An all-female threeway spanking arrangement

Sunday, January 18, 2009 ·

Dear Readers, I apologise for my long absence for there was a problem with my internet connection both at work and at home. Therefore have been shut out from the blogosphere for a while. Nevertheless, I am back and bringing you another real life spanking Singaporean story.

Alyssa 27 is one of the few Singaporean female tops/doms (read: someone who gives the spankings) I get along pretty well with. Like a lot of female doms around, she started in the scene as a bottom/sub and somehow grew into the role of dom. But that is a story for another time. Alyssa has a sister, Adeline, who is 19 and does know about Alyssa's spanking activities. Well she does now which is largely the point of this story so read on!

Alyssa and Adeline have always been close and even after Alyssa rented her own pad, Adeline would spend some weekends at Alyssa's place. It was a normal sisterly relationship and they both loved each other to death. Every time that Adeline spent the night over, it would be like a girly slumber party where they would share intimate secrets about themselves over romantic movies and a whole lot of junk food. Alyssa however did hold back on a certain secret about herself. It was about her alternative fetish in spankings. Well it was more than that, it was more like BDSM. Adeline would always be the baby sister in Alyssa's eyes and therefore some things one doesn't share with a baby sister.

However unknown to Alyssa, Adeline too had a secret that she had been keeping from Alyssa. She too had a fetish for spankings, an interest in BDSM and a inner desire to be dominated. But at her young age, Adeline was unsure if such feelings were alright and therefore did not share it with her elder sister. Somehow in Singapore, I guess there is still some stigma about sharing certain intimate details with one's elder sibling.

Well life can throw us some pretty weird coincidences.................

Alyssa had a sub/slave, Jane. They were actually colleagues and somehow over a night of drinks realised that they shared the same kinky interests and after a while a dom/sub relationship developed between them. They had been in such a relationship for over five years at that time. It was also around that time that Jane had asked Alyssa if she could move in with her. Jane's landlord wanted her to shift out and therefore was looking for a place. At the same time, Jane too had a sub whom Jane thought of asking to shift in. Apart from looking for a place to stay, Jane also felt that she seemed to have a little bit of difficulty handling her sub, who could be a bit bitchy at times and therefore was wondering if Alyssa could agree to a a three way live-in arrangement (its not an official term anyway), which would enable Jane to be a live-in sub too and Alyssa could at the same time observe and maybe intervene in some of Jane's sessions with her sub. Let me explain. A three way arrangement is when a dom has a sub who has a sub and sessions are usually held together or they all live under the same roof. Honestly I don't know if this is common or not, well its fairly uncommon in Singapore but I am unsure elsewhere. So anyway it was Alyssa agreed to it. Alyssa stayed alone anyway, though she wondered what to tell her sister Adeline. But Adeline would call before dropping by anyway, so Alyssa decided that she would think of what to tell her when she called.

Well it turned out that Alyssa never did have to think about what to tell Adeline cause......

Jane's sub turned out to be Adeline. They had met in a chatroom sometime back and after a while of chatting online, they met for an intro session with Jane and have been in a dom/sub relationship so far. Adeline knew that Jane was a sub to someone else but did not know who it was. Adeline knew that her attitude at times made it a challenge for Jane during their sessions together but she was comfortable and trusted Jane which was most important for her. (Trust is a very important factor in a BDSM relationship. Hmmm in fact it is important in all relationships.) However the thrill of being dominated by two women made it all the more thrilling, so when Jane brought up her concerns of being her difficulty in handling Adeline at time and the possibility of having a three way live in arrangement, Adeline jumped at it. Plus, Adeline had been meaning to move out for sometime already.

So imagine the scene when Adeline and Jane arrived at Alyssa's place. Unfortunately or fortunately, when they were in a cab on the way there, Jane decided to blindfold Adeline. (Jane said that the taxi uncle was laughing thinking they were rather silly.) When Alyssa met them at the door, she found it rather amusing but yet remarked to herself of Jane's sub looked quite similar to her younger sister. But brushing off the thought, she ushered them in. Then Jane sat Adeline down on the couch and said to Alyssa, “Mistress, this is Adeline.” as she pulled the blindfold of Adeline. It must have been a funny sight. Jane said that both Adeline and Alyssa's eyes met and they both kept very quiet for quite sometime with a shocked expression. After a few uneasy moments of silence, Jane asked what was wrong and Alyssa replied, “She's my younger sister .” Well I shan't go into the rest of the uneasiness of that introduction for the three of them were unable to explain it properly and all they could say that it was kind of weird and uncomfortable at that time. Though Adeline did say that while she was shock, inside she felt a sudden rush of excitement like because she felt she didn't have to feel bad about her sister knowing and secondly the prospect of being dominated by her elder sister did seem intriguing.

