul berated them throughout the ride home. But it was a case of words falling on deaf (drunk rather) ears for they were too wasted and Paul's angry words were only met with more girlish giggles. But the next morning as Mandy and Samantha sobered up from their durnken slumber, they began to feel a little ashamed of how they have been. Over breakfast they sheepishly apologised to Paul and sincerely regretted their actions and how they had sort of “regressed” to their old habits and lifestyle. Paul was still understandably annoyed but was patient as he reminded them that they really needed to focus as he gently chided Mandy for being the mother that she was, setting a bad example for Samantha. Mandy and Samantha were visibly regretful for what happened and promised that they would try not to let it happen again. But Paul had had enough of their promises each time something like that happened and so he asked them if they remembered what he had said about a little discipline and structure before they departed from Singapore. Mandy and Samantha said that they remembered his words but didn't know what it meant as it was too vague. To that Paul merely said that things were going to have to change and he was going to personally see that it changes, and then told them that he would talk to them again later that night. And with that, he went off to work.

When Paul returned that night, he sat down with Mandy and Samantha to discuss what he had in mind for them. Not knowing how to start telling them that he was intending to spank them, Paul started by chiding them that they had been both acting like spoilt naughty little girls. And then he asked Samantha what Mandy would have done previously if she had been naughty. Samantha thought for a while said that Mandy may raise her voice and scold her. Paul threw the question to Mandy who also answered the same. Then he asked if the scoldings had worked, to which both Mandy and Samantha giggled and shook their heads. Then he asked what would happen if the scoldings didn't work. Mandy and Samantha gave a blank look and then Mandy said that nothing would have happened because there was nothing that her mother could do and for her part as a mother to Samantha, there was nothing she could do either but thankfully Samantha was as naughty as her she reckoned. Then Paul continued by saying that over here that when one was naughty and scoldings did not work, they were given a spanking. And then he said that this was what he was going to do with them from now on. Before there was any protest from anyone of them, Paul took Mandy (who was sitting next to him) over his lap and said that for starters, he would give them a feel of how a spanking would be. He then proceeded to give five or six sharp stinging spanks on Mandy's bottom, which drew a few yelps from her, and then he let her up. Next he pulled Samantha over his knee, and also gave her five or six sharp stinging spanks on her bottom, which also drew yelps from her, before let her up. As Mandy and Samantha sat back down, a little embarrassed and rubbing their bottom, Paul said that that was just to give them a feel of a spanking and if they were to be spanked, it would be worse than that. He then said that this was his plan, but it was their choice whether to accept it. However, his condition for them to stay would be to accept the spankings he gave, and if they chose not too then they could return to Singapore. Paul then told them to take a while to think about it and expected a reply when he returned.

As Paul walked away, Mandy and Samantha looked at each other and the look in each others eyes gave them the answer straight away. And as they discussed, they both didn't want to go back to Singapore. But would his plan work in helping them change they wondered? One thing for sure, they knew that it would hurt. Thus they decided to accept Paul's plan, but decided to plead for a little mercy in his spankings. So when Paul returned, they sat on his sides and leaned their heads into his arms as if to manja (check: soften up) him and Mandy said that they had decided and they would accept his spankings but hoped that he would go easy on them. Paul wrapped his arms around both of them and told them that he was doing this because he cared and treated them like his own family already. However he added that it was going to hurt still......but it was for their own good.

Then Paul took out two pieces of papers from his pocket and gave one each to Mandy and Samantha. On the pieces of paper, Paul had written some rules that they had to follow or suffer a spanking if they didn't. Some of the rules were different for the two ladies (i.e. Samantha's piece had going to school on time as a rule while Mandy's piece didn't as she didn't go to school) He added that, there were more things that needed to be changed, but these rules were for starters. In addition, he said that Mandy had to begin acting more like a mature adult and mother. And so, as part of that responsibility, Mandy was to ensure that Samantha kept to the rules that Paul had set for her or else she too would get a spanking as well.

Then as a preemptive measure and also as a punishment for their drunken antics the night before, Paul decided that he would give them their first proper spanking. As both of them were to be punished for the drunken antics, Paul said that whenever both of them were to be spanked, he would always start with Mandy.

