A Group Spanking of The Trophy Wives

Monday, June 7, 2010 ·

 Another real life spanking story for you.  Hope you like it.  Enjoy.

Clara was thrilled as she packed her bags and loads of bikinis for her impending trip with her husband and three other couples.  The men were all business partners and were due to do some business deals at a certain overseas foreign luxury resort and hence had decided to make to a part-business, part holiday trip with their wives.  It was not only the thought of spending a month in a private villa soaking in the sun and shopping that had Clara excited, but it was also the chance of getting to know the three other ladies better.  Clara was only 22 and her husband, Albert, was 39.  Which meant that most of his “friends cum business associates” had wives who were relatively older than her.  But as they say, birds of the feather flock together, Albert had three close friends, who although around his age, all had wives in their early twenties.  She had met them before, but only on occasions that she was with Albert, and thus never really had a chance to foster a closer friendship with them. It didn't help that the three other ladies had know each other prior to marrying their respective partners and thus were naturally closer.  It was a good circle to get into she thought.

But just as she was happily packing her bags and humming to herself, she turned and noticed Albert putting in a couple of implements into his bag. 

Do we really need that darling? 

Just in case........

Can't we leave them at home?  I promise I will be good.

Better to be prepared.......

But your hands are good enough, plus you will have your belt anyway.

Well, I am sure knowing that I have these implements will help as a deterrence.........

But darling........

Are you sure you want to push it further......

No......sorry darling........

Clara pouted as she continued with her packing.  Better bring some larger bikini bottoms just in case.  Knowing Albert, she'd probably get a couple of spankings and she did not want to risk embarrassing herself by showing off her red bum to the rest of the ladies as they suntanned.  Domestic discipline had always been a part of their relationship, but it was solely between the both of them.  It wasn't like there was an agreement to keep it private, but just that Albert never talked about it or spanked her in public, and she being on the receiving end, didn't think that getting a spanking was conversational material in the “high society” they mixed in. 


So they flew in style.......in a private jet to their destination and all the ladies squealed and giggled in delight as they saw the magnificent sight of the private villa they were staying in.  Four separate rooms  at each corner for a little privacy, a huge pool with a view to boot.  The villa came with a butler, a chef, and other service staff.  It was in fact the best villa in the resort. 

Clara seemed to be having a ball of a time.  While the men were away in meetings during the first week, the ladies spent their time frolicking under the sun or shopping and having girlish conversations.  Clara and the three other ladies had hit it off and she felt that it was a start to a lasting friendship. 

Amazingly, or largely due to Albert's busy meetings, Clara managed to go past the week without a spanking.  There were a few near encounters, but Albert possibly let her off. 

Then on one of the nights that the men had something to attend to, the ladies decided to check out one of the al-fresco live band dining areas within the resort.  The atmosphere was rather lively and the the alcohol flowed.  Soon enough the girls were a little bit too tipsy and starting to get a little noisy.  Which was actually so far so good, but they ended drinking more and the wild streaks came out.  Their wild antics, which they themselves could not really remember, resulted in a table being broken (possibly due to their jumping up and down on it to the music), broken dishes and glasses, as well as jumping into the pool at the dining area, splashing the other guests and even attempting to flash at them from the pool. Thankfully by the time they attempted that, there wasn't much guests around.  One of the service staff recognised them as occupants in the best villa and tried to contact the men who were by then at the villa, back from their meeting and wondering where the ladies had disappeared to.  Reaching back to the villa, Clara (being the most drunk of the lot) could only vaguely remember Albert carrying her back to the room. 

The next morning, Clara heard the faint sound of the curtains being drawn and felt the warmth of the sun shine on her face.  She opened her eyes, still a little groggy and saw a blur outline of Albert standing at the windows with his arms crossed. 

You vomited all over your clothes last night.........
Clara heard Albert's stern tone.

As she vision came back to her, her senses came back as well.  She noticed that she was naked under the sheets, and suddenly she recalled what had happened the night before.  Knowing she was in trouble, she quickly sat up.  But before she could say anything, Albert cut her off.......