So anyway, after the uncomfortable moments were over and done with, it was down to business. Alyssa made it very clear to Adeline that although she was her sister, it did not change the three way arrangement and at all times she was to address her as mistress as well. The rules of the house were laid out by Alyssa. At all times, unless there were vanilla guests in the house, Jane was not allowed on the big single seat armchair, which was reserved for Alyssa and only Alyssa. Adeline, being the lowest in the three way arrangement was to be seated on the floor at all times. Both Jane and Adeline had to have their collars on at all times in the house and were only to be dressed in their panties and a tank-top. No bra was allowed. As Adeline was currently not working at that time, the household chores were to be done by her. All except the cleaning of the two bedrooms which were to be cleaned by Jane once a week. And of course other rules were laid in but yada yada, they are usually endless.

Once the rules were laid down, Alyssa instructed both Jane and Adeline to put their bags in the room and get in the attire that they were supposed to be. When they returned, Alyssa made both of them kneel infront of her with their hands behind their back. Alyssa then brought up the issue of Adeline's attitude problem with Jane. Alyssa warned that if it continued she would have no choice but to intervene. Then as a warm up, she put Jane over her knee and gave her a good handspanking. Following which, Adeline was given a handspanking over Alyssa's knee. It was the first time that Adeline was given a handspanking by her sister and Adeline realised that Alyssa's spankings stung much more than those given by Jane.

The next day, when Alyssa and Jane returned from work, the whole place was in a mess and none of the supposed chores were done. Adeline was no where to be found. Knowing that Adeline's failure to follow the rules set were also attributed to Jane's lack of training for Adeline, Alyssa decided to give Jane a punishment there and then. Jane was made to strip of all her clothes and was given a blistering five minute or so of handspankings on her bare bottom as Alyssa lectured Jane throughout the spankings about how she had to take proper control over her sub. There was no rest after the handspankings as Jane was made to fetch the cane and a strap from the implement box. Then had to bend over the edge of the couch as Alyssa gave Jane ten hard stroke with the strap. Halfway through the strapping, Adeline returned home and stood there motionless as she saw the scene. Alyssa paused her strapping as she turn to Adeline and told her that Jane was being punished because Adeline had not cleaned up the place. She then ordered Adeline to strip off her clothes and kneel at the side of the living room. Meanwhile, Alyssa continued with Jane's strapping which was followed by five strokes of the cane. After Jane's punishment was over, Alyssa told Jane that she'd better teach Adeline to follow the rules and she'd expect to see Adeline crying by the time dinner was done. And with that Alyssa walked into the kitchen to prepare the night's dinner..

As Alyssa prepared the dinner, Jane turned her attention towards Adeline. She gave Adeline a good scolding and then proceeding to give the same punishment to Adeline as Alyssa had given to her.. And by the time dinner was ready, Adeline was crying alright. But Alyssa also noticed that she had heard Adeline talking back and trying to bargain with Jane over the number of strokes she was to receive. “Quite an attitude” Alyssa thought to herself, but decided to observe for a few more days before deciding whether to intervene at all.

Over the next few days, Jane ensured that Adeline kept to the rules and regulations and was spanked on a few more occasions. During those spankings, Alyssa noticed that although Adeline did show improvement in her attitude towards Jane, it seemed that there was much more improvement needed.