The spanking made the earlier five to six spanks seem like a tickle. For a good one minute, Paul landed a flurry of hard spanks on Mandy's shorts-clad bottom (which provided little protection) as Mandy wiggled and squirmed. By the time Paul had let her up, Mandy was sniffling and she felt a tear or two trickle down her cheek. Samantha was next and like her mother, she received a one minute handspanking on her shorts-clad bottom and she too was tearing by the time Paul let her up. As Mandy and Samantha sat on the couch rubbing their bottoms in a bid to ease the burn, Paul told them that they could expect that spankings for repeated offences would be harder.

It was already pretty late by then, and Paul instructed Samantha to go to bed as there was school the next day, to which Samantha quickly obeyed. Mandy too got up wanting to get ready to sleep and she pulled Paul's arm in a playful bid to get him to go with her to the room. But Paul pulled back and put Mandy over his knee again. Mandy struggled, giggling as she though Paul was playing around, and tried to get up but Paul held her down and told her that her spanking was not over yet. Mandy started to protest saying that she had already gotten spanked, but Paul reminded her that this was part two as he each time that Samantha got spanked, she would get spanked as well. Mandy tried to plead with Paul, but he cut her off and started spanking as Mandy buried her face in the cushion. Mandy wiggled even more this time as she had already been spanked earlier. After a minute of handspanks on her short-clad bottom, Paul stopped but did not let her up, as he told her that she had to set a good example for Samantha as her mother and because of that, she could expect a harder spanking than Samantha. And then he with one fluid motion, he pulled Mandy's shorts down and began spanking again, this time on her panties. Mandy wiggled and squirmed as tears rolled down this time as she felt as if her bottom was already burning. By the time Paul had stopped, Mandy was already sobbing. Paul let her up and sat her on his lap as she buried her face in his chest and sobbed while Paul rubbed her bottom. As he rubbed her bottom, Paul told her that as it was her first time, he had kept her panties on, but in future he would spank her on her bare bottom.

Things really shaped up from then on as Paul went on to make an impression on their bottom as Mandy and Samantha found themselves keeping to their promise of making a change in their life for the better and stuck to the rules that Paul had set for them. Paul didn't have to spank them very often, maybe once every two weeks, but he made sure they felt the spanking nonetheless and would be back to their best behaviour.

There was however one incident a couple months later that resulted in a more severe punishment for the both of them. Paul had gone to another town to settle some business and was not expected to return till the next day. The lack of Paul's supervision and the thought of just having a bit of fun, they did go out to party still previously on the weekends with Paul, Mandy and Samantha decided to have a night out at one of the local clubs. But without Paul around to give them the reminder that they should control themselves, it wasn't long before Mandy and Samantha had knocked back one drink too many. And by the time they stumbled home at about 4am, they were totally wasted. But the shock of finding Paul sitting on the couch waiting for them, sobered them up a bit. Paul was extremely annoyed at the state that they both were in and especially since one of his rules for them was not to go partying without him and not to get drunk. Now that was two rules broken. But Paul knew that a punishment in their current state would not get the lesson thru so therefore he sent them off to bed and told them that he would settle this with them first thing in the morning.

The very next morning, Mandy and Samantha found themselves taking a trip over Paul's knee. They both knew they were in for it as they had never broken two rules at the same time and Paul had promised them a good hiding this time. As usual Mandy was first over Paul's knee and he landed a flurry of spanks much harder then before, so much so that Mandy had tears by the time the minute of handspanking was up. But unlike previous times, where Paul would let her up and get her to sit down as he would proceed to spank Samantha after that, this time he instructed Mandy to stay by the side of the couch and face the wall with her hands on her head for it was not over yet. Knowing that Paul was really upset, Mandy did as she was told, not wanting to antagonise him further. Next was Samantha's turn for her handspanking and she too received a harder spanking from Paul this time which left her sobbing by the time he let her up. She too was made to stand in the same position next to her mother. As the stood there facing the wall sniffling and sobbing, Paul lecture them for a couple of minutes and then instructed them to bare their bottoms. Then he took Mandy over his knee again and time time gave her two full minutes of a blistering handspanking over her bare bottom which left her crying and wiggling. She was put back into position at the wall and Samantha was put over Paul's knee once again for the same blistering spanking that her mother had just received before being made to stand facing the wall next to her mother once again. As they both stood there crying with there bright red bottoms, Paul lectured them again about how disappointed he was and made them stand there for fifteen minutes to reflect on their actions. After the fifteen minutes, Paul decided that he needed to make sure that they learnt their lesson and so he made both of them bend over the table at the same time and gave them ten strokes of his belt each. It was the first time that the both of them were being whipped by the belt and from the first stroke the tears began to roll down and they apologised and pleaded with Paul for a little mercy. But Paul calmly told them that they had “to do the time for the crime”. They were both crying profusely and had to hold each other's hands for the last two strokes of the belt. After the belting, Paul left them bent over the table for a bit to compose themselves. And when they had stopped crying, Paul instructed the both of them to stand up and face him. As they stood there with their tear-stained faces and still sniffling, Paul lectured them once again and said that if it ever happened again, it would be at least double the punishment that they received today. Then Paul instructed Samantha to go back to the wall, face it and put her hands on her head, while he gave her mother her next spanking. Mandy's heart dropped when she heard that, she had forgotten that she would have to be punished once more as per the agreement that she would receive a harder punishment whenever Samantha was spanked as a failure for her role as a mother in ensuring that Samantha kept to the rules. Mandy began to cry once more and begged Paul not to punish her further. She knew that it would be a harder one but after the belting she could not bear to imagine how she could bear a harder punishment. Knowing that she was becoming hysterical, Paul stretched out his arms around Mandy and hushed her to calm her down. As he kept his arms around her, he gently told her that he knew that it was painful, but it was part of the agreed upon consequence and it was for her own good and that she should take the punishment like a big girl. Mandy calmed down to a sob and knew that she had to accept the punishment as she buried her face in Paul chest and nodded when Paul asked her if she was ready for her second spanking.