Ten minutes!  Wash yourself up and those soiled clothes, then get back out here.

Clara quickly did as she was told, not wanting to antagonise the situation further, and as she saw from the corner of her eye, Albert had taken out the implements from his bag, she knew she was in trouble.

Oh don't bother to wear anything when you come back out......

Clara hurried back out as soon as she was done, frantically trying to dry herself before leaving the towel on the table. 

Albert was sitting on the edge of the bed and she stood in front of him arms folded behind her back and giving her best attempt of a sad puppy look.......

I'm sorry darling.....

But that was all she had a chance to say.  Albert gave her a lecture for what seemed like an eternity and ended with....”so over my knee girl......you know the drill”

It was a blistering handspanking and Clara gasped from the first spank.  Although it was probably only  a minute or two, Clara was already tearing by the time the handspanking was done. Immediately after, Clara had to lie facedown over the pillows as Albert gave her twenty hard stroke with his belt.  Then Albert left her sobbing there was about ten minutes as he continued to lecture her. 

Clara couldn't believe her ears when she heard Albert ask her to get up.  She had seen the implements laid out on the floor and although her bottom was in pain and visibly bright red, she was mentally prepared that he'd use a few more implements on her. 

But what Albert said next was worse. 

Alright wear this bikini and let's go.......the rest of them are waiting..........

Clara looked at the bikini......it was one of those with the matching thong.   If she wore that down, the rest of the ladies and the men would have known that she had gotten a spanking!!!

She pleaded with Albert, but he warned her that he would redden her bottom somemore if she delayed any further. 

Embarrassed but resigned that she did not have a choice.  She quickly put the bikini on and, noticing how red her butt was in the mirror, she took a towel and wrapped in around her waist.

But that towel did not stay on for long.

As Albert and Clara went down, the men were at one of the tables reading the newspapers and having breakfast, while the ladies were at the pooldeck, lying on the beach-chairs sipping their juices and having breakfast.  As the approached the table, Albert told Clara to join the ladies.  But as she was walking off, Albert reached for the towel and pulled it away.

You won't be needing this

Clara gasped in embarrassment as she tried in vain to cover her bottom.  Though she did find it rather unusual that the rest of the men did not seemed alarmed or surprised at what they saw.  Already embarrassed, she attempted to regain her composure and walked towards the ladies.  Warm greetings aside, Clara tried to quickly sit down on the nearest beachchair so as to prevent the three ladies from noticing her rather red bottom.  But its never a wise choice to sit to quickly on a freshly spanked bottom, and Clara winced at the the pain it caused. 

Careful......don't sit too quickly on a tender bottom, one of the ladies offered with a smile.

Clara smiled meekly, ignoring the possibility that they could have known that she had just been spanked and ordered her breakfast from one of the service staff who was waiting.

Sensing Clara's uncomfortable silence after that..........one of the ladies nearest to her said quickly said, “Its ok.......we know..........” and she flipped over albeit rather carefully.  To Clara's surprise, the lady was also wearing a thong, and her bottom was as red, if not slightly redder, than hers.  She looked at the other two ladies, who also turned over showing their red bottoms in a thong.  Nothing more needed to be said......it was as if there was a common understand there and then.

Clara lightened up and soon the girls were sharing about the spanking they had gotten in the morning.

Then suddenly Ling, one of the ladies, commented that something was not right.  Compared to the usual spankings they received, this was mild in retrospect.

They pondered in silence together for a moment and then Tricia's eyes widened and asked, “Remember Bali?!!”

“Oh no.........”, Belle groaned.

“We are so dead........”, Ling remarked.

Clara didn't seem to understand, and asked what happened.  But just as the girls were about to explain to her, one of the men called them over. 

The girls hurried over and sat on the laps of their respective partners. 

The girls were informed of the damage that the girls had caused the night before.  And because of that, the four of them had decided that to teach them a lesson to ensure that it would not happen again.  The four ladies were then given a laundry bag each and were told to go up to the rooms, put the implements inside and come back down. 

