Lady Gaga gets a spanking?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 · 4 comments

Now I do not know when these photos were taken or whether they were faked.  But from the faint reddish tinge on Lady Gaga's bottom, it does appear as if she had gotten a spanking on her bottom most recently.......

For more photos of her you can go to

Spankable Pictures 009

Friday, July 16, 2010 · 0 comments

The weekend is fast approaching and once again......another load of spankable-licious pictures for you to enjoy to keep the spankings in your mind.......

Reader's Submission: A Submissive wife

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 · 0 comments

Yes dear readers......once of you have sent me a brief description of your spanking personal life.  On behalf of the rest of the readers, thank you for sharing.


I have been lurking at ur blog for quite a bit and really enjoy ur stories.  Amazingly its real life and its comforting in a sort of way to know that we spankos are that few.  Anyways I kinda tot it be good if I shared a little instead of just lurking all the way............

So anyways I in my early twenties and happily recently married to my boyfriend of three years.  We are in a spanking relationship, domestic discipline as you would call it.  And yes we are both very much Singaporean.  I am a fulltime housewife as well.  Its his idea.  He feels that as the man of the house its his job to take care of me.  Not that I am complaining.  It always feel good to be loved and totally taken care for.  And plus he is quite successful in his career and so our finances are pretty much ok.  Hmm I am probably boasting too much about my husband.....sorry......but yes he takes care of everything.  But before I get carried away again maybe I should talk about the spankings.

Yes he spanks me and yes it hurts everytime.  I get maintenance which is every thursday.  My hubby reckons that is a good way to prepare for the weekends as we go out lots during the weekends and the maintenance prevents me from being a brat or a bitch.  The maintenance is every thursday night before we sleep and it fully nude.  Its like at ten pm I have to be fully naked and find him to ask for my maintenance.  Then its like a handspanking over the knee and twenty hard spanks with a hairbrush.  It hurts but I must say it does keep me in check during the weekends. Well most of the time it does.  But its not routine all the time.  There are times that my hubby just reckons that I need a little spanking and I get it there and then.  I never resist whenever he tells me to get over his lap.  Well I did before but only once.  And that time instead of just a handspanking, I got punished with the cane and the strap.  Instead of a simple handspanking that would have only lasted about five mins max, I got punished for about an hour.  I learnt my lesson since then, I never resist my man when he tell me to go over his lap.  Speaking of the cane and strap, those are the two things which are not used frequently and in fact they are only used when I am really bad.  Most of the time he spanks me with his hand, the hairbrush or the belt.  And he only uses the cane and strap after he has spanked me with his hand, hairbrush and belt.  And its always more than 20 strokes.  Thankfully its not very often I get those.  A few months ago my hubby decided that we would try something new.  My hubby felt that it would be good if I would ask for a spanking whenever I think I had done something to deserve it.  But not only that, he wanted me to suggest the punishment as well.  So whenever I think I have done something that warrants a spanking, I would write what I did on a piece of paper and what I think my punishment should be.  After that I would like go to him and pass him the piece of paper.  If he feels that the punishment is too lenient, I would get the punishment I wrote and then after my corner time, I get the punished again but this time the punishment he felt I deserve.  In fact this happened just two weeks ago.  My hubby was overseas for business for a week and during that time there was one of the nights I went out with my girlfriends until pretty late even though I had told him that I was going to sleep.  I went out after I put down the phone with him.  I knew he would let me because my girlfriends were going to the clubs and he doesn't let me to go to the clubs if he is overseas because he knows I can get pretty wild with alcohol.  Anyway I felt guilty about it and decided to tell him.  But I knew if I told him I went to the club it would have been quite a severe spanking.  So I wrote down that I had gone out instead of sleeping but I wrote that I had gone to catch a late night movie with the girls.  I wrote down that I should get a handspanking and 40 smacks of the hairbrush.  I thought it was bad enough.  But lying is like a major offence in our relationship and he hates it when I am not truthful.  So after getting the handspanking and 40smakcs of the hairbrush and standing in the corner.  He gave me the handspanking again, the 40 smacks of the hairbrush again and then he gave me 20 strokes with his belt.  But that was not the end cause like three days later when we went over to my girlfriend's house for dinner her husband ended up spilling the beans on our night out.  I had told my girlfriends not to speak about it infront of my hubby.  But she forgot to tell her husband.  And so when he just commented about how he had to go down to the lift lobby to fetch my girlfriend because she was dead drunk after going out with me I knew I was dead.  But my hubby acted as if he did not hear it and in fact I thought I had escaped.  But when we got into the car to drive home, he told me to explain the truth as he drove back home.  And when we got home, he made me retrieve the cane and the strap from the cupboard.  After the handspanking, the hairbrush and the belt I was already crying.  But I still had to keep in position for 20 strokes of the strap and 20 strokes of the cane.  Oh ya my hubby also doesn't believe in ending the punishment in cornertime.  So everytime after I have been punished and put into the corner he will call me from the corner and he will give me a final handspanking like as if to remind me of the punishment and then he would sit me on his lap and hug me as I cry. 

