Reader's Submission: A Submissive wife

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 ·

Yes dear readers......once of you have sent me a brief description of your spanking personal life.  On behalf of the rest of the readers, thank you for sharing.


I have been lurking at ur blog for quite a bit and really enjoy ur stories.  Amazingly its real life and its comforting in a sort of way to know that we spankos are that few.  Anyways I kinda tot it be good if I shared a little instead of just lurking all the way............

So anyways I in my early twenties and happily recently married to my boyfriend of three years.  We are in a spanking relationship, domestic discipline as you would call it.  And yes we are both very much Singaporean.  I am a fulltime housewife as well.  Its his idea.  He feels that as the man of the house its his job to take care of me.  Not that I am complaining.  It always feel good to be loved and totally taken care for.  And plus he is quite successful in his career and so our finances are pretty much ok.  Hmm I am probably boasting too much about my husband.....sorry......but yes he takes care of everything.  But before I get carried away again maybe I should talk about the spankings.

Yes he spanks me and yes it hurts everytime.  I get maintenance which is every thursday.  My hubby reckons that is a good way to prepare for the weekends as we go out lots during the weekends and the maintenance prevents me from being a brat or a bitch.  The maintenance is every thursday night before we sleep and it fully nude.  Its like at ten pm I have to be fully naked and find him to ask for my maintenance.  Then its like a handspanking over the knee and twenty hard spanks with a hairbrush.  It hurts but I must say it does keep me in check during the weekends. Well most of the time it does.  But its not routine all the time.  There are times that my hubby just reckons that I need a little spanking and I get it there and then.  I never resist whenever he tells me to get over his lap.  Well I did before but only once.  And that time instead of just a handspanking, I got punished with the cane and the strap.  Instead of a simple handspanking that would have only lasted about five mins max, I got punished for about an hour.  I learnt my lesson since then, I never resist my man when he tell me to go over his lap.  Speaking of the cane and strap, those are the two things which are not used frequently and in fact they are only used when I am really bad.  Most of the time he spanks me with his hand, the hairbrush or the belt.  And he only uses the cane and strap after he has spanked me with his hand, hairbrush and belt.  And its always more than 20 strokes.  Thankfully its not very often I get those.  A few months ago my hubby decided that we would try something new.  My hubby felt that it would be good if I would ask for a spanking whenever I think I had done something to deserve it.  But not only that, he wanted me to suggest the punishment as well.  So whenever I think I have done something that warrants a spanking, I would write what I did on a piece of paper and what I think my punishment should be.  After that I would like go to him and pass him the piece of paper.  If he feels that the punishment is too lenient, I would get the punishment I wrote and then after my corner time, I get the punished again but this time the punishment he felt I deserve.  In fact this happened just two weeks ago.  My hubby was overseas for business for a week and during that time there was one of the nights I went out with my girlfriends until pretty late even though I had told him that I was going to sleep.  I went out after I put down the phone with him.  I knew he would let me because my girlfriends were going to the clubs and he doesn't let me to go to the clubs if he is overseas because he knows I can get pretty wild with alcohol.  Anyway I felt guilty about it and decided to tell him.  But I knew if I told him I went to the club it would have been quite a severe spanking.  So I wrote down that I had gone out instead of sleeping but I wrote that I had gone to catch a late night movie with the girls.  I wrote down that I should get a handspanking and 40 smacks of the hairbrush.  I thought it was bad enough.  But lying is like a major offence in our relationship and he hates it when I am not truthful.  So after getting the handspanking and 40smakcs of the hairbrush and standing in the corner.  He gave me the handspanking again, the 40 smacks of the hairbrush again and then he gave me 20 strokes with his belt.  But that was not the end cause like three days later when we went over to my girlfriend's house for dinner her husband ended up spilling the beans on our night out.  I had told my girlfriends not to speak about it infront of my hubby.  But she forgot to tell her husband.  And so when he just commented about how he had to go down to the lift lobby to fetch my girlfriend because she was dead drunk after going out with me I knew I was dead.  But my hubby acted as if he did not hear it and in fact I thought I had escaped.  But when we got into the car to drive home, he told me to explain the truth as he drove back home.  And when we got home, he made me retrieve the cane and the strap from the cupboard.  After the handspanking, the hairbrush and the belt I was already crying.  But I still had to keep in position for 20 strokes of the strap and 20 strokes of the cane.  Oh ya my hubby also doesn't believe in ending the punishment in cornertime.  So everytime after I have been punished and put into the corner he will call me from the corner and he will give me a final handspanking like as if to remind me of the punishment and then he would sit me on his lap and hug me as I cry. 

And yes its thursday as I type this and my bottom is still sore but I have to go now for my maintenance.

Thanks for your stories and do keep them coming!!


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