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Monday, June 14, 2010 ·

Dear readers,
    I present to you another real life spanking story.  Just a little side note.....for those who have been contacting me on yahoo.....I apologise for not being online for a bit......somehow, my comp doesn't seem to like yahoo.  Fret not.....I will be up pretty soon.  And to a certain "spanko friend", the below story is part of what I promised :)


Mr and Mrs Jones are pretty well-known in the little town where they live somewhere in the US.  Mr Jones is pretty much one of the wealthier folks in the neighbourhood thanks to his successful business which has enabled Mrs Jones to spend here time as one of the leading socialites in the town.  There is never a high-society social event that is without them.  Though in recent times, there has been some observations that they have also rarely been seen without Teresa.  Now despite the frequent sightings of Teresa in the company of Mr and Mrs Jones, no many really know about her relationship with the Jones.  The only thing that is common knowledge is that she is Singaporean, rather attractive, stays in the Jones home and is young.......23 years old at most. Because she is seem mostly with Mrs Jones, there are some who gather that she is a personal assistant to Mrs Jones.  There are some who have said that she is their god-daughter, Mr and Mrs Jones' children are all older than her and are no longer staying with them.  But whatever the speculations, they have never been close to the truth. 

Maybe a little history of who it all began........

It was a couple years back.........Teresa was about 16 or 17 at the time and still living in Singapore.  She had met Mr Jones on some alternative friendship site.  Teresa had begun exploring at that time.  She had by some chance come across a spanking site and what she saw on the screen that day unleashed something in her that had her intrigued.  Since then she had fantasised about being spanked and dominated.  But finding a spanker was never the easiest tasks.  Her searches online found little interested people in Singapore and most of the Singaporean men who replied were more into sex than spanking (sheesh I am pretty ashamed about this, come on guys........stop giving us a bad name!).  Then came a message from Mr Jones.  He was a businessman from the US who was stopping by Singapore for some business.  They talked a bit and though Teresa was not entirely convinced that this man wasn't just wanting sex, her gut feeling told her that this guy could be genuine.  So they exchanged numbers and agreed to meet for a spanking session when he was down in Singapore. 

There was a little apprehension when the day came, but ignoring her fears, Teresa went ahead to meet Mr Jones.  It was a comfortable first meeting.  They talked abit about their interests in spanking.  The spanking that day was a short and mild.  It was a simple otk handspanking over her panties and then on her bare bottom, followed by about ten stroke of his belt.  But it kinda of got Teresa hooked.  Sadly that was to be her only spanking during that visit, as Mr Jones had to leave the very next day due to some urgent business matters back home.  Nevertheless, they stayed in touch over the internet and arranged for another meeting when he was passing by to Singapore once again.  It was only about six months later that Mr Jones came by Singapore again but the time spent talking over the internet had fostered a certain bond and trust between them.  The spanking this time was more intensed, and with more implements as Mr Jones had sort of come prepared.  Mr Jones was in Singapore this time for about two weeks and she spend almost half of the time with him.  Their relationship also became a little sexual and dom/sub.  So much so that when it was time for Mr Jones to leave, she felt a sense of loss and sadness.  She didn't know when they would meet again and she hated it.  But they maintained an online dom/sub relationship which grew closer.  And with each passing day.......she found herself totally devoted to Mr Jones, shunning any possible suitors that she had in Singapore.  A little silly though, she would sometimes think to herself, considering that romantically they would never have a future.  For he was married.  He had revealed this from the start and she never questioned whether his wife knew of their sessions.  Teresa was in a bind, she knew that although her relationship with Mr Jones was never a romantic one to start with, she found herself devoted to it.  And so over the next two years, they meet up a few more times, during his trips to Singapore and each session left her wanting more. 

Then sometime after her 19th birthday, Mr Jones had told her that he was once again coming to Singapore.  But this time he enquire on whether she was alright (and interested) if he brought another person along.  Teresa and Mr Jones had talked about it before.  She knew that he had another sub in the US, she didn't ask much about her but she did know that Mr Jones' other sub was to a certain extent.....bisexual and was wanting to explore her dominant side on other sub females.  As Teresa had also revealed that she was somewhat bisexual, they had casually talked about the possibility of a three-way session.  Also Teresa could experience being dominated by another girl. 

When the day came, Teresa found herself feeling the same mix of excitement and apprehension as she did when she had met Mr Jones for the first time.  Entering the hotel suite, she was introduced by Mr Jones to Sylvia.  Mr Jones had told Teresa that Sylvia was in her early 40s, but she had looked no where near what Teresa had imagined.  Sylvia looked good if her age was indeed true.  The chatted a little to break the ice and then their session began.

Mr Jones sat in the arm chair, choosing to play the role of an observer for a bit.  Teresa removed her dress and knelt in the middle of the room in her lingerie and place her hands folded behind her back.  Sylvia removed the bathrobe that she had been wearing to reveal her white satin lingerie and a figure that made Teresa admire.  If  only I could maintain such a figure at that age. Teresa thought to herself. 

The session began with the usual otk spanking followed with the various implements as Sylvia whipped Teresa in various positions.  Teresa was fully naked by the time Mr Jones joined in the dominance. And it reached full intensity as Teresa would give Mr Jones a blowjob as Sylvia smacked her bottom with a crop, and then Teresa switch sides and licked Sylvia's pussy as Mr Jones either fucked her or smacked her bottom with the same crop.  Teresa was exhausted by the time they were done a few hours later. 

Breathing heavily and kneeling in the same position she had been Mr Jones and Sylvia sat on the bed in front of her and talked......

So how was it Sylvia?

Not too bad......she needs more training but I like her.........

So we are decided then?

Yes Sir...........

That question puzzled Teresa.........unsure of what it meant.........but before she could think any further.........Sylvia and Mr Jones turned their attention to her. did you like it?

Very much Sir.......

Would you like more of this?

Yes Sir........

Well Teresa........Sylvia and I have a little proposal for you.......but first......maybe I should tell you that Sylvia is my wife.......

Teresa's eyes widened, she hadn't in the least suspected it. 

*Giggling* Yes Teresa......I have heard so much about you.

Teresa cannot remember the exact words now......but it seemed that Mr and Mrs Jones were fond of her and were offering the possibility of being a live-in sub.  They would hire her as a personal assistant reporting to Mrs Jones to settle immigration issues.  She would live in with them. 

The Jones did not demand and immediate answer but gave her a few days to think about it.  If she was willing.......they would take her back with them when they left Singapore. 

But Sylvia did have some parting words for Teresa before she left..... will want to know that you do need a little training.  Today was merely for fun........if you do sub with us will be more intense and strict............

Teresa was confused and toyed with the possibility of just leaving with the Jones.  There was not much that was holding her back..........and it really was such an exciting possibility.  

But alas.......Teresa's indecisiveness took over her and she bid them farewell and promised to get back to them by end of the month.  The Jones were disappointed but fully understood.

The month past quickly......and Teresa.....having straightened out her thoughts soon found herself on a plan bound for the US. 

Still......this didn't change her fears of the unknown..........she was leaving it all behind in Singapore.....would it be for the better?

There is another part to this.....stay tuned.


darkangel@dangelionslayer said...
June 30, 2010 at 12:34 AM  

can't wait to read the next post. I always wonder if a live in sub can be really real.

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