Reader's Submission: Spanked while in the University

Friday, January 23, 2009 ·

Dear Readers, it's time again for another real life spanking experience submitted by one of you. Do enjoy.

Hi I chanced upon your blog and reading some of the stories brought back some memories of my childhood. My parents were very strict with me growing up, though in a way I probably would not have graduated from University if not for them.

My parents were always strict with me and throughout my Primary to my Junior College years they made sure that I focused fully on my studies. Everyday I was expected to return home straight after school and as my mother was a housewife, she would ensure that I did my homework and revised whatever was thought in school that day. Since my primary school days, I learnt that my studies were not to be taken lightly and any bit of complacency that my mother detected in my attitude towards my studies were dealt with immediately and painfully. Being spanked and caned was not uncommon. This resulted in me doing extremely well in all my examinations.

My parents were strict not only with my studies but also with made sure that I did not mix with bad company. Although I was allowed to go out with my friends occasionally during the weekends, my parents always had a curfew for me, even when I was in Junior College. And if I broke the curfew, it was dealt with severely and I would be grounded for quite a while after that. Though I must admit that once I had gone into Secondary school, I never broke much of the rule that my parents set for me and therefore I was spanked or caned only a few times. Nevertheless, they were still strict with me. Therefore when I was accepted into a UK university to study accounting, I jumped at the offer knowing that once overseas I would be free from my “parents' clutches” and would have all the freedom in the world. It was quite a good university and therefore my parents agreed to me studying overseas and very soon I found myself in the UK enjoying as much of the freedom that I could have. The problem was the my newfound freedom was quite overwhelming and I got carried away. I partied and did a whole lot of other crazy things with my new friends at the university and did not pay much attention to my studies. Reality soon sank in as I received notice that I had flunked my first year and would have to repeat the whole year. Although I was disappointed in myself, I was confident that I would be able to make the next year and went back to Singapore for my holidays intending to keep this from my parents. I reckoned that I could always tell them that I had taken up additional modules if they ever asked why I did not graduated in three years. And so when I returned home to Singapore I acted as everything was well and my parents were none the wiser........for the first week at least.

As I had applied to the university just a few months before my 18th birthday, my father had to give consent to me studying there. And because of this a copy of my results were sent to my parents place in Singapore, addressed to his name. All hell broke loose the day the letter came. My parents were extremely upset and the moment my mother had read the letter, I found myself over her knee in that all too familiar position with her hand spanking my bottom mercilessly. My parents got even more upset when I owned up about how I had actually spent my time in the UK, and as an effort to ensure that my punishments was more severe, my mother declared all future punishments would be on the bare from then onward. Prior to that, all of the spankings and canings were solely on my panties at the least. I was not allowed to go out for the rest of my holidays back in Singapore and was made to catch up on all the studying that I had missed out on during that past year. To make matters worse, at the suggestion of my father, my mother gave me a spanking each morning before I started with my studying so that the pain on my bottom would remind me that I had to concentrate on my studies. And that was not the only spanking I received in the day. As I had spent that past year mucking around, I found it hard to get the momentum of studying and found myself dozing off while trying to study. Whenever this happened, my mother would pull me over her lap and give me about ten to twenty spanks on my bottom to “wake me up” from my slumber. I guess my father must have been quite upset as well for although my father had all along let my mother handle the punishments meted out on me, this time he got involved. Each night before I went to bed, he would use his belt and gave me 5 strokes of the belt on my bottom albeit with my panties on. Thankfully my mother did not use the cane then, maybe because she knew that if she caned me everyday my bottom would have bled. And I endured the punishment thinking that it would only last the month as I would soon be returning to the university.

