Jake and Julia - A punishment with an audience.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 ·

A few days ago, I received a call from Jake. He asked if I was free over the weekend as he “needed an audience”. It was kind of a lingo which meant that Julia was due for a severe punishment and he wanted an audience to increase the humiliation factor which would act as a deterrence against further repetition of a specific infraction. This was a practice that a group of us spankos recently incorporated into our punishment routines. I agreed and it was set for Saturday 8pm at Jake's place.

I arrived together with the rest of the guys and some of their partners (a few of the guys sometimes bring their partners as a form of warning of what they too could be expecting if they repeatedly broke a certain rule). As we went into the living room, Jake was there with Julia to meet us. She was in a mini tank top and a thong. This was a normal attire for Julia to wear when there were spanko guests if she had just been punished. To Jake the thong added to the humiliation factor which allowed everyone to see that she had recently been punished.

As we sat down on the couches, Julia knelt beside Jake's chair with her hands on her head and her bottom facing us. Jake thanked us for our presence and went on to explain the reason for Julia's punishment. It turned out that Julia had gone for her friend's birthday party over the previous weekend at a club. Jake had made her promise that she would control herself (she can be quite wild at times) , refrain from drinking too much, and be home by 4am. Julia had gotten drunk many a times before and Jake warned that the punishment would be a severe one if she broke her promise this time. Of course Julia did not heed Jake's warning. She only made it back at 6am, had to be helped by two friends and puked all over the front door. To make things worse, as Jake got her out of her clothes, Julia's panties were not there. She had apparently took it off and gave it to a guy at the club over a dare with her friends. It was no wonder that Jake was fuming. She had been punished three times following that incident and this was to be a final stern reminder never to repeat such a mistake. Though Jake did not elaborate on the three punishments, they must have been quite harsh as we could still see faint red blotches and line across her bottom. After Jake had explained Julia's infraction, he took her over his knee and began to spank her bottom for about two minutes. Following that, he told Julia that she had 5minutes to get ready and passed her the key to the basement. Julia hurried off in silence.

When we got to the basement, Julia was kneeling on the floor beside the spanking bench with her hands on her head. Neatly arranged on the spanking bench were two canes, a leather strap, a crop, a flogger, a belt, a switch and a paddle. As we took our seats, Julia's punishment began.

She was made to strip off her top and her thong.

The punishments were dished out with Julia in a variety of positions that Jake instructed her to assume. When she had assumed the position, she was to say “I am ready for my punishment Sir. Please punish me severely for my mistake.” And with each stroke that was given, she was to count aloud followed by a “Thank you Sir.” Each stroke not counted or counted wrongly resulted in Jake starting the punishment all over again. After each punishment, Julia would go “Thank you Sir for punishing me. I am sorry for coming home drunk, disobeying the curfew you set for me and acting like a slut in the club. I am ready for my next punishment.” Julia would then be made to remain in the position for 5mins. If she moved out of the position, Jake would give her a 1minute otk handspanking before moving on to the next punishments.

The punishments went on in this order:

First Julia put her hands on the spanking bench and pushed her bottom out for ten strokes of the belt.

Next he made her touch her toes for ten smacks of the paddle. As staying in that position was not possible with all the blood rushing to one's head, Julia was made to kneel with her hands behind her back after the punishment.

Following soon after, Julia was made to go in the doggy position with her face turned to the side, touching the floor and facing us. Jake then gave her ten smacks of the crop on each of her back thighs. We could see tears streaming down her face as she sobbed.

Julia was then made to in a chair as Jake gave the front of each of her thighs 10 smacks. There was no rest time as Jake made her widen her legs and he proceeded to give ten smacks to each of her inner thighs. Julia loss count twice and thus receiving almost 20plus strokes to each of her inner thighs.

Next came the rack. Julia's hands were secured above her and she was made to face us. She was instructed to look straight at us and not to close her eyes. You would have been able to see the humiliation on her face. 15 hard strokes of the strap was given. With each stroke she had to push her bottom back out towards Jake for the next stroke. The strap must have burned as she could not stop wriggling after the punishment and Jake gave her a quick one minute handspanking in that position for not keeping still.

Then Jake took the flogger and went on to whip her breast 20 times. After the whipping, Jake took two pegs and clipped one on each nipple. The tightness of the peg made Julia wriggle and once again Jake gave her another one minute handspanking for not keeping still.

The switch was used next as Jake striped Julia's back and calves 20 times each. By this time, Julia was already crying and the tears were streaming non-stop down her face.

Jake released her from the rack and Julia was made to get into the diaper position on the floor and Jake gave ten strokes of the cane on the back of each of her thighs. Her thighs looked like a zebra by the time Jake was done.

At the end, Julia got on her hands and knees on the spanking bench for a final 15 strokes of the other cane on her bottom. As usual with Jake, the final three strokes were in rapid succession and were the hardest. Julia lost count towards the end and could not continue counting due to her crying. Jake let her cry in that position for about 5mins till she calmed her crying down to sobs. Knowing that Julia would not be able to maintain the position for another 15 strokes. Jake told her that he would give her one final stroke. Then she would owe him another 15 strokes which she was to ask him for it anytime before the end of Aug. If she forgot to ask for the 15 strokes by the end of Aug, Jake would give her 30 strokes on 1 Sep.

With that the punishment was over. Julia thanked us for being present for her punishment. As we made our way out, Jason (one of the spankos who was present with his with Sue) placed one hand on Sue's bottom and said,” You can be expecting something similar if you max out your credit card again”.

I don't think Julia has asked for her 15strokes yet, let's hope she does for her own sake, but Jake has decided to give her a maintenance spanking every night before bed for the next whole month. I don't think Julia is going to want to drink anytime soon.


Anonymous said...
September 1, 2008 at 3:29 AM  

Hello, i like your blog. If you like we could echange links betwen our blogs.

Let me know!!!

Best Regards

Spank-A-Lot said...
September 5, 2008 at 3:10 PM  

Sure, why not. will put your link now.

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