As they hurried back into the villa and up the stairs, Ling told Clara, “It was a group punishment.......that's what happened to us in Bali...........”

When they reach back down, the men were sitting on the edge of the beach chairs that they had moved neatly into a row, side by side. 

Their group punishment had begun.

Over the knee of their husbands, the ladies went. 

Alright boys.....five minutes start now...

The flurry of handspanks was heard together with the gasps and cries of the four ladies.

Then the ring of the alarm signalled an end to the handspanking and they were all sniffling and crying. 

The ladies were made to stand at the foot of the beach chair with their hands folded behind them as the guys returned to their table.

30 minutes later.....

The guys returned and it was back over the knee for the ladies, this time with a hairbrush.

Two minutes this time...............all four girls were crying by the time they were put back into position at the foot of the beach chair.

30 minutes later...........

The ladies were bent over hands on the beach chair as the men gave their wives ten strokes with the belt, making them count aloud, “#.....I am sorry Sir”

30 minutes later.......

The ladies were on their hands and knees on the beach chair as they were given ten strokes of the cane, as they counted again aloud amidst their tears.  And they were left in position on their hands and knees.

30 minutes later........

The men decided to give their bottoms a rest and used the crop twenty times on each of their thighs.

30 minutes later.......

Using a small rubber strap........the girls received ten stinging licks to their vagina.  Although they were wearing their thong.......it gave little protection.

It was close to dinner time by then........so the ladies were instructed to put on a dress and they all went to the same al fresco joint they had been the night before. 

Dinner was quite the quick affair for the punishment was not quite done.......

Back at the villa, the girls were told to remove their dress (they had been made to wear keep the bikini on underneath the dresses) and go into the pool.  The cold water cooled their burning bottoms.  But when they came back up, they were told to go back on their hands and knees on the beachchairs.  A big razor strap was used this time and their wet bottoms made it even more stingy.  20 strokes were given and their cries were the loudest this time. 

After they had been left in their position for another 30minutes, the men told them to gather the implements back into the bag and go back up.........all that was left was their own private punishments. 

Clara knew what this meant................

Back in the room, Clara remove her bikini and took out a small bag of metal clamps and laid down of the bed face up spread eagle.  Albert took two of the clamps and place them of the lips of her vagina......Clara groaned and moaned as the pressure and pain set in.  She got up and Albert place another two clamps on her nipples and hung a weight on each of the clamps.  Kneeling in front of Albert she took his penis into his mouth and rocked her head back and forth, wincing now and then from the pain from the clamps.

She gagged slightly as he shot out his load and she swallowed, careful not to spill any bit.

It was time for round two.........

Albert removed the clamps on her vagina.........then he made Clara “ride” on top of him.  As he rocked her furiously with one hand......he spanked already-well spanked bottom with the other hand.  Clara groaned as she felt the stings from the spanks and the pain from the nipple clamps as the swayed as she rocked.

“I'm really sorry darling” she purred as she rested her head on his chest after it was all over.

The next morning Clara found out that the rest of the ladies were not spared any pain in bed either.  Ling had to endure an anal as her husband tugged on her nipples and rammed into her sore bottom.  Tricia's oral sex on her husband was accompanied with countless smacks of the crop to her pussy, following which he rammed his penis up her sore pussy.  Belle had it the worst.  Using a vibrator, made her control her orgasms.....which was always impossible after a spanking as she would be so turned out despite the pain.  But each time she came, he would whip her nipples, bottom and vagina with the riding crop.  She came five times that night without permission and each time, she bore the brunt of the crop against her skin.

Nevertheless, the trip fostered a bond between the girls......

Back in Singapore......they were closer than ever and although like many of the “trophy” wives at the usual events.........they shared a bond......a secret.......a dark secret..........


Princess said...
June 7, 2010 at 12:29 PM  

Good read! I'm heading to bed and this will be the last thing I read before I sleep =)

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