However on the day that I was to leave for the UK, I was dealt with a surprise. My parents had discussed and had decided that my mother would stay with me in the UK during the period of my studies so as to ensure that I did not lose focus on my studies again. As my father had to work, he would only come over every few months. So instead of going back to the hostel, my mother and I moved into a rented apartment which was about a ten minutes walk from the university. That night as we unpacked, my heart dropped as I realised that my mother had brought along her trusty cane and one of my father's belt. I got a spanking and a caning that very night when I brought my clothes back from the hostel and my mother noticed that the bulk of my clothes were all quite the skimpy kind.

The first day of classes as I was about to leave the apartment for the university, my mother asked if I had forgotten something and I was actually puzzled. Then as she closed the door and led me back to the sofa I soon realised that she had intended to give me a spanking every single day before I went for classes in the university. She said that the sting on my bottom as I sat through the day's classes would ensure that I remembered that I had to focus on my studies. My mother also made an appointment with my dean and asked if she could get a weekly progress from my professors and lecturers with regards to my studies. Unfortunately for me the dean agreed and because I had already gotten in my professors bad books the year before, the weekly progress reports that were given to my mother were less than favourable.

And so for most of that year each morning my mother would spank me on my bare bottom before I went for my classes. She had a copy of my class schedules and thus I had no choice but to return back to the apartment almost immediately after my classes for the day ended. She made sure that the rest of the time I spent after classes were spent studying at the few times my laziness crept in, it would be another trip over her knee. The cane and the belt were reserved for the weekly progress reports and each time I had an unfavourable report from my professors, my bottom would feel my mother's wrath with the cane and the belt. It was an extremely painful time, and my mother stayed throughout the next two years and only returned to Singapore in my final year for she felt that I had regained my focus in my studies. But before she left for Singapore, she gave me a rather severe spanking and caning which now when I look back, did keep me from going haywire after she returned to Singapore. I continued to focus on my studies after that and sure enough graduated the very year.

It wasn't the most pleasant experience and though I hate to admit it, the spankings I received then may have contributed to me graduating at least.


Harmony said...
January 24, 2009 at 1:55 PM  

Omg, that reminds me of my mother spanking me.

AndrewViciousCycle said...
January 25, 2009 at 3:35 PM  

lols Happy 牛 Yearrrr!!!

Spank-A-Lot said...
January 29, 2009 at 2:49 PM  

Harmony> Brings back memories? Care to share it on here sometime?

Andrew> Happy CNY!

Anonymous said...
February 1, 2010 at 7:19 PM  

My parents were fairy laid back about discipline until my Gap year. I had done doing very well in my 'A' levels and earned it .I live in the UK but once my Gap year started I really went rather wild enjoying the 'freedom' before going to University! Too much partying ,clubbing and coming home at all hours however led to them buying a couple of canes!The first time was so embarrassing, I had to go to her bedroom after lunch next day and as I faced her, hands on my head, she removed my Pyjama trousers.! A lecture then I bent over a chair anf soon felt the first stroke of the long rattan cane! i could n0t believe how much it hurt! I had another 11 to go and well before that I was crying!
That year and when I was in University I was caned and had the slipper too often! I got a good Degreeso I was grateful for being kept focussed! Sarah.

Spank-A-Lot said...
February 2, 2010 at 3:15 PM  

Thanks for sharing Sarah! I guess it was added motivation for you ;)

Anonymous said...
February 6, 2010 at 1:32 AM  

It is difficult to understand late teenagers so wiling to accept parental discipline involving spanking and caning as punishment!
I had my first spanking when I was over 18 but when mum tried to spank she was not strong enough to do it.However Daddy was! He was furious and he pulled me over his knee and held me whilst mum pulled my jeans down ,with my panties! I cannot describe how much his spanking hurt! I still persisted over the next few months in resisting but gradually realised it only got me a harder spanking. However they then got a cane and my resistance ended ,after one session with that!They kept it until I was nearly 21 and insisted until my last caning that it was given on my bare bottom.My bum was often sore for a couple of days and this made things difficult in Uni ,trying to avoid too much fidgetting- for obvious reasons!

brett said...
March 12, 2010 at 9:19 PM  

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