Jake and Julia domestic discipline - Introductory Discipline

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 ·

Do you know what happens when an older guy marries a younger lady? Well it is either the younger lady walks all over the guy (which is most of the time), or the older guy takes the young lady in hand. My friend Jake married a younger lady and they embarked on a journey of DD. It was a long story he related to me sometime back.........I have had to split it into parts. This is part 1........

Jake was a rich.....period. He had spent a good part of his years building up his father's business (Jake asked that I did not name the industry or business) and thus only got married two years ago at the age of 40. His wife, Julia, was 15 years younger than him. She was the daughter of one of his business associates who had introduced them two years earlier. However, before they got married, Jake and Julia stayed together for about a year to try out a domestic discipline (DD) lifestyle. Julia was a spoilt little brat and although she was fun to be with, Jake did not want a spoilt little brat for a wife. As she loved him to bits, Julia agreed to try out DD.

On the first day that Julia moved in, Jake sat her down and Jake explained to her what DD was all about and what was to be expected.

Once that once done and agreed with, Jake brought her to the basement which he term “the room”. In it were where he kept his implements. In it, he also had a spanking bench and a rack. The room was locked at all time, the maid had no access, which meant that Julia would have to keep the room clean as well. Jake also told Julia that she would be introduced to the sting of each implement in no time.

Now Julia had never been spanked in her life, therefore Jake decided on an introductory spanking to let her feel what was to come. So after they had showered and prepared for bed, Jake sat on the edge of the bed and took Julia over his knee. He gave her a one minute mild handspanking over her panties and then gave her twenty medium spanks on her bare bottom. It only reddened her bottom slightly but Julia had already teared, most probably due to the shock and sting for the first time. He then gave her a five minute corner time before they went to bed.

For the next one month, Jake gave her a two minute bare-bottomed maintenance handspanking twice a day (in the morning before breakfast at 8am and at night before bed at 11pm). Each time, Julia was to be fully naked and kneeling at the side of the bed with her hands behind her back, waiting for Jake. On the dot, Jake would put her over his knee for the spanking. Julia was to be kneeling by the bed five minutes before the time. If she was not, Jake would give her a ten smacks with a wooden hairbrush.

As long as there were no guests, all Julia was allowed to wear in the house was a t-shirt and her panties. After breakfast, Julia would have to clean the master room, which included the toilet. After she was done, she was to be naked on her hands and knees in the middle of the master room, and wait for Jake to inspect at 10am. There were five main places that were checked – 1. The bed had to be set properly, 2. The floor had to be dust-free, 3. The bathtub had to be dry, 4. The basin had to be dry, and 5. The toilet floor had to be dry. For each of the places, Julia would receive 2 strokes of the belt if it was not cleaned properly. Regardless of whether it was cleaned properly or not, at the end of the inspection Julia would get another minute of handspanking to remind her that she had to keep the master room clean.

After that Julia would go to the study where she would read up on DD while Jake attended to his business. After lunch, Julia would be taken to the basement where she would receive ten strokes of a new implement each day. After that, Julia would have to clean the basement. After she had cleaned the basement, she would then be given five strokes of the belt to remind her that the basement was her responsibility as well. This would wrap up most of Julia's punishments until before bed time where she got her two minute spanking before bed. This was what Jake called an introductory month for Julia. Although Julia had cried her eyes out during most of the punishments, Julia did not bolt and continued to stay on.

After one month of the introductory, Jake made some changes to the routine. It is too long to add to this post, so stay tune.


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