So after a week of observing, Alyssa decided that she would need to intervene a little. So during one of the evenings, while watching the TV, Alyssa abruptly turned of the TV as she snapped her fingers and point in front of her as she sat on her armchair. Well trained and observant, Jane quickly got off the sofa and got down to her knees in front of Alyssa with her back straight and her hands crossed behind them. Adeline on the other hand was her usual ill-trained lazy self and only slowly got into the same position next to Jane after seeing her get into it. Immediately, Alyssa grabbed Adeline by the arm and over her knee. Shocked, Adeline struggle d and tried to push herself up as Alyssa pushed her back down and ordered her to stop struggling. Alyssa then lectured Adeline about how slow she was to react when given an order. Ten hard spanks were given over Adeline's panties before they were tugged down and a further ten were given on her bare bottom. The spanks were fast and hard as Adeline gasped with each spank. After that, Adeline was ordered to strip before returning to the kneeling position. Adeline quickly obeyed this time, largely out of a bit of fear for she had not seen her elder sister that stern and serious before. Alyssa lectured Adeline again and told her that she had been observing for the past few days and did not like what she saw. She told Adeline that a sub should never argue or bargain with her dom. And should always be quick to obey and order given. She then told Adeline to stand by the side of the armchair to observe how Jane reacted as a sub.

Looking at Jane, Alyssa told her to remove her clothes and get over her knee. Jane quickly got up removed her clothes, folded it neatly, placed it on the sofa and went over Alyssa's knee. Alyssa proceed to give a two minute warm up handspanking during which Jane kept perfectly still throughout the whole time. After the handspanking, Alyssa told Jane to get the hairbrush from the punishment box. Jane quickly got it and handed it over to Alyssa before getting over her knee once again as she was told. Jane was instructed to count and thank for each stroke of the hairbrush. For each of the twenty strokes given, Jane kept perfectly still as she counted each stroke and thanked Alyssa for each one. Implement after implement, position after position, Jane obeyed Alyssa's instructions to the letter and not once did she disobey or try to bargain her way out.

Halfway through a strapping as Jane was on her hands and knees on the coffeetable, Alyssa asked, “Jane do you know why you are being punished?”

Amidst her tears Jane replied, “For not training Adeline properly Mistress.”

Looking at Adeline she asked Jane, “And do you need to be punished somemore?”

To this Jane meekly replied, “Yes Mistress, until you feel that I have been punished enough.”

Looking at Jane's reddened bottom, Adeline felt thankful that her Mistress was not her elder sister. But was it too early for that thought?

For as soon as Jane's punishments had seemed to be finished, Alyssa turned to Adeline and said, “Now lets see if you have learnt anything from what you have observed so far?” Adeline's heart dropped as her worst fears had apparently come true.

So once again implement after implement, position after position, Alyssa meted out the same spankings on Adeline.

But it started off rather badly considering that Adeline had seem to learn much from what she observed. As she received extra strokes for getting out of position and losing count. Tears flowing down Adeline's face she got down on her knees and begged Alyssa to stop the punishments for she could not take it anymore.

Ah but the end of the punishment is never decided by a sub so it seems, for Alyssa still had one last punishment for Adeline. As it was rather apparent that Adeline was quite unable to keep to the positions anymore, Alyssa decided to help her out a bit and she got Jane to tie Adeline to the coffee table so that she would be unable to move. The settled the issue of getting out of position. Ten last strokes of the belt and if Adeline managed to keep count all the way to the end, it would mean the end of the punishments for the day. But ten it wasn't to be. She lost count from number three and true to her word, Alyssa started from all over again each time that Adeline lost count. All in all, Jane reckoned that she counted almost forty stroke of the belt.

Adeline was a wreck by the time it was over but somehow, it seemed she learnt her lesson that very day. For when Jane gave her a punishment the following week, she obey all instructions to the letter.

Now this all happened back in 2006. The three way arrangement is still ongoing though but now its more of BDSM session that they hold together. But subs being subs, Adeline and Jane still get their punishments from time to time because of certain infractions they made.


Harmony said...
January 19, 2009 at 12:41 AM  

I managed to read all. Very weird relationship they share too. But if its a guy in one of the loop instead, things will be more nicer, maybe the guy being spanked? HAHA

Spank-A-Lot said...
January 29, 2009 at 2:51 PM  

You mean u never read them previous ones to the end?!!!!

Anonymous said...
February 1, 2009 at 4:05 AM  

Whoa, I am a closet lover of the cane and I must admit I am surprised to see there are others. Not sure how, but I am looking out for people to share the joys of spanking.

Anonymous said...
November 21, 2009 at 4:11 AM  

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