And yes its thursday as I type this and my bottom is still sore but I have to go now for my maintenance.

Thanks for your stories and do keep them coming!!

Spankable Pictures 008

Friday, July 9, 2010 · 1 comments

And here you go......the weekend is fast are some wonderful pictures that bring the thoughts of spanking to mind......

Examinations and a spanking beginning

Thursday, July 8, 2010 · 2 comments

Examinations and studies are always a good catalyst for a spanking........lotsa times......spanking relationships have bloomed because of it..........such as the latest real life spanking story I have for you today dear readers............

It was the year that Celeste was sitting for her O levels.  And from the look of her mid-year examination results, it seemed that she was doomed.  Apart from her English and Mandarin examinations, she failed everything else.  And it was not like they were borderline fails but rather they were rock bottom scores.

Now at that time, her boyfriend, Colin, had just graduated from his University studies and was kind of bumming around.  He was from a rather well-to-do family and had decided to take a break before entering the corporate world.  Plus his rather well-to-do family had enabled him to do a little shares trading while he was in the University and thus he had some cash to spare. 

So it wasn't like Celeste was extremely bothered about her dismal results but she and Colin happened to be casually talking about it sometime during the end of the mid-year school holidays and Colin offered to tutor her.  It seemed like a good idea to Celeste.  Colin was a straight A's student throughout.......which actually led me to think (when Colin was relating this to me) why didn't he tutor her in the first place. 

The tutoring was initially done at the usual fast food joints or coffee joints.  But then Colin soon realised that Celeste was really distracted.  I mean she really meant that she wanted to study.  But half the time, she would be listening to her songs, chatting with Colin whom occasionally had to remind her that she had to study.  And when Colin tried to teach her, it seemed as if nothing was getting in.  At times they would quarrel slightly about it, because Colin found it frustrating that he was repeating something so simple over and over again but Celeste just did not seem to get it.  Celeste herself in exasperation telling Colin that she was sorry but she just could not seem to concentrate and tell him to “teach her how to concentrate” since he was “so bloody smart” (I guess there was more than a tinge of sarcasm when she said it), Colin decided that it was best they adjourn to his place where it was quieter especially since his parents were at work and the only one home was the maid. 

But at his place, although much quieter and peaceful, it seemed that Celeste really could not put her mind in focus.  She would doodle or be distracted by the songs on her mp3 player.  And in fact, Colin was on the verge of giving up.  He'd rather be out with Celeste watching a movie or going out, but problem is she reckoned she had to study.  But yet from his observation, he knew it was just a waste of time. 

So Colin decided to try something..........