For her second spanking, Paul made Mandy remove the rest of her clothing and put her over his knee for a nude three minute hard handspanking over her bare bottom which left her crying throughout. It didn't just end at the handspanking. After the handspanking, Mandy was made to lay face down over the couch and Paul gave her ten strokes of a thin cane which stung like hell and drew cries with each stroke and left her a blubbering wreck. After the caning, Paul let her cry over the couch for a bit before he helped her up and brought her next to Samantha. He then put two cushions side by side on the floor and made both of them kneel on one of them each, facing the wall with their hands on their head, for an hour to reflect on their actions before they were left up.

That punishment kept them good for quite a while and it would be almost two month before either of them did anything to warrant even a simple handspanking over the shorts.

This is more to come in this story.......stay tuned.


sixofthebest said...
September 20, 2009 at 3:20 AM  

Paul had every right to spank both mother Mandy, and daughter Samantha, for being very naughy. But my way of spanking these two females, would have been by a good caning on their bare bottoms. Singapore 'sting' of 'six of the best' would have been the best solution. Six of the very best strokes of the swishy stinging cane.

Anonymous said...
May 5, 2011 at 3:07 PM  

hello all, thanks for this story.
i have a daughter an a wife, 17 and 36, and i also sometimes spank them together hard! Both are to be fully naked and i usually begin, and finish, with my wife, as SHE is the grown-up, and should therfore be the most responsible! i admit spanking mother and daughter together is exciting for me, as both also make no effort to hide their most intimate private parts!
my daughter even "uses" my excitement to make me give her a far less severe punishment then i give to my wife! it is unfair, i know but my wife sure deserves it, as a 36-year old behaving like a child should be treated as a child!
And the corner-time is awsome! They both stand facing a wall, with swollen, marked bottoms, legs apart, hands on their heads! i am able to see not only their well marked bottoms, but also their excitement, as both "girls" have pretty hard, pointing nipples, and damp and wet pussies! i often cannot resist and take them, one after the other, while leaving the other facing the wall, to my bedroom, giving them "private" sessions! Those are still more humiliating, as i also spank them, mostly my wife, on her sex, on her vagina! and make both go through deep inspections, of vagina and anus, which makes them both go mad with shame and regret!

sixofthebest said...
May 19, 2013 at 9:31 PM  

Right on Anonymous, letter of May 5 2011. Spanking both these naughty females, must be most pleasureable. Please continue same, for many more years to come. For I toast you with these wordss of wisdom. "Have a spanking good time".

Anonymous said...
February 7, 2014 at 7:20 PM  

When I was in my teens, an older woman seduced me. Among the lessons she taught me was how to spank a woman. One of the things she pointed out was spanking the fairer sex has nothing to do with age. It is all about behavior! Women know that. Most men don't. Another thing she shared with me was, regardless of how much a woman protests otherwise, she expects to get it on her bare bottom and she expects it to genuinely hurt! Otherwise, she won't respect the man.

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