Reader's Submission: Punished for having an Affair

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 ·

Dear Readers, today I bring another real life account submitted by one of you. Though I wish she would have rather given a bit more details. Enjoy =)

Hi, I am a 35 year old Singaporean lady married without kids and just 6 months ago my husband and I began domestic discipline. Maybe I should give you a bit of history to let you understand why we started domestic discipline.

I married my husband when I was 30 years old and he is five years older than me. He has a stable career and I lead quite a cushy life. Actually i do not need to work but because I was bored at home and not wanting to waste the degree that I had, I decided to go to work. My husband initially did not want me to go and work as he felt there was no need to. But after much pleading from me, he relented and happily I found a job in an advertising firm. It was quite a fun job and I enjoyed it pretty much. However, I began to make some mistakes the almost cost me my marriage. I have always been quite the wild child and have been very sociable since young. Somewhere in my third year at the advertising firm, I began some sort of an affair with a colleague of mine. He had just joined the company and after some flirting we began having our affair. It was not like there was any feelings involved or I was unhappy in my marriage with my husband. I really love my husband very much. But maybe I am just the playful sort and it did seem kind of thrilling at that time. But each time we slept together, i was quite guilty and would try my best to make it up to my husband when I got home by being extra nice to him. I was honest with my colleague that I was married and in fact he too was married and therefore there was no fear that there would be any attachment. For us it was just for the fun. A very stupid thing to do I admit, but at that time I guess I was just carried away.

Anyway, then one evening my husband said that he had bumped into a long lost friend of his and was intending to catch up for dinner. His friend would be bringing his wife and therefore my husband asked me to come along. To my horrors, it turned out that the friend turned out to be the colleague whom I was having an affair with. I could not believe it, i thought such things only happened on channel 8 serials. My colleague was also shocked to see me but we both managed to keep our composure and my husband did not suspect anything. Although I was afraid that we would be exposed when it was revealed on the dinner table that we were working in the same company. The dinner was however an uncomfortable time and I was quite reliefed when it was time for us to leave.

The next day when I went to work, my colleague did not turn up for work and I was told that he had called in to say he had to take leave urgently. I felt it was for the better also for me, as I knew I would have been very uncomfortable if I had seen him at work. However when I reached home, I got another shock as I saw my colleague and my husband sitting in the living room, and my husband had quite an upset look on his face. It turned out that my colleague had felt so bad about the affair that he had taken leave to meet my husband to tell him about it. He felt really bad about it and had told my husband that if he had known that I was my husband's wife, he never would have even got close to me in the first place. Well thankfully, my colleague had told my husband that I was honest about being married when we begun the affair. Though he did make the remark that he felt that i was true to my husband but just that I needed to be controlled abit. Although my husband was visibly very upset, he told his friend that he did not blame him as he did not know that I was his husband in the first place. So after the two of them shook hands, my colleague was still quite embarrassed about the whole issue and left shortly after.

After he had left, I sat next to my husband but quite very quiet. I felt extremely guilty and embarrassed and the only thing i could say to him was sorry. He however did not respond to me and even pushed me away when I tried to give him a kiss. After about half an hour of sitting there being quiet. He got up and mumbled that he needed sometime to be alone and think. For the next one month he slept in his study room and did not even talk to me. I kept smsing him and tried to wait up for him when he came home to talk to him but he would just remain silent. The only response I got from him was to my question if he was going to divorce me, to which he said that he was still unsure. I felt even worse each time he gave me that reply as I really did not want to lose him and I really regretted my mistake. That one month was really a terrible period for me. It was also hard at work as I had to face my colleague who tried his best to keep away from me.

Then one night quite late I noticed the light in his study still on and I decided to try again to talk to him. Surprisingly he did not brush me off or ignore me. In fact he asked me to sit down. Thankful that he was willing to at least talk to me I sat down eagerly hoping that he was no as upset as before. We talked for quite sometime and he told me how upset and hurt he was about my affair, and how he didn't know if he could trust me again. I was in tears for most of the time and all that I said mostly throughout the conversation was about how sorry I was and how I would not do it again. At the end of it, my husband said that he was willing to give the marriage another try but only on two conditions. The two conditions were firstly I was to quit my job the very next day and be a housewife, and secondly he wanted domestic discipline in our marriage. I agreed immediately to both conditions, I really love my husband and would have done anything just as long to have another try at our marriage again. My husband and I had known about domestic discipline for quite some time but never did give it a try. So when I agreed to his conditions, I knew what I was getting myself into. But the thing about domestic discipline is, you can never fully understand what it really is until you are in it.