After another debate over Celeste's lack of concentration and focus, Colin asked her with his most serious face, whether she was serious about trying to concentrate.  And when she nodded, Colin asked her to stand up.  When she did, Colin asked her to remove her skirt and panties.  Celeste laughed and asked him if he was mad.  If was not that she was shy or it was the first time she would be removing them in his presence, but she thought he was joking like what he normally did.  But Colin coaxed her with the “Just listen, trust me and do it la” and after a while she did albeit with her girlish giggles.  Then he move her chair out of the way and told her to take a step back and rest her hands on the table.  He told her to look at the opened book and not move her hands until he told her to.  Then, stood beside her, pressed his left palm between her tummy and groin area to push her bottom out a bit more, and with his right hand he began landing a flurry of spanks on her bottom.  Celeste, startled by what Colin had begun doing, started to struggle but he held her down and continued spanking.  After about ten to fifteen spanks he stopped.  Celeste was still struggling and protesting his actions but not in a very strong way but just a how ridiculous it seemed.  So Colin pushed the chair back behind her and with one hand on her shoulder he push her gently down back into the chair on her bare bottom.  Then he leaned down and looked into her eyes and told her that was a spanking and it was meant to get her to focus.  They were at that time going through a certain basic mathematics formula which Celeste just could not get into her head.  So as Celeste was sitting on her bare bottom, Colin brought her attention to the Mathematics book and explained the formula to her again.  Then after he was done, he removed the textbook, wrote down a problem which had to be solved with the formula and told her to try it.  She could only manage to do it halfway before she got stuck again.  But Colin smiled, after going through it more than ten times with her previously she could not even begin the calculations and it seemed that a couple of spanks on her bottom had done the trick.  So he told her that it appeared that the spanking worked for she could now do at least half the problem when previously she could not, but he continued that maybe a proper spanking would do the trick.  And as he said that he moved his chair backward and pulled Celeste over his knee.  It was such a smooth and sudden fluid motion that Celeste hadn't the time to react before she found herself over his knee.  She wriggle and struggled again this time as well, but with Colin's left palm on her back her attempts to wiggle were futile as Colin gave her a rather good handspanking on her bottom which by the time he was done saw her bottom showing a tinge of faint red and there were some tears in her eyes as she sniffled.  He got Celeste up and sat her in her chair and explained the formula more time.  This time before she commenced on trying the problem again, Colin told her that he would continue to spank her until she got it right.  She got it right this time.  Colin smile again wider as he told her that it seems his method was working.  But Celeste gave the slightly annoyed face as she got up to wear her panties and skirt and pack her bags.  It was coincidentally time for her to go but Colin also sensed that even if she hadn't had to go then she would have left anyway.  So as Colin drove her back, there was a little annoyed silence from Celeste.  When they reached the bottom of the block, they both sat there in silence for a few moments and then as Celeste was about to open the door, Colin put his hand on her hand and told her that he sensed that she was annoyed.  And Celeste went into a flurry of words of how the spanking was pain and all.  Colin switched to his serious face and told her matter-of-factly that it worked and that after all she was the one who had wanted to study and wanted to find a way to focus.  Then he told her that he would understand if she was mad at him and didn't want him to tutor her anymore.  And he would leave it up to her to think about it until the next day.  He told her that he would not go to fetch her from her school the next day but if she wanted to she was to make her way to his place herself.  But he also told her that if she chose to come, she could expect more of the spankings and once she walked into his home, she would have to accept it.  Celeste gave the same annoyed look and got out of the car without a word.

The next day, Colin was watching the television at home.  It was 2pm and he wondered to himself if Celeste would even come.  She had not smsed him at all since she stormed out of his car that day.  She did not come..........but Colin decided to wait.......

About a week later...........about 8am...........Colin received an sms from her.  It read (he still has the sms to this day): Dar, I have been thinking n trying to study on my own.  Guess I do need ur help.

Colin chuckled as he replied: About time u realised. So u coming later?

Celeste: U fetch me?

Colin: Nope, if u r sincere u come urself today. Next time then I fetch.

Celeste: Orh ok......but promise u dun spank too hard?

