A Personal Experience of Watching an Ah Beng spanking an Ah Lian

Monday, January 5, 2009 ·

Now Dear Readers, I shall share with you one of the scenes of spankings that I had seen while growing up. Nope it was not the defining moment that drew out my interest in spankings, I kind of had that interest from as early as I can remember, but it was one of the few scenes which has remained in my memory till now. It was a time quite long ago when I was in Secondary one. Like most of the people in Singapore who have gone to neighbourhood schools, I went through what you may call the Ah Beng phase. Where smoking was cool and fightings were to show off and days were spent fun-filled without a care in the world. Now at that time I hung out with a group of Ah Bengs in my school of which a large portion was older than me. It was one of those days where the whole group of us decided to skip school and go to one of the older boys place to hang out, smoke and probably gamble. I reached there with two other boys, slightly later than the rest, and when I entered the host's room I noticed that there was girl in our midst. She was the typical Ah Lian who was the girl friend of the host. And as we sat around in a circle on the floor with the host (who at that time was the defacto leader of our group) lying sideways on his bed (which was actually just a mattress) with his girlfriend behind him (cuddling him as well).

We started gambling with playing cards and as the game went on I noticed that the clothes of the Ah Lian were piece by piece being removed and thrown off to the edge of the bed. All in all we counted four pieces – her top, skirt, panties and bra – though the blanket was covering the both of them so what was underneath was pretty much left to our imagination. Or so we thought.

Anyway as the game continued (the gambling I mean), it became rather apparent that some of the younger boys such as myself seemed a bit uncomfortable with the scene of the host and his now-naked girlfriend cuddling him underneath the blanket while he gambled with us. I guess he sort of sense it as he chuckled and said in hokkein to the older boys, “See all this small kids, so embarrassed.” I mean you can't really blame us younger boys for I guess at that time, that moment was the closet we have ever gotten to a naked girl. The Ah Lian however did not seem to mind, giving a sense that it wasn't the first time that such a thing had happened, and still managed to join in the conversations which the older boys were having. (Us younger boys normally didn't say much plus we were all still in shock at that time by the fact that she was naked.)

After a while, I guess the Ah Lian got pretty bored (I mean there isn't much one can do when you are the only girl and only one naked with only a blanket to protect your modesty, in a room full of boys who are gambling), and so she began to disturb her boyfriend by taking one or two of his cards and throwing it out which of course kinda irritated him. Well he sort of found it amusing for the first and second time but after the third and fourth time he gave a rather irritated tone and told the Ah Lian that if she did it again she would regret it. Well she found it rather amusing for she was still giggling at that time and continued to do it every now and then. I could see the host's face getting blacker.

And then it happened, the Ah Lian flipped another card in his hand out to the floor once more. Raising his voice this time he threw off the blanket (but we didn't get to see anything for she was lying face down and pressed herself flat on the mattress when he threw off the blanket so as to protect whatever was left of her modesty and then as if out of nowhere the host brandished the kind of long wooden rulers we used in school and started to spank her bottom as he repeatedly alternated verbally in hokkien between “I told you not to do that already right?” and a slew of hokkien expletives, as he held her down with his other hand. The Ah Lian of course started shouting and screaming and attempted to push him away and block the spanks by struggling and waving her hands at him. After after three to five spanks, the host took his school tie (yes his school tie) and quite expertly tied the Ah Lian's hand behind her back before continuing to spank her bottom with the wooden ruler. The Ah Lian of course continued to struggle and shout out still. So after about another five or more spanks with the ruler, the older boys stood up and motioned for us to leave the room. As all of us sat in the living room smoking and us younger boys pretty quiet from what we had just saw, I assume the spankings continued for we heard the spanks of the ruler continue as well as the shouts of the Ah Lian which soon changed to crying. As we (the younger boys) smoked in silence the older boys seemed nonchalant about it, probably because they had witnessed it all before and told us that when we entered the room again later to just “act blur”. It must have been helluva spanking for it was only midway through our third cigarette that the door opened and we re-entered the room following behind the older boys. The Ah Lian was still sobbing and as I entered I assumed that she must have been still tied up. The blanket was covering her but she was lying face down and as the blanket was abit short, her legs from her calf down was left exposed and we could see that they were tied together at the ankles by probably another school tie.

As we all took our same seats on the floor the host muttered something to the Ah Lian who in return uttered an apology in hokkien, something about sorry for disturbing our game, as the Ah Beng warned that she should not embarrass him like that in front of his friends. Ah the MCP-ness of the the Ah Bengs then (or maybe now still?). Anyway the gambling continued for a few more hours before we all left, and the Ah Lian remained in that tied up position throughout rather subdued.


Harmony said...
January 6, 2009 at 1:56 AM  

morale of the story. go shopping when your bf is playing cards

Spank-A-Lot said...
January 18, 2009 at 9:18 PM  

lol don't think she had much of a choice =)

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