So the very next day, I tendered my resignation and my husband paid for the penalty as he wanted me to quit immediately. By lunchtime I reached home and waited for my husband's return from work. That night when after dinner we had a talk to sort of formalise our domestic discipline agreement. We stopped using the services of our weekly cleaner and all the household duties would be left to me. My husband told me that from that day onwards, I would be punished whenever needed. Not just spanked but punished.

The first issue that I was to be punished for was my affair. But as he intended for it to be somewhat severe. He mercifully decided that I would be given a week of warm up spankings to get my bottom used to be being punished. I had only been spanked on a few occasions before that and they were all playful light ones which hardly made my bottom red at all.

So for one week every night before bed, he would put me over his knee and gave me a hard handspanking over my bare bottom. The spanks were hard and fast, but my husband made sure to stop just as I was about to cry for he wanted to make sure that the first time that I would be crying during a punishment would be during my first proper punishment.

When the day came for me to be punished for the affair it was a Saturday morning. After breakfast my husband told me to strip off all my clothes and kneel in the middle of the bedroom while he went down to the car to collect something. When he returned, my punishment started. First he sat on a chair and made me kneel in front of him. Then he gave me a lecture about how I had betrayed our marriage and how I had broken his trust. I had already begun to tear before he stopped lecturing me. After that he warned that the punishment that was about to take place would be a long and painful one and then, he placed me over his knee and began spanking me. He started slow but methodical and increased the intensity bit by bit. By the time he was done, I was already tearing and felt as if my bottom was on fire.

After the spanking which was just the starting, he made me kneel on the chair and he used a belt to smack my bottom numerous times. After which I had to remain on the chair with my hands on my head for about half and hour. During that half an hour he put a peg on each of my nipple and I had to endure the pain while i remained on the chair. When he came back half an hour later to resume punishing me, I was actually happy as I thought that he would remove the pegs. But unfortunately he did not. He left them there and used a thick wooden ruler to smack my bottom about ten times. Only then did he remove the ruler.

I was already sobbing very badly and tears were flowing down my face. I had to kneel down in front of him and please him orally as he sat on the chair. All through that my hands were put behind my head and he used a crop to alternate between the sides of my bottom. The crop was extremely stingy and it was difficult as it was to please him orally with my tears streaming down my face, much less with the pain of the crop repeatedly hitting my bottom. But I stuck with it, as I sincerely wanted to make up for my affair. After he had shot his load in my mouth, I was sent to the corner for one hour. Twice I rubbed my bottom without permission and had to go over his knee for a very painful handspanking.

After that hour I had to lie on my back on the bed and spread my legs apart. And as a punishment for allowing another guy to enter me, he used a rubber strap to spank my vagina. Although it was not as hard as on my bottom, it was still extremely painful and I tried my best to keep the position until he was finished.

I shall not bore you with the rest, but for almost the whole day until dinner, I spent in numerous positions being spanked with all the different implements that he had gotten. My bottom was on fire that night and I don't remember ever crying that much before in my life. But that night when we went to sleep, he hugged me and said all was forgiven.

Nowadays, I normally get a maintenance spanking twice a week. That is apart from any other punishments that I have. In a way, domestic discipline has made our relationship closer.


Lisa said...
December 23, 2008 at 8:17 PM  

so much spanking ... lol

Anonymous said...
December 24, 2008 at 5:42 AM  

Well, just remember that you deserve to be spanked, and I guess you feel less guilty each time he spanks you.

The real test, comes when he is no longer able to spank you, perhaps loses his job, or get stuck in bad investments etc... Let's see if you stick by his side.

Anonymous said...
December 24, 2008 at 7:24 PM  

wow...even my ass feels kinda painful now. I really hoped you learned your lesson though. Marriages need to be saved!

Harmony said...
December 25, 2008 at 12:45 AM  

Totally BDSM.

ViciousCycle said...
December 26, 2008 at 3:22 AM  

i always steam after reading your stories. 2 much info... well..

Spank-A-Lot said...
December 29, 2008 at 4:17 PM  

Lisa> Hope ya like it =)

Anonymous> Thanks for your words of advice, have told the contributor to check it out =)

Me Uncensored> ;) I believe its even more painful in real life

Harmony> Like almost similar though not exactly :รพ

Vicious Cycle> Not penned by me this one, its by a contributor :)

sixofthebest said...
April 17, 2009 at 11:15 PM  

My dear 35 year old Singerporean lady, by having an affair you hurt your husband very much. If I was your husband, I would have solved it this way. I would bend you over a table, raise your dress waist high, take down your knickers, to around your ankles, to bare your bottom, and cane you well. 25 stokes of a pliable stinging cane on your bare derriere.

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