Colin: Not ur choice.

There was no reply after that. 

But on time at 2pm, the doorbell rang.  Celeste with her sheepish face standing at the door as Colin opened it.  There was the usual hug and kiss.......then they proceeded up to his room. 

When they entered his room and Colin closed the door behind them, Colin told her that the first “ground rule” was that once she came into the room she was to remove her skirt and panties.  Celeste hesitated but Colin stood there with a serious look and so she knew she meant it and complied.  Colin sat her down and discussed the ground rules and plan.  Celeste had six subjects – English, Mandarin, Mathematics, Combined Science (Chemistry and Physics), History and Accounts.  Out of those, English and Mandarin were more or less covered.  So they would focus on the rest which worked out nicely for one a day – Monday (Mathematics), Tuesday (Chemistry), Wednesday (Physics), Thursday (History) and Friday (Accounts). 

So the “tutoring” commenced....

The first two days Celeste forgot about the ground rule of removing her skirt and panties upon entering the room and Colin gave her a spanking for that.  She never forgot after that, in fact she became so used to it that the first time she went to Colin's place after the exams, she removed her skirt and panties too upon entering his room......but that is a another story.......

So each day, Colin would give her a bare bottom spanking before the tutoring began.  And throughout the studying sessions he would vary the punishments.  At times he would make her stand up with her hands on her hand, welding a cane he would quiz her on what he had just gone through with her and she would receive a stinging stroke whenever she could not answer.  He would also make her knee on the chair and read through her note as he went about giving her bottom a smack with a ruler every now and then when she began to drift from her notes.  Each day Celeste went home with her bottom red and sore, eyes tear-stained.  But she found her concentration improved and understanding her studies.  As they neared the examinations, Celeste's improvement saw her only receiving the bare bottom spanking before the start of her study sessions and only the occasional stingy smack for wrong answers.  But interestingly........she found herself secretly wishing she could be spanked more.  She found herself craving the spankings.............she toyed with the thought of drifting on purpose or answering Colin's quizzes wrongly on purpose but as it was merely a few weeks to the examinations she decided against wasting her efforts.  She had started late and needed to catch up with her studies...........

The exams came and went.........Celeste although apprehensive, felt different as compared to previous examinations for she felt a little more prepared.  And on the last day of the examinations Celeste heaved a huge sigh of relief that the exams were over........but part of her felt dismayed that the spankings would come to an end.  Colin noticed her less happy than he expected her to be after the exams as he picked her up after the examinations.  He asked her, as he drove, supposedly towards her place for her to change before going out, why she didn't seem that happy even though her examinations were over.  Celeste did not answer and Colin did not probe as he thought probably it was just the overwhelming feeling of finally finishing the examinations.  But as he waited in his car for Celeste, who had gone up to change, he received an sms from Celeste........

Celeste: M hapi e exams r over......just......sad.....wil....miss.....being.......spanked by u.......

Colin smiled as he looked at the sms........he pondered a while.....and then he replied: You've got two minutes to get changed and come down.

There was no reply from Celeste........and as Colin had predicted......Celeste came down a good fifteen minutes later and had a rather annoyed look on her face.  She was upset that Colin had ignored her sms.  But as she got into the car, Colin pressed a button on his phone before he began to drive.  A few seconds later, Celeste heard the sms alert from her phone.  As she looked at it, Colin noticed a little smile on her face.......Colin had smsed her: Change of plans.......stop over my place first.....u were supposed to come down in two minutes.......u took longer.........u need a spanking.........

So come results day.........Celeste hugged Colin jubilantly as she show him the results.  Given the little time she had......she did not ace the exams......but passed all her subjects and did well enough to get into the polytechnic course of her choice. 

Flash forward today........Celeste and Colin are still together.......she is in her final year in the polytechnic..........he trades shares full time and no she does not get spanked for her studies anymore...........but yes......she still gets a spanking ever so often from Colin.

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